Is The Galactic Civil War A Fraud?

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Hacked by: Echuu Shen-Jon - Faction: The Freeholders
Date: Year 10 Day 196 Onboard the Kaloth BattleCruiser Chulainn in system Almaran (55, -465).

An Investigative Report by Shallow Arse

If you were to name one defining characteristic of modern times, it would surely be the Galactic Civil War, the grand conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. This war has raged for more than a decade, and has featured all sorts of betrayals, alliances, and individuals trying to turn a profit on the sidelines. Most people believe that this is the result of intractable ideologies and rivalries, and may never be resolved. Recent reports, however, indicate that this is not the case. It appears that the entire Civil War is nothing more than sideshow organized by a shadowy cabal of elite and powerful individuals, with the aim of preserving their financial interests.

Consider the case of “Warlord” Squall Chitose. Chitose is now a devoted Eidolon, and is perhaps the single most bloodthirsty member of a notoriously bloodthirsty terrorist syndicate. In a recent propaganda broadcast, Chitose brutally murdered one Joni Yuma, an alleged collaborator of the Galactic Empire. And yet Chitose himself is a former soldier of the Rebel Alliance, while his ex-wife Asarya'Katr, is a Dark Jedi who has killed just as many anti-Imperials as Chitose has killed Imperials.

If we examine the split between the Galactic Empire and the New Imperial Order, even more questions are raised. When the NIO split from the Empire, the public was encouraged to believe that it was simply a result of disagreements about internal organization, and that the NIO had no basic problems with the beliefs, principles, or goals of the Empire. Given their recent reconciliation, this would seem to be the case. And yet, one of the primary backers, both financially and with logistical support, of the NIO was none other than Teniel Djo, the second-generation leader of Eidola.

Moreover, the documents issued by the NIO upon their founding, which described their history, origin and goals, made frequent reference to the writings and life of the so-called Prophet MacCool, a martyred anti-Sith activist who was a long-time supporter of the Rebel Alliance. These documents were soon withdrawn by the NIO leadership, but not before inspiring a certain amount of scrutiny. If the NIO and Empire disagreed only on questions of personnel and organization, why would they adopt the words of a mad preacher who was assassinated by killers alleged to be in the pay of the Empire?

The organization of the New Imperial Order itself is problematic for those who believe the widely-accepted stories about it. No one better personifies these problems than Lieutenant Commander Adam Zad. Interviews and thorough historical research reveals that Zad was a highly decorated fleet commander within the Imperial Navy who then became one of the founding members of the New Imperial Order, taking a high position in their Navy. Zad, however, has repeatedly claimed that for the entire time he served in the Imperial Navy, he was simply trying to undermine their authority and sabotage them from the inside. Who was he working for? Where did his orders come from? If he was trying to sabotage the Imperial Navy, why did he join the NIO? As of this writing, Zad has disappeared from the public view, but was last known to be a member of Eidola.

Speaking of Eidola, they would appear, at least at first, to be the center of this conspiracy. Thorough analysis, however, shows that they are not quite so important. Although many key figures are linked to Eidola, and indeed, Eidola seems to be one of the main connections between the prominent members of the cabal, Eidola itself is not as crucial to the shadow-play as the Empire, or even the New Republic.

As far as I have been able to ascertain, Eidola serves two purposes. First, it acts as a sort of retirement home or vacation getaway for the true power players. When they get bored playing with the fates of millions, they can simply step down from their position of public power and join Eidola, where they can do whatever they want. Their personal influence will remain intact, despite their piracy, their reputation will not suffer - they are protected by their comrades. Second, Eidola acts as a sheep-dog. Anyone who steps out of line, or who asks too many questions, or who tries to take too much power for themselves, will find themselves a victim of Eidola - either dead or poor. The beauty of this system is that Eidola is generally seen as a group of indiscriminate criminals, who can legitimately target absolutely anyone. They thus raise no suspicion when they go after someone who threatens the interests of the cabal.

I was able to secure an interview with Teniel Djo, the 'Outlaw Commodore' of Eidola. When asked flat-out if Eidola was part of a larger conspiracy, she said “Of course we are. I thought everyone knew about the coming of the Crab People from the Arrakis Nebula, and our role in assuring their future glory.” After some clarification, Djo stated that “there is a conspiracy, yes, but Eidola isn't part of it. Not anymore. During my father's rule, though...

