Jado Dur`rik

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Jado Dur`rik
Jado Avatar GC.png
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Mother Katalina Dur`aak-Dur`rik
Father Jorus Dur`rik
Spouse Kimberly Tylger
Siblings Unknown
Children Zara Katalina-Rose Dur`rik
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Coloring Green
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Rank King of Falleen
Prior Affiliation
Awards Unknown


The Beginning

Born into the Huruk-Rah Clan, first royal line of Falleen, and a nephew to Prince Tholin Dur`aak, Jado Dur`rik embraced politics and the noble way of life that accompanied his family. When he came of working age, Jado made the decision to work for Prince Tholin's security company, the Iktotchian Guard. Starting out as Seneschal (Assistant) to Tholin, Jado worked his way up to Knight-Captain first class, Commander of the first legion before leaving to broaden his horizons and make new contacts, but not before developing several lasting ties with important personnel in the organization, a legacy of his royal upbringing.

Advancement and the NAO

While Jado was still with the Iktotchian Guard, his natural talent for leadership was spotted by Wilhelm von Ismay. Ismay offered Jado the position of Minister of Commerce of the New Anzat Order. With the blessing of Prince Tholin, Jado went out to make a name for himself. During his time with the order there was much change. After a year running the New Anzat Commerce Dept, Jado was asked to fill a void in the Royal Anzatan Fleet. Jado's Clanmate Prince Carl Tagge was appointed Supreme Commander and suggested Jado for the position of Admiral of the Fleet. Owen von Ismay agreed and Jado was appointed Admiral and CO of the RAF. When Wilhelm von Ismay once again arose to Regent of NAO Jado was moved out of the fleet and into the Ministry of the Interior. As MoI He was in charge of Commerce, Treasury, and other internal affairs. After a year in this role, Jado once again decided that it was time to look for new pastures, abandoning his position in NAO he started looking for a new type of experience.

NR and Leadership

Jado's next position came as Vice President of personnel at Triton Dynamics, the Droid producer. After only a month had passed the current President stepped down and named Jado as his successor. Jado quickly moved to hire new staff so that the transition period went smoothly. However Jado quickly grew bored of his new position, leaving the organization in the capable hands of Drael Nagatee, Jado returned to his roots as a security officer.

Return to Roots

Jado was named security director of Onyx Corporation by Stephen Garrett. It was during this period that Jado invested in the Colonial Shockball League. Using a site that was donated by Garrett, Jado Began operating the CSL franchise known as the Thota Red Storm (Now Alronisa Red Storm) Jado balanced running the security of the Widek system with managing and playing in the Colonial Shockball league.

A Friend in Need

Jado was asked by personal friend and fellow Falleen, Tyriss Haxim, to join him in Loronar Corporation. Jado was once again named Security Director. During his time there, his uncle Prince Tholin abdicated his Princely title allowing the clan Nathran, Syn, to name Jado as Prince of the first royal line of Huruk-Rah, as well as allowing him to take up Tholin's role as Ta'Shir of the clan. Following Syn's resignation in Year 14, he was named Nathran himself.

King of the Falleen Federation
Preceded By:
Rick Farlander
Jado Dur`rik
Year 14 Day 123 — Present
Succeeded By: