Inwe Ventidius

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Inwe Ventidius
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Corvina Attius (deceased)
Father Bassus (deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Haran Ran (deceased)
Children None
Born Year -21 Day 213
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Empress
Positions Empress of the Galaxy

Inwe Ventidius is the Grand Vizier of the Galactic Empire and the Chairman of COMPNOR. She is perhaps best known for her three-year tenure as the Director of Imperial Intelligence. For the exemplary nature of that service, Ventidius was awarded the Imperial Gold Star in the same ceremony that announced her elevation to Grand Vizier after the retirement of Jorus Taidan.

Ventidius started her career in the Third Imperial Fleet, distinguishing herself by her excellent service record and operational success on the planet Dostra. When she retired from military service, she served simultaneously as the leader of Magnaguard Manufacturing and the Governor of Nevoota, a system in the Coruscant Sector. Ventidius briefly retired from Imperial service to lead Kuat Drive Yards and, upon her return, she was appointed the Governor of the Bothan Sector. She served the Bothan Sector for nearly a year until she was appointed as the Director of Imperial Intelligence in Year 11, then seemingly a fresh face in the intelligence world. On Day 328 of Year 22, Inwe Ventidius was named the fourteenth leader of the Galactic Empire, and the first Empress since its inception.

Imperial Academy

After completing her post graduate studies on Thyferra, Inwe Ventidius applied to and was accepted at the Imperial University based on the city-planet Coruscant. It took Ventidius a while to adapt to the masses of people and constant frenzied activity of the ever awake planet, even though she had considered herself a product of metropolis planet. The discipline and order of the Imperial school made the transition more comfortable, the restraints and expectations of the Galactic Empire were not unlike the boundaries which she had known on Thyferra. Ventidius performed her studies with her customary thoroughness and discipline, quickly graduating from the academy. Upon completion she received the rank of crewman and was assigned a position in the Third Imperial Fleet.


She spent the first part of her Naval career sidelined by a Chief of Staff (CoS), who would later become the Executive Officer of the Third, that resented females in the Imperial armed forces; especially those in his fleet. Her first mission came when she volunteered for a special operation without the knowledge of her CoS. Ventidius was one of the few personally selected by the commanding officer of the Navy for a secret incursion into enemy space to secure the Imperial presence throughout the sector.

The Meridian operation was the culmination of the best strategic minds in the Galactic Empire. Ventidius seized the majority of planet surface on Nam Chorios with the assistance of an agent deep inside the controlling power of Renegades Inc, the former sector authority. Once the ground engagement was complete, she completed her secondary assignment, capture of an enemy capital ship.

Corporate Sector Authority Renationalization

On Year 10 Day 72 Ventidius left the Galactic Empire and replaced Verion Lexus as leader of Paradox Resource Exploration, a mining company that was part of the larger government Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) in the Corporate sector. CSA abandoned their Imperial roots in pursuit of profit, confident that their location on the far Outer Rim would protect them from the correction of the Empire. However, the corrupt leaders would be sorely disappointed; in a highly classified operation, the rogue directorship was penetrated by Orphaea Imperium. When the board of directors was removed from power, several people from the Empire stepped into the transitioning factions to facilitate the renationalization. Ventidius ensured the security of valuable Paradox assets while simultaneously securing the loyalty of faction members at large in the process of siphoning out enemy participants loyal to the rebellious hierarchy.


Ventidius was the first Imperial to arrive in Dostra space on the orders of Admiral Skice after rumors of rebel activity were received by Naval High Command. In an intense conflict that lasted only a span of days, but was bitterly fought, Ventidius served with a group of exceptional naval pilots bent on turning back an incursion into newly occupied space in the Corporate sector. Often completing shifts back to back, she moved from one planet to the next, securing Imperial forces while resources were being brought into aid the Empire's front. Hundreds of arrests were made, with many dying in skirmishes rather than submit to custody. Planetary control on a couple key planets would shift from one side to the other as each force fought to establish unassailable dominance. Although the rebels dedicated massive resources to the operation, they were more than equally matched by the scrambled Imperial forces. In a final push for the system the navy brought in overwhelming numbers of materials and builders and took final control of the system. Following that maneuver the bulk of rebel troops withdrew leaving only a handful to pester Imperial progress until they were wiped out. Ventidius was subsequently awarded by Skice for her efforts in the operation.


The Empire was looking for loyal Imperials to take leadership of several factions after the Corporate renationalization effort. Riding the momentum of her military record and recent success in Dostra, Ventidius was granted the leadership position of Magnaguard--a droid production faction. While she focused on returning faction staffing to optimal levels and reviewing fundamental operations, negotiations were ongoing for the New Imperial Order to rejoin the Empire. When the merger occurred a new division within the Empire was formed, the Ministry of Industry (MInd). Magnaguard fell under the new branch and as leader Ventidius was promoted to the rank of Deputy Director in the Galactic Empire.


Ventidius was appointed Governor [C-2] of Nevoota in the Coruscant sector by Moff Imperium on Y10 D318, where she would work for the Imperial government in addition to her post as Deputy Director.

Kuat Drive Yards

Late in year ten the leader of the Kuat Society, Myn Kuat, approached Ventidius and quietly began discussions about the possibility of leading Kuat Drive Yards and overseeing Kuat Systems Engineering. Although initially unsure at leaving the Galactic Empire, she hoped to bring KDY, already a strong ally of the Empire, even closer by her presence. To legitimize her ascension to the leadership of KDY, the Sith Lord Kuat offered a proposal of marriage and Ventidius accepted the engagement. There was some dissatisfaction in the Ministry of Industry over Ventidius' decision to leave Magnaguard for KDY; although it was eventually accepted. Initially she took the second-in-command position under Harken Keithel to learn the faction and allow people to adapt to her presence. Ventidius was officially announced as KDY leader at the first KDY meeting and was received well by her new peers.

She made several changes to the group, instituting new policies and incentive programs that produced an immediate positive effect on morale. The changes affected all of Kuat Society from the introduction ship rewards for loyal members to material hauling strategies. For a time Ventidius worked closely with Myn Kuat and together they increased the sales and drive of the Kuat companies. However, Ventidius soon realized she was meant for the Empire, even over an ally. Following a relatively short tenure at KDY she returned to the Empire on year 11 day 52.

Bothan Space

Upon her return to the Empire proper Ventidius received several offers from different areas of the Empire. She declined return to MInd with Magnaguard in the very capable hands of Deputy Director Artemis Imperium and focused on Regional Government. Although she did spend some time helping Magnaguard build facilities, during this time she selected Bothan Space as her new home. Part of this decision was made based on where she could do the most good; a couple of the other sector Moffs that had approached her already had flush staffs. This was the first time Ventidius had a focus on government building, however, given her background she was able to transition smoothly and immediately be productive for Moff Ndengin.

Ruler of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Inwe Ventidius
Year 22 Day 328 — Present
Succeeded By:
Jai Meridan