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HomeworldIktotch Moon
Average Height1.8 meters [1]
Skin colorPink [1]
DistinctionsHorns, precognitive abilities [1]
Average lifespan90 standard years [1]
Known MembersList of known Iktotchi

Biology and appearance

The Iktotchi are hairless beings with an incredibly resilient skin which protects them from the violent winds of Iktotch Moon. Both males and females have curved horns, although the males' horns are generally a little larger, a remnant from their mountain-dwelling, caprinaen ancestors. The horns were able to regenerate if damaged. [1] Average male height measures 1.80 meters with females measuring slightly less. They had a limited manual dexterity because their broad hands were equipped with fatty digits; their hands were almost 1.5 times the size of a Human hand. [1] The Iktotchi people use Iktotchese to communicate between themselves, but easily adapt to use Basic for commerce with the galaxy.

Society and culture

The Iktotchi are a fiercely guarded and isolationist race - vaunted for their ability to hide their feelings and bury any semblance of emotion. Originating on the harsh, windy moon of Iktotch Moon, which orbits the planet Iktotchon in the Expansion Region, the Iktotch are gifted with precognition, and are courted as often by Jedi as by pirates for their skills.

Iktotchi have native precognition which, while vivid and specific on their homeworld, becomes vague and more like "gut instinct" as they move away from the planet. In spite of their rather unfriendly appearance, Iktotchi are sensitive beings who mask their deeper emotions under an appearance of stoicism. Respectful of the other cultures, they can adapt to civilization, but bond only rarely with other species, and with great difficulty. Indeed, their gift of precognition generally frightens or antagonizes members of other species. Compounding the negative image is a history of using their gift for criminal endeavors, either through deceit or of their own volition.

Indeed, their gift of precognition generally proved a curse, because it often frightened other species and Iktotchi were made the object of insults. In the same way, some unscrupulous individuals tried to deceive Iktochi into using their gift for criminal ends. As a result, Iktotchi were barred from gambling at almost every casino in the galaxy. [1]


Iktotchi were the only sentient beings of their star system. However, Iktotchi legends dating from the early days of their civilization made mention of the fact that the Iktotchi would eventually belong to a great galactic civilization. Thus when the explorers of the Galactic Republic discovered the Iktotchi civilization, in approximately 3,500 BCGT, they were extremely surprised to see that these beings had already prepared for their arrival for several weeks. The Iktotchi had carved the symbol of the Republic into their world's surface. [1]

Indeed, when the Republic vessel entered the orbit of the moon, those aboard her thought they must have found a Republic colony rather than the homeworld of an unknown species, because they could observe with the naked eye a giant version of the Republic seal, dug into a high plateau of the largest continent. The Iktotchi heads had been assembled in this place to contact "The Great Stars Ages". Thus the xenobiologists discovered quickly that the Iktotchi had a gift for limited precognition, in the form of dreams or visions. This natural talent fascinated the Jedi, who had established a recent Jedi Temple. It was later found that the effectiveness of Iktotchi precognition could be enhanced by way of using the Force. [1]

Iktotchi also had great aptitudes for piloting. They were also regularly employed as mechanics or engineers. However, few people trusted them, thinking that they were using their telepathic abilities to spy, or carrying the Omen Disease. Iktotchi tried to deny any existence of extrasensory gifts, which from a certain point of view was true. Indeed, their gift of precognition was very limited when they moved away from Iktotch. But the more time passed, and the more the memory of the strangeness of the first contact was erased from their collective memory, made it possible for the other species of the Galaxy to forget the Iktotchi's gift and to be integrated within the Galactic Republic. On the other hand their talent with piloting was always sought by pirates. [1]

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