Ingo (System)

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General information
Sector Bortele Cluster
Galactic Coordinates (314, 160)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 5
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By Tresario Star Kingdom
Astrographic Entry Ingo

Ingo is a system in the Bortele Cluster, that is currently controlled by the Tresario Star Kingdom. Ingo is located at (314,160) and a hotspot of industrial manufacturing and production plants. Its planets are crucial to the Kingdom's economic and commercial outputs. As the home of three Class IV Shipyards as well as several others, Ingo is a ship production hub of Cygnus Spaceworks. The system's main planet Ingo is also one of Cerberus' main Droid production sites.



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