Interstellar Regulators

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Interstellar Regulators
General Information
Motto "."
Status Active
Leader Marshal Arthur Von Kaldreon
2IC Colonel Bardon Von Kaldreon
Colonel Christian Dale
Colonel Zakkorr Wyyrlok
Historical Information
Formed from Year 22 Day 301
Founded Year 22 Day 298
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Military Services


The Commission

The Interstellar Regulators leading command team is called “The Commission” or “The Commission of Colonels”, and consists of at least three members at any given moment in time. At least one member of the Commission is that of the “Marshal” whom is appointed for life. The Colonels are promoted through a merit promotion, service consideration, and total contribution to the IR whenever a seat is vacated, most frequently due to death of a commission member. Increasing of the Commission is by majority vote including adding advisory staff.

Current Commission Members:

  • Marshal Arthur Von Kaldreon
  • Colonel Bardon Von Kaldreon
  • Colonel Zakkorr Wyyrlok
  • Colonel Christian Dale


  • Risk Management - Interstellar Regulators comprise veteran commanders and business leaders from across the galaxy. These seasoned leaders come together to review and assess risks your corporation, government, or other ventures may be exposed to. After an assessment is properly developed and provided the Interstellar Regulators will offer an array of options to “Mitigate, Manage, and Reduce” any forms of risk. Branding Interstellar Regulators as a premier choice for full service and mitigation.
  • Integrated Security - Interstellar Regulators focuses heavily on combat training and preparation for combat. This makes contracting the Interstellar Regulators a premier option when one is in need of support. Regulators can be contracted to be a supplemental aid to current forces, take over assignment of security and defenses, or provide special operation abilities.
  • Mission Support - The Interstellar Regulators have the capabilities needed to support any government, business, or individual in a vast array of missions and projects. Mission Support can range from the contracting advisory services, engineering teams, to that of supplement resources to continue a project.

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