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Torranix Inertial Compensator Corporation
General Information
Status Active
Leader Galen Darksol
Owner New Republic
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 74 (as Riviera Ship Shop)
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Incom Corporation

The Torranix Inertial Compensator Corporation or Incom Corp. is a ship-manufacturing company and a nationalized subsidiary of the New Republic.


The second major expansion phase of Galactic Riviera was the establishment of Riviera Ship Shop. The High Council of Galactic Riviera realized that as it expanded, the maintenance requirements of its fleet as well as the need for new and innovative starship designs were simply not being met by the existing ship production facilities in the galaxy. Tribunus Kurak Aalia was designated to assemble and then lead a team of brilliant, cutting-edge naval architects as well as highly skilled engineers and service technicians.

In his role as Chief of Riviera Ship Shop Kurak more than fulfilled this mission.

Riviera Ship Shop opened its doors on Year 6 Day 18 and rapidly established itself as industry leader in starship repair, servicing, and modification. While the outstanding reputation of the service division was growing Chief Kurak and crack R & D team began designing a line of revolutionary new starships to meet the needs of Galactic Riviera and eventually set a new standard of quality performance and innovation in the galaxy. Riviera Ship Shop joined SoroSuub Corporation at the same time as the rest of the Riviera factions. It has since been working with engineers in Intergalactic Military Machines and SoroSuub Corporation itself to bring the best vessels to the conglomerate itself and, naturally, its customers.

In the mid-Year 9, the company adopted the name Incom Corporation.

On Year 10 Day 178, Incom Corporation, Soro-Suub Corporation, and the Rebel Alliance merged under the name of Incom Corporation. The New Republic had then the largest and most productive ship building company in the entire galaxy.

Of course, these mergers and several changes in the leadership brought about a period of rearrangement in Incom. Initially, its production lowered, mainly for organizational reasons. However, the newly shaped corporation was to become another precious stone in the NR jewellery. As a matter of fact, not only Incom broke all of its past production records, but it also produced a wider range of ships, bolstering both the military and civilian fleets. This new "miracle" was not to remain an isolated case. Indeed, Incom was also working secretly to another project which would have revolutionized the balance between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire.

Late in Year 11, this shipbuilding corporation managed to retrieve a lost "treasure". After many and continuous efforts from the R&D department, and thank to the sum of experience from the three former corporation, Incom was eventually able to reverse engineer the unique specimen of a much sought-after ship: the Home One-class Star Cruiser. As soon as the Home One datacard was available again, the NR ordered a production in series of these beautiful ships. The first newly produced (the second after the NRS Nautilus) Home One cruiser was named Pride of Republica.


The management of Incom is made up of two levels of command:

  • The first is the Chief level officers
  • The second is the Department Managers

The Chief Executive Officer is the head of the corporation. Current CEO is Galen Darksol.

Under the CEO is the Chief Administrative Officer. There is no current CAO.

There are four regional departments which are lead by a Director.


  • Incom Corporation Banner Year 12.jpg (Year 12)

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