JUGANOTH Mining Corporation

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JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
JUGANOTH Mining Corporation Logo Year 12.png
General Information
Motto "Mining the galaxy."
Status Active
Leader Owyn Darklighter
Owner New Republic
Historical Information
Formed from Moon Bandits
Founder Friar Blues (co-founder)
Tal'ord (co-founder)
Founded Circa Year 0 Day 300 or later
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Industry Mining company
Holosite Juganoth Mines

The JUGANOTH Mining Corporation (JMC) is a mining company presently owned by the New Republic and one of the longest extant organizations in the galaxy.[1] Juganoth's activities involve all facets of mining, including exploration, development, production and reclamation. Many years ago, the mining corporation was formed by Captain Friar Blues, a former bounty hunter and shady businessman who had gone into the raw materials racket with his Wookiee companion Tal'ord. Both were former security personnel of Owan D'arc's Centrepoint Space Station.

Originally situated on the planet Alk`lellish I in the Alk`lellish system of the Sumitra sector, JMC was relocated to the Jospro Sector for a short time after coming under new corporate ownership. Its vast mining operations are currently expanding in the Sluis Sector with the aid of the New Republic, of which JMC is a subsidiary. The company provides the raw materials which are necessary to produce all manner of technology from starships to datapads, including such materials as Quantum, Meleenium, Ardanium, Rudic, Tibanna Gas, Rock Ivory, Lommite, Durelium and Duracrete.

Currently, positions are available primarily for those with strong computer operation skills or piloting abilities; however, other positions may also be available, either in JMC or in the New Republic as a whole. Raw material contracts are available to corporations and freelancers alike. Contact Owyn Darklighter for more information or visit the holosite. Note that some resources may be unavailable at this time.[2]


Bandit Origins

Main article: Moon Bandits

The Moon Bandits were the jackals of the shipping lanes circa Year 0 and were led by Captain Friar Blues, a man with an insatiable thirst for Lum and a certain rough-edged charm. The Bandits plundered all that attracted their attention.[3] Only one other band of pirates dared to challenge these rogues: The Raptor Pirates. The Raptors thought to make a name for themselves by muscling in on the Moon Bandits' territory. Through backroom intrigues on Friar's part, the Bandits quickly sought alliances with other criminal organizations, including smugglers and mercenaries. The upstart Raptors were soon squelched and yielded to the Bandits' supremacy.[3]

Times changed with the ascension of the Bounty Hunter Alliance on Year -1 Day 28. Their hunters ravaged smaller crime organizations like a wildfire. The Moon Bandits adapted and became the Screaming Banshees, a Bounty Hunter squadron even fiercer than the scum they preyed on. It was then that the Banshees and the Black Sun crime syndicate reportedly fell at odds. The exact cause of their feud is unknown, but it raged on with both sides bitterly hating each other. Nowhere was this animosity more evident than between Cap'n Blues and Dark Princess Gabriella Storm,[4] the ruler of the Black Sun.[3]

Due to an injury sustained in his ongoing feud with Black Sun, Friar Blues had to temporarily retire from active duty. Although it had been rumored his Lum addiction had finally consumed him, there were whispers that he was plotting a new bold venture.[3] These rumors proved true when the grizzled captain and Tal'ord the Wookiee, his longtime comrade since the Bandit days, joined Owan D'arc's Centrepoint Space Station. Blues was in charge of station security, and Tal'ord served as his second-in-command. Unfortunately, the Wookiee's reputation across several star-systems as a trigger-happy gunman and Blues' own hair-trigger temper proved to be ill-suited for Centrepoint's respectable image. The duo became exasperated with abiding by Centrepoint's strict code of conduct and rules of neutrality. They resigned their positions to seek fortune and glory elsewhere. Always faithful, the rest of Friar's security crew followed them. Together, they established the Juganoth Mining Corporation circa Year 0 Day 300 or later. The company's title was jokingly named after the infamous Juganoth Prison where Friar and his shipmates had been briefly incarcerated.[5] Consequently, during the company's formative years, the original employees referred to themselves as 'Noths.[6]

Early Successes

Friar, Tal'ord, and their motley crew sought to put the Juganoth Mining Corporation on a solid foundation in uncertain economic times. In a stroke of good fortune, Blues and his comrades came into possession of a prized starship: A Victory-class Star Destroyer, presumably abandoned during the earlier First Imperial Civil War. Whether Blues purloined this vessel from an Imperial supply depot or salvaged the derelict craft from oblivion is unknown.[7] Regardless, lacking the manpower and resources needed to maintain the gargantuan vessel, Blues traded the Victory-class Star Destroyer to the Rebel Alliance in exchange for two Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers and a multitude of lesser spacecraft.[7][8] This lucrative trade essentially secured Juganoth's long-term future and allowed Blues to focus on expansion.[7]

Soonafter, Captain Blues encountered a young Hapan adventurer named Alex Tylger who was eager to obtain return passage back to the Hapes Cluster. Blues consented to transport Tylger to Lorell in exchange for four months of service aboard his flagship The Rumblejug,[9] a modified YV-666 freighter.[10] The stranded Hapan reluctantly accepted the offer.[10] Tylger worked onboard Blues' vessel for a little over three months before their arrival in the Lorell system where Tylger narrowly persuaded the Hapan patrols to allow them to pass.[10]

Once on Lorell's surface, Blues was given a special tour of the planet's rich mineral deposits by Tylger. A clandestine meeting was arranged with King Andrew I's diplomatic staff. In an effort to build cordial relations, Blues donated several starships from his private armada to the Royal Hapan Navy.[11] In repayment, the insular Hapan kingdom agreed to its first foreign business relationship by hiring Juganoth to mine Lorell. Many of Blues' employees — particularly those in the company's security contingent — found lucrative side-jobs within the Royal Hapan Armed Forces.[10] This business arrangement between Juganoth and the hermit kingdom enabled the Hapan mining guilds to speedily recover from the Hapan Civil War.[11] During this time as an affiliated company, Juganoth also utilized its two Dreadnaughts to protect Hapes' interests as part of the Joint Security Force of Lorell.[10]

K'loran's Tenure

K'loran was president of Juganoth in Year 3.

