Jasper Merlyn

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Jasper Merlyn
Biographical Information
Race Human
infected with Chagrian strain of Metamorphosis Plague
Homeworld Rodia
House House Merlyn
Spouse Kairi Merlyn (née Deveraux)
Children Caroline Merlyn
Callum Merlyn
Rahni Merlyn
Born Year -23 Day 232
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75m 5'9"
Weight 70.50kg 155lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation New Republic
Awards New Republican of the Month
New Republican of the Year
Spirit of the Law Award
Good Conduct Medal
Dean Dedication Award
Recruitment Award
Studious Endeavours Award

Jasper Merlyn is the head of House Merlyn, an infamous former member of the New Republic, and a galactic businessman.



Jasper was left abandoned at a starport on the quiet planet of Rodia, in the depths of Tyrius system. He never knew his parents but the manager took him in and gave him a home until he became of age. The Manager of the starport, a wise intelligent man, who loved playing mental games, thought the only skills worth knowing were how to manage a business and trade, so that is what he instilled in a young Jasper. Jasper kept a pretty basic life style until his eighteenth birthday when he joined the New Republic Armed Forces under the Starfighter Command and became Pilot Officer Merlyn.

New Republic

Almost immediately Jasper realized he found his calling. He was assigned to Centurion Battlegroup, under the command of High Admiral Adam Hughes, General Jin Solas and Wing commander Mami Ogawa. His fame spread throughout the entire rebellion and soon he would find himself award two medals, awarded by a vote of the citizens. The New Republican of the Month and later, New Republican of the Year.

As Jasper grew older, his fame and exploits earned his positions and various departments of the New Republic, ranging from Dean of Recruitment to Deputy of the Military Liaison Office. As time passed, Jasper grew to befriend several life-long friends such as General Darcks Galvan, General Kara Webb, Wing commander Dimitri Halden, and his mentor in the recruitment department Mortis Eisenfaust. They had many laughs together on the whole and enjoyed the success in resisting the Imperial Union. While Jasper was content with his career, he was always inspired in the white collar work that Senator Ghon Webb contributed to the New Republic in the senate. This inspired Jasper to become an attorney for the New Republic, and later a politician.

As Jasper matured into a more influential figure he started to aid John Callaghan, a commodore in the New Republic Navy, during his candidacy for the Senate. Jasper Merlyn worked relentlessly for Commodore Callaghan, and his work paid off. With nearly two to one in the voting polls, Callaghan defeated Mami Ogawa and took office in the New Republic Senate. This played a crucial role in the vote of No Confidence for High Ambassador Gryffyn Grayurra.

On day 248 of year 17, Chief of State Kassan removed Jasper Merlyn from all of his official positions in the New Republic. Official reports indicated this was the result of complaints of several other NR members regarding Jasper's personal behavior towards them. Merlyn, however, publicly stated that, "Believing that I was the main influence in the forced legal termination of the High Ambassador, Chief of State Kassan put the full might of the New Republic in publicly attacking and humiliating me. Despite false accusations from the tyrant for a long time, I could not survive against the wishes of the Chief of State." Jasper held on and protested the accusations, but his formal appeal against this decision was rejected. Jasper Merlyn was terminated from all of his positions within the New Republic.

During this time, Jasper continued to resist the accusations and on his Mission of gathering support from other allies he ran into Kairi Deveraux, a charming and attractive woman who ran the Triumvirate Coalition marines and intelligence division. They hit it off instantly and a year later he was able to brag to the galaxy that she was now Kairi Merlyn.

The wedding ceremony was short and rather impulsive, but he was pleased that it was performed by his good friend Jedi Master Onasha Katr, who was all too happy to give her assistance to the young couple in love. While Jasper was still having a political battle in the New Republic to defend his honor, in her arms nothing seemed to matter.

As time progressed, Kairi gave birth to several children. Callum, Caroline and Rahni Merlyn. Jasper, a loving father, had to leave the children in the care of Kairi while he returned to handle his engagement with the New Republic. As she was not part of the New Republic they had to be away from each other quite often and this made him a poor father, that he would one day come to regret.

Relentless political toil pressed on, and the new Chief of State elections were coming. At the same time Jasper Merlyn was charged with Treason, Espionage, Grand Theft, Member of a subversive group, Conspiring to release a New Republic Intelligence agents name, blackmail and negligent homicide. Prosecuted by a former class mate of his, Antarah Dhibyani, the trial began. Merlyn was quoted as saying, "Endaro Kassan’s term has come to an end and he failed to squash me, so he had to get in one last blow. He appointed Phoenix Firewind to Associate Minister of Justice, and his crony worked with great haste with the rest of the Advisory Council to ensure that I would never defeat the corruption within."

Corrupted Republic

NR Wanted Holo

Due to a personnel bottleneck within the New Republic Justice Department the long planned trial fell right before the Chief of State elections. Merlyn stated that he believed the trial and its timing was an attempt at silencing Merlyn's attempt to begin a political revolution within the NR. The trial went on through the elections, for the elections to end with the highest turn out in two years, falling in the favor of Chief of Military Operations Orion Chran. Due to the concerns of a few citizens that the election could have been manipulated by non-eligible voters, a second manual vote count was carried out. The result confirmed the earlier outcome; dissidents within the NR held that this was due to Chief of Military Operations Helix Falks using military might to subdue any rebellion.

A few weeks later, Jasper Merlyn was found guilty on espionage and obstruction of justice, when the presiding Judge, Jahu Skyla, later commented, she stated that the prosecution was a bit unprofessional and messy and it should be dismissed because he was stressed. Some analysts have argued that Judge Skyla's closing statement argued, "there was not substantial evidence to convict Jasper Merlyn of the crimes, but that the judges took issue with his 'tone'."

With the verdict being guilty, he was sentenced to seventeen months in a New Republic prison. This was the last straw for Jasper and he dropped his affiliation with the New Republic and declared an open war on the corruption of the Advisory Council and Chief of State. Director Hughes immediately sent out word to the Republic’s allies, warning that Jasper Merlyn is a fugitive and is very dangerous. He publicly placed the usual NR bounty for individuals on Jasper Merlyn for 50,000,000 credits.

While Jasper Merlyn is consider a treasonous fugitive to some, and a hero to others, he fled to meet up with his long departed wife, and to become the family man he always wanted to be, while planning liberating operations for the New Republic and in his eyes the oppressed citizens.