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System Ottega
Sector Ottega
Galactic Coordinates (23, 322)
System Coordinates (16, 14)
Astrographic Entry
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: ocean, forest, jungle, glacier
Rotational Period 41 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 422 standard days [1]
Population 2,070,081 inhabitants
Controlled By Centrepoint Mining
Governor Special Supervisor Gordon Shumway
Magistrate Supervising Specialist Alan Trehurn
Sentient Races Ithorian


Ithor is the fourth planet in the Ottega system, and the home world of the vaunted Ithorians. The planet is known across the galaxy for its lush green forests spread across its two main continents, separated by a sea of saltwater. In the seas live a wide variety of fish and large mammals.

On the main continent is a huge jungle covering most of the continent. This is where Ithor gets much of its fame. The jungles here are like no other found in the galaxy, and are home to a plethora of wildlife, with a perfectly intact food chain.

The second continent is made up of all ice, it has a few series of plant forms scattered on it, but little actual life beyond that. The ice in this area is in a constant state of freezing and thawing.

The Ithorian people do not live on the surface of the planet themselves. They live in floating cities in the atmosphere. These cities them have somewhat a piece of Ithor on each of them, with hanging gardens. Here on the floating cities a select few can purchase transport to the surface of the planet blow, though few ever get to accomplish this, it is well worth whatever price one needs pay.

The surface of the planet of Ithor plays host to numerous plants, including the bafforr tree, which possessed telepathic capabilities. The planet contains andurite stone. [1]

Ithor joined the Galactic Republic over eight thousand years ago. [1]

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