As Juganoth's prosperity increased, Friar and Tal'ord became restless. Before striking out for the Unknown Regions, they entrusted Juganoth's future to the hairy paws of K'loran, a Wookiee tinkerer.[3] A trusted employee, K'loran had served under Blues in the Screaming Banshees division of the Bounty Hunters Alliance.[12] When the Banshees had disbanded, K'loran had chosen to join Blues' next venture, Juganoth Mines, where he had climbed the ranks from a lowly transport pilot to Assistant Director of Security.[12] Cap'n Blues instructed K'loran to remold the company as he saw fit, but K'loran promised to lead Juganoth in the same leadership style as Blues and Tal'ord before him. To run the company, however, K'loran needed considerable assistance and thus he appointed many trusted friends to serve in key positions: his Human vice president was Max Caar,[13] his director of relations was Chanboy, his Bothan director of finance was Kurner Dah'tar,[14] and his Corellian director of transportation was Garth Tanner.[15] During K'loran's tenure as company president, Tanner, Memnoch, and other personnel helped construct their new headquarters known as Juganoth City,[16] situated on the planet Alk`lellish I in the Alk`lellish system of the Sumitra Sector.[17] The second highest skyscraper in the new city was named after Friar Blues whose legacy K'loran and Dah'tar wished to honor.[16]

Things progressed smoothly until one day when Chanboy mysteriously vanished. After a respectful interval awaiting Chanboy's return, K'loran finally gave his absentee colleague's position to Kurner Dah'tar, already Director of Finance. On Year 2 Day 224, Max Caar departed to enlist in the Hapes Consortium and yielded the Vice Presidency to Kurner.[18] This turnover opened the director spots for Finance and Relations. After attempts to fill these positions failed, a Nikto wanderer named Ace Menshu appeared on the scene. But, after gaining valuable experience at Juganoth as Director of Transportation, Menshu departed with Falleen entrepreneur Zorran Black to launch A7 Mining, a rival corporation. The vacated position was renamed as Director of Operations and was taken over by Hideki Yukawa.[3] Ultimately, on Year 3 Day 163, Kurner Dah'tar succeeded the Wookiee businessman K'loran as President of the Juganoth Mining Corporation with Tanner stepping up as Vice President.[19]

Eidolan Terror

Teniel Djo infiltrated and plundered the company in Year 5.
See also: Eidola Pirates

In early Year 5, a number of suspicious individuals arrived in Juganoth City and claimed to be seeking gainful employment. Although veteran Juganoth personnel objected to these peculiar newcomers being hired and receiving security clearances, they were nonetheless placed on the company payroll due to an acute labor shortage. Unbeknownst to Juganoth's management, among their new hirelings were Bruce Spear,[20] Teniel Djo,[21] and other Eidola Pirates — operating under their pre-Eidolan organizational name of Malebranch Fleet Delta. The Eidolans slowly infiltrated K'loran's company in a carefully-planned scheme to seize power and to plunder the company's sizeable assets.[22]

On Year 5 Day 88, the pirates struck: The company's president K'loran was believed to be kidnapped or slain by either Djo, Spear, or the Arconan cutthroat Zortek Ignatz.[21][23] (Several other long-serving personnel such as Garth Tanner were later captured or killed by the Eidolans in Juganoth City when they emerged from cryogenic stasis.[24])

After disposing of Juganoth's liquid assets, the Eidola Pirates retained Juganoth's real estate properties in the Sumitra Sector. Djo and Spear immediately re-purposed Juganoth City — originally built by K'loran, Dah'tar, and Tanner — as their new base of piratical operations.[25] The second highest skyscraper in the city, previously named after Friar Blues, was rechristened Djo's Tower. On Year 5 Day 96, Eidola auctioned-off the remnants of Juganoth Mining Corporation to Count Irving Howie's SoroSuub conglomerate.

Modern Era

Owyn Darklighter is a notable leader of Juganoth Mining.

Originally, Juganoth had been situated on the planet Alk'lellish I in the Alk'lellish system of the Sumitra sector. This large temperate planet had wild jungles, forests, swamps and mineral deposits, ideally suited for mining operations. Juganoth came under new corporate ownership years later, and was moved to the Abrath system in the Jospro Sector. There the corporation was rebuilt from the ground up and once again began mining for the materials essential to building everything from buildings to starships.

Years later, the Sorosuub Corporation purchased Juganoth circa Year 5. Under the leadership of Count Irving Howie, the storied company relocated its headquarters to Sullust in an effort to better supply the ever-expanding shipwright market. Owyn Darklighter succeeded Howie as president on Year 5 Day 181,[26] and Howie was kicked upstairs to lead Sorosuub itself.

Circa Year 8 Day 98, following the controversial union between the Rebel Alliance and Sorosuub to form the New Republic, Juganoth was expanded to provide services to the lower half of the galaxy, while still keeping its headquarters at Sullust. Juganoth is dedicated to providing raw materials at fair prices to the galaxy as a whole, and fueling the production lines of many prosperous corporations.[27]

Past Management


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