Infinite Dark

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Infinite Dark
Infinite Dark Logo Year 3.jpg
General Information
Status Defunct (circa Year 5)
Leader Juno Xaed (Year 3)
Kam Farlight (Year 3)
Dark Shoulder[1]
Kam Farlight (Year 4)
Kyele Veridas (Year 5)
2IC Styron Gatal[2] (Year 3)
Owner Kam Farlight (Year 3)
Historical Information
Founded Early Year 3
Dissolved Circa Year 5
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Sector (successor group)
Industry Paramilitary, Smugglers
Holosite Infinite Dark (Year 3)
Infinite Dark (Year 5)

Infinite Dark, also known as the Infinite Dark Smuggling Syndicate,[3] was a criminal organization that existed from Year 3 to Year 5. The group was the embryonic forerunner of the later Corporate Sector Authority. As a smuggler cartel, the organization attracted a variety of unsavory individuals including Derek Shado and Bruce Spear, both future Eidola pirates.[4]


Founded in the first quarter of Year 3, the earliest known leader of Infinite Dark was Juno Xaed.[5] Four months later, Kam Farlight[3] became its leader and would remain so until Year 4. During his tenure, Infinite Dark was linked to the Hapes Consortium and had a sizable interest in the "Casino Infinity."

In Year 4, Infinite Dark merged with the Corporate Sector Authority. Nevertheless, circa Year 5, an organization known as "Infinite Dark" was owned and operated by a 22 year old male known as Kyele Veridas.[6] His second-in-command was Werner Bijlsma. However, this rebirth was brief and the group soon fell into disarray.


"In times of peace and in times of war, things need to be moved, people, packages, and sometimes just information. Well there is only one force in this galaxy that guarantees to get things places that our competition simply can't and thats Infinite Dark Smuggling Syndicate. Our highly diversified contingent of pilots, mechanics, salesman, intelligence and security operatives get the job done no questions asked. Though what is wrong with a 15 minute break in the local cantina sampling the local brew, playing a hand of Sabaac while a twi'lek dancing girl shows her wears, as long as the job gets done on time. If this along with a very competitive signing bonus and salary and a ship to command don't intrigue you then maybe your not cut out to be a scoundrel."


"The main goal of this company is to bring goods from point A to point B. We deliver the goods in excellent state to as many places as possible. Of course there is an amount of money involved. The more risky the mission the bigger the amount that must me paid will be. People who don't pay will get a hard future in the galaxy. There are limits on the smuggle mission, but that can be discussed with the leaders and involved parties. There are a lot of goods that can be smuggled. Different goods have different prices."[7]


Known personnel of Infinite Dark included: Juno Xaed, Kam Farlight, Kyele Veridas, Barry Balonie, Derek Shado, Rahm Zarkov, Bruce Spear, Styron Gatal, Kosiock Tahlin, Adam Flynn, Horthon Gorthy, Gavin Darkona, Jasper, badcoassassin, Lowky Trudav, Styron Gatal, and Talon Efrawn.


  • Infinite Dark Banner Year 3.jpg (Year 3)
  • Infinite Dark Banner Year 4.jpg (Year 4)

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