In Response To Recent Events...A Shakeup

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Posted by Rune Tao

Onboard the YT-2000 Yin in system

The following views have nothing to do with Galactic Salvage Inc, or its leadership.

Your holoscreen flickers to life as the Trader's Protection Agency logo pulses on your screen. The smiling face of one Rune Tao walks into frame and begins to speak from behind a large wooden podium.

Hello folks and thank you for permitting me to speak to you once more about matters of importance as they regard to safe trading in the galaxy. Todays message is filled with some good, some bad, all hopefully very brief.

I apologize once more for the rather dry nature of this room, but non-profit groups can't really afford the big perks. At any rate, once again there is a shakeup in the TPA Advisory Council.

For those informed of the situation, this should come as no shock. Thraken Solo is one of the few people already given a TPA Trader Rating, his being a 1. He is an admitted thief, a repeat offender, but in no way exempt from the benefits of the TPA. Long ago it was decided that the TPA would NOT steal from a thief to recoup assets or to right some kind of injustice. The desire of the TPA is to promote fair and straightforward transactions, no matter who they are with.

With that in mind, Markus Harth has been relieved of his position on the TPA Advisory Council and will be given an offical TPA Trader Rating of 2. His participation in a plot to steal is not only against TPA policy, but an embarrassment to this organization. I wish Harth all the best in his new endeavor at Loronar Security and express a hope that he does not subject himself to this kind of circumstance ever again.

After extensive investigation in to the matter, Adam A Flynn is cleared of wrong doing in this case. He was nothing more than a man caught in the wrong transaction at the wrong time.

However, with the negative mark of Markus Harth leaving the TPA Advisory Council, we welcome two new members. Lucus Parahopper has been a strong ally of the TPA for nearly its entire existence and we welcome his input on the council.

An even fresher face will join the council in that of Nereus Eruresto of the Trade Federation. His dealings have given him one of the best reputations in the combine and I consider him a personal friend. Not only will he compliment our council with his character, but in his ties with the Trade Federation. We thank the Trade Federation once more for its active involvement in supporting the TPA and allowing Nereus to take on this additional duty.

Finally, please remember to check the TPA forum for offical TPA Trader Ratings. Ratings have begun to be published with members such as Syn Becket-Fe'll, Maruu Sidisiam and Teniel Djo all receiving ratings already. The forum can be accessed here:

Thank you once again for your patience and attention. Goodnight.

Rune walks off stage as the camera fades to a nice shade of blue.