InterGalactic Banking Clan (Year 14)

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InterGalactic Banking Clan
IGBC II Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Inrokini`luci Sabile
2IC Bossive Ketwol
Owner Bossive Ketwol
Historical Information
Founded *Year 13 Day 271 (as Yavin Hypernautics)
Political Information
Industry Ship Manufacturer

IGBC II Banner.png

Yavin Hypernautics was created on Year 13 Day 271. When the original Lamborari closed in Year 13 much of its assets were transferred to Yavin Hypernautics and after continued growth in the Gordian Reach it was decided on Year 14 Day 52 to rename the corporation Lamborari, essentially reclaiming the former name. It would remain Lamborari until Count Ketwol would rename it InterGalactic Banking Clan. He had tried to acquire the previous IGBC before Sven Wan had acquired it in hopes of returning it to reputable business. After Sven's death IGBC passed to Paparrin who gladly sold it to Count Ketwol not wishing to take on the responsibility himself. Pap and Count Ketwol would attempt to repay CPM scams and late investors after Sven's death when money continued to pour in, Count Ketwol even took money from his own pocket to help with reimbursement. Once this had concluded he allowed the third iteration IGBC to dissolve, renamed Lamborari into the new IGBC. New banners and logo were created to make a full break from the past IGBC.

Count Ketwol considers the new IGBC an extension of his retirement plan which he calls the Bank of Bossive. He promises full backing of the new corporation.