I asked her to expand, and Djo grinned ruefully. “I never knew my father, but after his disappearance I had full access to all of his records. Shortly before I took power, Eidola was allied with King Kuraine of the Falleen Federation. Kuraine looked like a real rags-to-riches story: he started out as a simple pilot, went on to own multiple companies, and then came to rule the Falleen. All nonsense, of course. Kuraine was a member of this 'cabal' from the start. They have no name, and they're not quite as organized as you've implied, but they're very real. 'Kuraine Inc.,' as some of my father's associates called it, was just meant as another distraction from the fact that the Empire and Rebels weren't really fighting each other. A few mock battles here and there, some meaningless diplomatic conferences, and a final dramatic confrontation where almost no one died, but plenty of people 'disappeared' was perfect, really.

Djo continued by saying that “Ever since then, I have devoted myself to building up Eidola as an independent agency. We do what we want, when we want, free of any outside influence. We have nothing to do with this cabal, nor do we want to be involved with them.

While fascinating, Djo's lies are obvious. If Eidola is truly independent, why do they mostly persecute people who have tried to upset the general order of things? If Kuraine was a member of the cabal, then why was he killed while so many of his supporters survived? It is far more likely that Kuraine was attempting to do exactly what Djo claims as her own goal, and that he was killed for it.

Even the Jedi are not immune to the call of power. One prominent Jedi Master, who has requested to remain unnamed, stated that "There's money to be made in the people. Those concerned with security will flock to the Empire at the cost of freedom. Those who want freedom will flock to the Republic at the cost of security. Both pay their taxes to support the 'war effort'. And dead heroes are good for coffers" While he may not have been entirely serious, or may not have wanted to be believed, this off-the-cuff statement reveals just how much thought he has given the matter.

Another individual, former Jedi Master Vel Koon, was willing to speak on the record. He stated that "A good portion of the Civil War is economic, and it's generally understood that we need to keep the Civil War Civil, if you know what I mean. But it's not like the whole thing is a sham. The people on both sides are dedicated to their respective causes...they just understand that there have to be certain rules, certain limits. The flipside, of course, is that during these sorts of conflicts, it's always the weak who suffer, while the rich and powerful are insulated from the consequences of their decisions ... those who serve are being killed, not those whom are served.

Turning our sights further afield, consider the CEO known only as 'Syn'. A former member of the Galactic Empire, Syn is perhaps the single wealthiest person in the Galaxy today, having amassed a huge fortune through trading and her one-time ownership of Starsign Shipyards. It is not Syn's wealth that makes her famous, however. Syn is best known as the most reputable middleman in the Galactic trading community; she may well be the most trustworthy person in the entire Galaxy. And yet Syn herself is not just a pirate, but an on-again, off-again member of Eidola, the most notorious pirates the Galaxy has ever seen! How could such a brutal criminal ever come to be considered trustworthy? The answer is simple, Syn is one of the oligarchs who control virtually everything in the Galaxy. They have decided, for whatever reason, that they want Syn to serve as a middleman, and so they take whatever steps are necessary in order to protect her position. Those who would question her reputation, or who suggest that a known pirate should not be considered a reputable middleman, are silenced.

Why Syn? Other likely members of this cabal, in addition to those already named, include Alex Tylger, Emperor Bonias, Togan Jano, Bisz Aldaris (a former Rebel, and now the leader of the Falleen Federation), Jessy James, Rune Tao, Kosh Naranek, Hal Breden, Frollo the White, and Owyn Darklighter. All powerful men, but they are largely concerned with military and diplomatic concerns. As a wealthy trader and respected middleman, Syn is in the perfect position to monitor economic activity, to know who is buying what from whom, and even to influence the economy. A few words from Syn can halve or even double the price a ship will fetch, and if Syn were to cast doubt on a trader or company, their worth would drop over night. With her help, this group is able to control virtually every aspect of the Galaxy. Any trade more important than buying your dinner, and any act of violence more significant than beating your wife will be noticed, if not outright controlled, by their minions.

The evidence is undeniable. Once you follow the chain high enough, you will find that every organization that matters is being run by the same people. They pretend to fight, they pretend to compete, but really they're just looking out for themselves. War is profitable, and it serves as a powerful instrument of social control. They grow richer while ordinary people fight and die for their profits.