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Posted by: Mikel von Bianchi - Faction: Galactic Empire

Date: Year 16 Day 212, Onboard the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship Indomitable in system Dromund.

BYSS (INB) - Officials with the Galactic Empire today confirmed a security breach and terrorist attack on the Deep Core planet of Byss, sanctuary homeworld of the Abyssin species, by the radical group known as Holowan.

"I can confirm that terrorists connected to the Holowan organization have conducted an attack on the planet Byss, taking captive a large number of native Abyssins from their nearby jobs and homes," a spokesman for the Office of the Moff stated to gathered reporters earlier today. "We have received reports from dozens of local communities who have had mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters all ripped from their beds and led blindfolded from their homes, away from loved ones, and into the cargo holds of Holowan military vessels." Unconfirmed reports coming out of Imperial Intelligence suggest that Holowan will hold the Abyssins isolated in confinement camps while being subjected to aggressive brainwashing programs.

Byss is notable for the dichotomy of its terrain, varying from sweeping grassland savannas to harsh volcanic expanses, the latter having impeded management of the comprehensive protective shield network around the planet due to unusually harsh environmental elements. The spokesman continued, "Our office is devastated by this news, as we hold the Abyssin people in the highest regard. Although traditionally a violent species, under Imperial guidance they developed a peaceful and productive modern society. Many Abyssin families are gainfully employed in the Empire's mining industries, and Imperial anatomical science owes a great debt to the Abyssin people, excel as they do as pre-postmortem test subjects. We find the reports that Holowan plans to force these captives to participate as slave infantry in their terroristic militia sickening. Particularly heinous is the use of Abyssin youth as child soldiers in the army of the Holowan Lord, but we will not be menaced into denying the Abyssin people all due liberties, including free travel on and off their own planet."


A recent survey conducted by the Department of Safety, a component of the Coalition for Infrastructure within the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), unveiled an almost unprecedented level of satisfaction amongst the residents of the planet. Official figures certified by department officials indicate 100% positive responses when residents were asked to rate their general morale regarding life on Byss under Imperial governance. The Abyssin political leaders issued a protestation against the actions of Holowan leaders Vandron and Kaine, calling them "unmitigated evil" and "wholly unconscionable"; they also reaffirmed their commitment to membership in the Galactic Empire. Quermoll, one of the most active Abyssin government leaders added, "We will always have to be ready to fight while there are terrorists, we will not be cowed by our enemy: Holowan. We ask all governments who respect the rights of sentients to scorn and sanction Holowan with us."

Analysts with the College of Political Science at Coruscant Galactic University have posited that Holowan undertook this operation in an attempt to save face for the public humiliation they suffered during the New Republic's Operation Heartbreak, a joint operation between the two terrorist groups seeking to wrest control of the planet Trellen III from the Empire. For weeks now, rumors have abounded that Holowan declined an opportunity to exchange deeds to the now-useless cities on Imperial worlds for the lives of captured Republic officers. While Imperial Intelligence officials would not speak on the record regarding the status of captured combatants, sources within the Ubiqtorate have confirmed such a trade was at one point on the table. Holowan's failure to commit to such a trade - and those officers' subsequent executions in accordance with Imperial law - has many observers speculating about a growing rift between the group and the New Republic.

Nobu Sarat, Imperial foreign relations analyst at the Trichotellano Political institute, opined that it is "interesting one of Holowan's leaders, Crueya Vandron, complains of corruption within the Empire, while it was Vandron himself who, during his time in the Imperial Ministry of Industry, was found to be embezzling funds and abusing access to restricted Imperial technology for his own personal gain." Sarat went on to explain that the Sentient Rights Conference of the Trade Federation is fully supported by the Empire and speculated that this blatant breach of fundamental sentient rights by the Holowan terrorists will have severe political consequences.

Director of Imperial Intelligence, Marshall Ridgeway, pledged that Imperial Intelligence is working on neoteric tactics to combat the growing threat of radical groups and extricate the victims of this kidnapping. Moff Maxwell adopted a similarly defiant tone. The sector governor gave an official statement, confirming, "The Empire will never surrender to terrorist threats, individual freedoms are too inherently valuable to allow fear to strip away liberties." Maxwell went on to say that capitulating to fear would give the criminals more power than they actually wield. In his statement, the Moff declared a sector-wide day of mourning for the families torn apart by these vicious acts and vowed that his administration would continue to ensure free travel to and from the Abyssin homeworld.