Isoldor Storm

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Isoldor Storm
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
*New Sith Order

Isoldor Storm was a Hapan Sith Master who trained under Darth Knyte before leaving to work for himself. Isoldor has owned and managed numerous factions including: Storm Security, Telegron Rothani Shipworks, StormOne Mining, StormOne Recycling, Shadow Runners, Astralwerks Engineering, Wetworks Designs, Lant Mining, the New Sith Order and many more. He also served as the Chancellor of The 12 Colonies. Upon the creation of the latter government, Isoldor laid claim to the upper Middle portion of the galaxy to be the ruling area of The Twelve Colonies.

Isoldor Storm was later assassinated by the Eidolan pirate Lance Hawke on Year 8 Day 333.

When Isoldor Storm's ship was searched from top to bottom, there was a room containing trophies from those who he had killed. There were some mutilated bodies that could not be identified, but the names of those who were identified were as follows: Cammel Airen, Dante Kahn, Drasius Cral, Gino Zelucco, Gord Nevert, Gryfith Bowen, Johan Von Hazin, Lanz Kanl, Onyx Jones, Rynen Turmusk, Savir Starwalker, Vaga Cortez, Vayden Arazon, Vesca Triclosann, Vlemich Tirion, Zondra Declan.
Also, the ear of Jesfa Ackmin was found on Isoldor's person, clenched tightly in his hand as if he was waiting for the day to get that other ear.

Leader of Chiss Ascendancy
Preceded By:
Previous Chiss Ascendancy Leaders
Year 8 Day 219 Year 8 Day 333
Succeeded By:
Inrokini`luci Sabile