Jace Meridan

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Jace Meridan
Jace Meridan Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Died Year 5 (see Battle of Beta)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Coloring Green skin
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire (covert agent)
Astralwerks Engineering (Year 4)

Jace Meridan was a male Falleen who served in the Falleen Federation. Beginning his career as a navy pilot, he strove to follow in the footsteps of his clan-mate Lord Commander Zoro Dur'aak (deceased) in rising to greatness in the military. After catching the eyes of superior officers, he spent sometime captaining a cruiser. He then entered the ranks of the Military Intelligence and was eventually noticed by Lord Chairman Tholin Dur'aak. After the death of his clan-mate Zoro Dur'aak, Meridan stepped in to fill the void of command. He briefly served as Lord Chairman before returning to his position as Minister of State.

In the complicated events precipitating the Battle of Beta, Meridan famously conspired with Lord Tholin to aid the Galactic Empire in murdering the Falleen monarch Eldrik Kuraine. Although Kuraine was successfully assassinated, the subsequent attempt by Tholin and Jace to seize power was foiled by Kuraine loyalists, and the Empire now viewed the plotters as no longer useful. Thus Meridan was killed by Sith operatives at the Battle of Beta while purportedly manning the defenses on the Libra battle station.


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According to recording crystals and salvaged holodiaries, Jace Meridan was skilled operative of Falleen Military Intelligence and, at the same time, a double-agent for the Galactic Empire. Despite the Imperial occupation of the Falleen homeworld, Jace did not consider the Empire to be a mortal enemy. His perspective was that, if he needed to make friends with an enemy to secure the liberation of his people, he would. Jace and his blood-brother Tholin Dur'aak viewed themselves and the original Tri-Star Alliance — consisting of the Hapes Consortium, the New Anzat Order and the Falleen Federation — as a third power-bloc beholden to neither the Imperials nor the Rebels.

Circa on Year 3 Day 324, wearying of the Falleen crown, Tholin Dur'aak formally ceded most of his burdensome responsibilities as sovereign to his trusted aide Prince Jace Meridan and Lord Senechal Aves Larkin. Unfortunately, Larkin's business ties to Prince Qel Dar's Black Sun crime syndicate and his wife Acria's much-publicized adultery forced him to resign; thus, Jace became the principal administrator of Falleen affairs.[1] The sudden resignation of the Lord Senechal and the dwindling coffers of the Falleen kingdom forced the Royal Court to take drastic measures to save the Federation. Several weeks later, on Year 4 Day 72, Tholin abdicated in favor of Eldrik Kuraine, the prosperous director of Astralwerks Engineering.[2] Tholin privately hoped that Kuraine's vast personal fortune would increase the financial stability of the impoverished Federation. During this transitional period, Jace assumed the day-to-day operations of Astralwerks Engineering, now a nationalized subsidiary of the Falleen kingdom, as president.[3]

Upon gaining the Falleen throne, Kuraine quickly allied with Davvyk Lysander's Rebel Alliance and soon polarized the Federation citizenry into pro-Alliance and anti-Empire parties. It was this polarization that likely motivated Jace to later conspire with Lord Tholin to murder Kuraine and to attempt to return the Federation to its former neutrality.

Approximately Year 4 Day 273, Jace Meridan was a notable participant in Shadowstone Affair, a notorious incident that saw the capture of Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone due to the treachery of Moff Vir Calder and his patron King Kuraine. Although Jace participated in the incident, he repeatedly attempted to minimize Falleen casualties and to quietly sabotage Kuraine's attempt to acquire the vessel, believing it would be a severe escalation in the Empire-Falleen conflict. Clearly, this failed, and Kuraine succeeded in wresting the prized Star Destroyer from the Empire's clutches. The grand larceny of the Shadowstone by Calder and its consequent seizure by Kuraine's forces imprudently antagonized the Empire.

In order to avenge the theft of the ISD Shadowstone, the Empire considered striking at Falleen Prime itself. Jace and Tholin believed the conquest of Falleen Prime — the jewel of the Doldur Sector — was entirely within the Empire's military capability. They agreed to collaborate with the Empire in order to avert such a disastrous outcome. As such, Jace and Tholin provided the Empire with the exact coordinates of King Kuraine's new flagship, the Shadowstone, and with the security codes to disable his ever-present contingent of fearsome War Droids.

Jace communicated these latter details to the Empire via encrypted sub-space transmissions. Throughout the ensuing plotting, Jace served as Tholin's clandestine liaison to Emperor Greyson Uebles and Warlord Vodo Bonias. As payment for his treachery, Jace asked Uebles that he be bequeathed all of Kuraine's property except for his credits. Once Kuraine was confirmed as dead, Jace promised to lower the defenses of the Libra station and allow Imperial forces to storm the bastion. While this occurred, Tholin was supposed to regain the Falleen crown.

Ultimately, the Empire succeeded in assassinating Kuraine aboard his flagship. However, the subsequent power-grab by Tholin and Jace spectacularly collapsed when their complicity with Uebles' Empire became known. As a result, Lord Ambassadress Mizuno Ryu of the Falleen Federation unexpectedly selected Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris to succeed the murdered Kuraine instead of Tholin or Jace. Once the Empire realized that Jace and Tholin had failed in their attempt to seize control of the Falleen state, the Imperial High Command immediately deemed the two plotters as no longer useful and as expendable. Shortly thereafter, the Empire undertook the genocide of the Falleen population in the Beta system and attacked the Libra battle station. According to unverified reports, Jace died manning the defenses on Libra station against the overwhelming Imperial onslaught.

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