Imperial Navy in Ruins

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Posted by Kilian Delmarco on Year 16 Day 347


This story was brought to us and is as follows:

Nal Hutta (Y’toub) quot; The notorious Eidola Pirates have recently announced the execution of Imperial fleet commander Sal Takla. The fate of Commodore Takla was unclear, following the announcement of his capture by the Empire back on Day 313. Takla was taken captive on Day 312 during what Eidola describes as a “vile, perverted, dirty sex ritual” by professional Spy/Eidolon Bisk Marlowe. The death of Sal Takla raises serious questions about the efficiency of the Galactic Empire.


The Empire was approached by Eidola’s Warlord and Chief Negotiator Squall Chitose. The Empire offered to pay the ransom of a Carrack-Class Cruiser. Eidola tried to hold out for more, citing the capture and ransom of then-Executor Seele for a Super-Class Star Destroyer. Chitose’s efforts were rebuffed by the throne, who didn’t think that Takla’s life was worth more than a commonly available capital ship. The Throne was not available for comment, and has publicly denied negotiating with Eidola in either instance. Eidola reportedly held off on executing the fleet commander to give the Empire more time to consider their decision.

The intelligence provided by Agent Marlowe paints a very damning picture of the Empire, particularly the Imperial Navy. While Commodore Takla was generally seen as a model imperial officer, the reports provided to Eidola show that being a good fleet officer is like being the tallest ewok. Personnel reports show very clear shortages in manpower in the Imperial fleet. Roughly half of the command and staff billets in Imperial fleets are currently vacant. Those that are filled are occupied by severely under ranked officers. Senior officers often do not bother showing up for work, and many junior officers haven’t spoken to fleet leaders in months. The bottom line is that the Imperial Fleet is in tatters.

The damage isn’t contained to the Navy. Recently, Seele returned to active service to replace Director Ridgeway of Imperial Intelligence. Ridgeway rose to prominence following his successful execution of the operation that captured several New Republic officers last year. While no reason was given, apparently the Throne lost confidence in Ridgeway’s leadership. That, plus Marlowe’s easy infiltration of the vaunted Ubiqitorate, show the Imperial façade cracking. This follows the departure of several high ranking Imperials, such as Dac Kain who himself left on Year 16 Day 308.

With the decline of the Empire, Eidola has been showing more criminal activity across the galaxy. Groups from all sides of the Galactic Civil War have reported the disappearance and hijacking of ships, the mysterious deaths of personnel, and the sexual abuse of livestock. Eidola has also publicly declared responsibility for the capture of Lilly Derycke, who was ransomed back to her sister, Neria Derycke, in exchange for a Veltraa-class Cruiser.

If the Empire is not capable of fighting the Eidolan menace, who is?

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Onboard the Crusader-class Corvette Tar'Quinn Amare in system Y`toub (325, -20).