Impa Xio

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Impa Xio
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Born Approximately Year -216
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.0 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown - Dark
Political Information
Affiliation The Exchange

Impa Xio is a relatively young Anzati male at only 234 years of age. Former leader of the Ellipsis mercenaries and Director of Production for LBX Holdings, he now oversees operations as Compeer of The Exchange. Impa is well known throughout the galaxy for his multitude of high quality custom starship and power armor designs.


Youth and Early Adulthood

Impa Xio was born on a forgotten planet in the Outer Rim and raised among the stars. Brought up in a traditional Anzati family unit, he learned to live and feed off of the "Soup" or "Luck" of sentient life forms. Anzati rarely stay in any one place for long and move on once they've finished feeding. Bound together by their predatory natures his family moved from star system to star system until Impa came of age to feed on his own. Like many Anzati, Impa and his family split apart after his coming of age, unlikely to meet again.

Most Anzati learn a craft to facilitate their hunger, some train to become assassins and bounty hunters. Their long lives provide ample time to master a field and their feeding habits are supported by these trades. Though Impa studied combat arts (as most Anzati do), he ultimately found his niche working as an artist. Impa discovered that wherever artists were in demand, rich and noteworthy people with potent "Soup" gathered.

Transition Period

Impa's lust for "Soup" was as strong as any other Anzati's, but he began to develop an appreciation for the world and circles he moved in. Conflicted, Impa became more and more concerned about his future and what his endless pursuit of "Soup" would lead to. Now struggling with his nature for the first time in life, Impa's worldview would slowly warp. The conception of the Anzati as great apex predators was no longer as monolithic an idea as he had been raised to believe. On a quest for renewed purpose, his travels would eventually lead him to the Woldona sector which would in turn lead to a permanent position with The Exchange.

The Exchange

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Having developed friendships with Exchange members like Jorel Talas, Arku Feetoc, and Brendak Kolto, Impa moved into the Woldona system. Pursuing lucrative engagements developing power armor designs for the local Exchange aligned mercenary crews, he would soon find himself ingratiated into the local scene. Following Mika Noris's coup of The Exchange in year 12(?) and the sale of the Woldona sector to Black Sun, Impa was invited to join TXC as a member in full standing, joining them on their exodus into deep space.

Freed from the shackles of planetary management The Exchange reorganized into an informal brotherhood of like minded opportunists and mercenaries. Supported by this network, Impa set off to intermingle with the Galaxy and look for opportunities for The Exchange. Impa billed himself as a freelancer looking for work and eventually he'd receive an offer to join Avicii Tempah's newly reformed Ellipsis Mercenaries.



Impa's first few months with Ellipsis wasn't particularly exciting, but following some managerial difficulties Impa was tapped for leadership by Avicii. Assuming command of Ellipsis for the next year, Impa set his men to work contracting with local groups building defensive military stations. While this work went on Avicii Tempah disappeared, no longer responding to Impa's holo-messages. Unsure of Ellipsis' future, Impa focused on wrapping up current contracts. This period of limbo proved grating for Impa as he yearned for a return to The Exchange, so much so that by the time Avicii had returned from his bizarre absence Impa had already planned an exit. Worried that the increasingly erratic and newly reappeared Avicii would attempt to regain total control, Impa pulled his interests out.

LBX Holdings


The Big Payback

Impa paid back all the people he owed money to in a big payback. It was fiscally responsible.

Personal Information



Hereditary Impediments

"We're an addicted species. Every sentient is potentially party to that addiction. Imagine being an alcoholic but all of your associates had Whiskey running through their veins..."