InterGalactic Banking Clan (Year 20)

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InterGalactic Banking Clan
General Information
Status Active
Leader Izzy Marduk
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 54
Political Information
Affiliation Gordian Reach Authority

InterGalactic Banking Clan is the premier resource corporation of the Gordian Reach Authority. Founded to serve the needs of the inhabitants of the Gordian Reach this resource corporation prides itself on its efficiency and productivity and is under regulation by the Executive Council which oversaw its acquisition. You are invited to contact IGBC about services we can provide to you the customers. We hope you notice the high level of care and quality taken to process and complete your order, making you the customer feel satisfied that you have been dealt with in a professional and competent manner.

InterGalactic Banking Clan - Helping you reach for the stars, One Star at a time.

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Holographics Y20



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