Ingo R. Vailis

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Ingo R. Vailis
Ingo R. Vailis Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Positions Former Prince of Black Sun
Prior Affiliation New Republic
Sorosuub Corporation

Ingo R. Vailis. is a male Human. He served as the New Republic's second Chief of State in Year 8[1] and became the Prince Regent of the Black Sun crime syndicate circa Year 9.


Along with Adam A. Flynn, Ingo Vailis was a Lord High Chancellor of the mighty SoroSuub Corporation. When SoroSuub grew into a full-fledged galactic government, Vailis declared himself to be a Galactic Governor. Vailis led SoroSuub at the time of its controversial unification with the Rebel Alliance. Following the merger between these two governments and the subsequent creation of the New Republic, Vailis feigned retirement while influencing others to support Maradin Sandwalker in his selection as the first Chief of State of the New Republic. Although Sandwalker was elected, he soon disappeared and was removed as Chief of State. In the wake of Sandwalker's removal, Vailis returned to the New Republic and defeated Nim Orlan in a controversial election in which several candidates withdrew or entered late.

Shortly after being elected the second Chief of State on Year 8 Day 249,[1] Ingo appointed his comrade Adam A. Flynn to serve as his Executive Advisor. This appointment drew outrage from the New Republica's rank-and-file personnel. Some members of the Republic's Advisory Council even declared the appointment as unconstitutional. Undaunted, Vailis and Flynn immediately proposed the sale of Black Sun to the Eidola Pirates. Their plan was met with resistance from the New Republic populace and, for some time, Vailis remained incommunicado. After a vote of no confidence against him passed on Year 8 Day 310, Vailis returned with Flynn and looted the New Republic for hundreds of ships, billions of credits, and several planets. Along with several other minions, he also executed several prominent New Republic personnel who had opposed their reign, including Thies Windu.

Upon leaving the New Republic, Vailis became the Prince Regent of Black Sun's family council. He is a wanted man in the New Republic.

Former Positions

  • Deposed Count of Sulon
  • Ex-Leader of the Sorosuub Corporation
  • Ex-Chief of State of the New Republic

Dark Prince of Black Sun
Preceded By:
Adam A Flynn
Ingo R. Vailis
Year 9Year 9
Succeeded By:
Corvis Orion