Infinite Innovations Inc

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Infinite Innovations Inc
Infinite Innovations Inc Logo Year 3.jpg
General Information
Motto "The possibilities are infinite."
Status Defunct
Headquarters Coruscant[1]
Historical Information
Founder Magnus Locke[1]
Founded Year -1 or Year 0
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire (post Year 3)
Industry Weapons Manufacturer

Infinite Innovations Incorporated, more famously known as III, was one of the galaxy's most notable weapons manufacturing corporations and, circa Year 3, became a nationalized subsidiary of Emperor Connel's Galactic Empire.[1] The corporation had a formidable research division enabling them to make constant improvements on their designs as well as building custom weapons for clientèle.


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Known Leaders

Notable Personnel

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  • Infinite Innovations Inc Banner Year 2.jpg (Year 2)
  • Infinite Innovations Inc Banner Year 3.jpg (Year 3)
  • Infinite Innovations Inc Banner Year 6.gif (Year 6)

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