Industrial Automaton

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Industrial Automaton
Industrial Automaton Logo Year 12.jpg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Valerie DeGalan
Owner New Republic
Historical Information
Founded Year 2 Day 109
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Industry Droid Manufacturer
Holosite Industrial Automaton


During the Old Republic (records have been lost as to the exact year although it was millennia ago) a Scientist named James Auto made an incredible invention.

It would become the first primitive artificially intelligent droid. The droid known by the name DX for Droid experiment, was capable of doing extraordinary things. It could problem solve on the level of a small rodent and use it's onboard computers to calculate the highly complex equations used by navigational computers to plot courses through hyperspace.

Over the next 10 years, this one droid became the test bed for many applications. The Body consisted of many hatches and openings from which sprang receptors, antennae and plugs of every shaped used in the civilized galaxy.

Since that time, Astromechs have become an essential part of interstellar life. Astromechs allowed a vessel to forgo having big expensive computers and allows them to hold a single object, the Droid, to do everything from being a targeting computer to repairing the ship in-flight, to even flying the ship with a degree of skill.

Now, James didn't only see that his invention would be extremely useful, he saw that it could be extremely profitable too, so, shortly after building his first prototype astromech droid known as the A series, he created the company Industrial Automaton.

The Popularity of the Droids grew rapidly and IA became one of the biggest droid companies in the Galaxy. However, this did not last.

After the Empire took over control of the galaxy, IA's factories were taken by the Imperials and used to produce Ties and walkers. IA decided that it was time to go and found a willing friend in the Alliance.

The Alliance has been using X-wings and Y-wings for many years but they were only able to get second, third and sometimes even fourth-hand droids that weren't very useful.

IA joined the Rebels and since that time has been producing it's latest generation Droids almost exclusively for the Alliance.

Past Leaders


  • Industrial Automaton Banner Year 12.jpg (Year 12)

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