Imperial Resource Conversions

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Imperial Resource Conversions
General Information
Status Merged (Haven Recycling Corporation)
Leader Doc Jessa
2IC Lashrac Sigil
Owner Galactic Empire
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 5
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Industry Recycling company

Imperial Resource Conversions (IRC) was part of the Imperial Ministry of Industry and served as the primary recycling organisation for all Imperial space. While operating independently, it also worked with all other Imperial nationalised groups and affiliates when required while working under the guise of the Ministry of Industry. IRC merged operations with Haven Recycling Corporation in Year 12.


Imperial Resource Conversions was a nationalized recycling company of the Galactic Empire.

At the beginning of the tenth recognized galactic year, Jah Unubunko, a previously unknown Smuggling operation began to venture from the Unknown Regions into known space, conducting hauling operations and illegal drug trades to lowlifes and the impoverished to garner a profit. While their operations were frowned upon by many galactic authorities, no security had the manpower or time to track their movements as their operations would continually change space routes and trade lanes on a weekly basis to ensure the secrecy of their inner workings.

After internal fallouts and troubled profit margins, the operation fell into the hands of Nara Reincam who had worked under the guise of trading magnate Rune Tao of the Endeavor Corporation who sought to legitimize the company into a more approved line of work. Around this time, the Galactic Empire was enjoying a large amount of population growth and economic stability after the crumbling of the Corporate Sector and its security forces, and its soon nationalization into the Galactic Empire. As sector assets began being traded through Imperial trading channels, along with many independent sales, pirates would continually raid the outlying systems and destroy minor settlements or space colonies orbiting regional planets.

Seeing a possible investment opportunity, Nara Reincam approached the Galactic Empire for their thoughts and assistance with legitimizing her venture. After a number of discussions with the Imperial Diplomatic Corps and Imperial High Command, Jah Unubunko was re-christened Imperial Resource Conversions and all smuggling operations were ceased and re-assigned to Recycling protocols to help with the Corporate Sector cleanup initiative.

The company began to administer and govern all Imperial Recycling initiatives while in constant consultation with the Ministry of Industry. While the Recycling efforts were growing rapidly, Reincam began to use Imperial Resources to produce privately funded investments with the intention of selling them to the highest bidder. After a Security Bureau inquiry and after personal reflection, Nara Reincam tended her resignation from Imperial Resource Conversions and the Imperial High Command placed ISB-Lieutenant Colonel Endora Strax as interim leader until a replacement could be found. Executor and outgoing Minister of Industry Guinar Ndengin and incoming Minister and Moff Eric Zahm began to search for a suitable replacement to run all Imperial Recycling efforts inside the Ministry. It was soon decided after elimination of a number of candidates that Doc Jessa, former Executive Officer to Guinar Ndengin and the Third Logistical Fleet would be a suitable replacement, and was placed at the helm soon after.

Around the end of Year 11, Eric Zahm made contact with Siejo Kutol, the leader of the Haven Recycling Corporation. While most of the meeting was kept out of the public eye, the end result was that IRC was to be merged into Haven, and most of the IRC recycling projects would be handled by Haven, freeing up much of the Ministry of Industry for other projects. On Year 12 Day 1, IRC was merged into Haven Recycling Corporation.

Board of Directors
Preceded By:
Endora Strax
Director of Imperial Resource Conversions
Doc Jessa
Year 11 Day 324 - Year 12 Day 1
Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Jango Talon
Deputy Director of Imperial Resource Conversions
Lashrac Sigil
Year 11 Day 293 - Year 12 Day 1
Succeeded By:


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