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Intellifish Logo Year 5.gif
General Information
Motto "The future starts with us."
Status Defunct (see: Corellian Engineering Corporation)
Leader Felix Darque
Historical Information
Political Information
Industry Ship Manufacturer

Intellifish was a shipwright firm.


Following the downfall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, a ship-building corporation was formed known as Intellifish. It grew to become a successful company due to the many changes in the galaxy as the Empire took charge. At that time, Intellifish produced many popular ships such as the YV-666, YT-510 and the now historic Y-Wing. The company was led by a Jedi for a time before Kolace Jorgensen, a founding member of the Kiner Corporation, made it a neutral entity during the Galactic Civil War. Soon after Jorgensen acquired Intellifish, the company was merged with the Kiner Corporation. This move helped the small ship-building business grow and gain a reputation for reliability.

The Kiner Corporation, founded by Albert Kiner, was a ship-building company that a rival of the Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC), but was still a conglomerate of shipwrights very dedicated to their craft. Sentients from around the galaxy, looking for ships, began swarming shipbuilders for their craft. Soon, both Kiner Corp and CEC found themselves with waiting lists that stretched for more than a year. Both firms found that they would be unable to keep up with demand and the competition at the same time. Thus, negotiations began between Kiner and CEC a few months before the Galactic New Year. Three short months later, Kiner Corp merged all of its assets, personnel and, most importantly, shipyards into CEC. The new, larger, CEC emerged on the 2nd day of the third year since the Galactic Empire was formed.

Notable personnel

Seele was Intellifish's Director of Special Operations circa Year 4.

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