Jawa Offworld Enterprises

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Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Political information
Type of government Jawa Megacorporation
Head of State Trustworthy Ini I
Head-of-Government Exceptional Ini I
Commander-in-Chief Vigorous Ini I
Executive branch Potent Ini I
Legislative branch Wise Ini I
Judicial branch Just Ini I
Affiliation Independent Jawas
Societal information
Capital Tatooine
Territory Tatoo





Nal Yeshu

Language(s) Jawaese, Jawa Trade Language
Currency Barter system.
Historical Information
Formed from Jawa
Date of establishment Year 19 Day 362
Status Active
Holosite Jawa Offworld Enterprises Faction Page
"We are still making the JOE roadmap, but "Dominate the galaxy by sheer numbers" is already included."
Jawa Ini Kedi at the very first Jawa Offworld Enterprises press meeting in Year 19.

Jawa Offworld Enterprises is a megacorporation which primarily profits through the investment in and creation of Jawa business ventures. Despite only recently having been created the business quickly rose to prominence in the galaxy, being at the center of a number of galactic events. This has been largely attributed by the group to the natural skill at conducting business possessed by the Jawa people. Ironically, the group of "offworld" Jawas has had considerable activity focused on their homeworld of Tatooine, after assuming control of the planet in mid Year 21. The group has since used a variety of tactics to grow into the role of being the de facto government of many planets where they conduct business operations.



The origins of the Jawa Offworld Enterprises traces back to a number of different movements related to sentient rights of Jawa's and other short of stature species. Starting off with the likes of legendary Jawas Het Patchateeka, Uli-ah Gafsa, Heek Jikjawa, and Tik Tak a number of pro-Jawa initiatives were attempted with the goal of assisting Jawas who left behind their homeland of Tatooine. However, due to a number of high profile legal cases, murders, and other disappearances all of these Jawas faded from the public eye almost entirely by around Y18. This led to the formation of two different groups which sought to advance the Jawa cause, the Jawa Society in Y18 as well as the League of Extraordinary Small Sentients in Y19, otherwise known as LESS. It was from these two groups and several unfortunate incidents that Jawa Offworld Enterprises managed to achieve the necessary capital as well as enough Jawa employees to launch their first business ventures.

Jawa Society

The Jawa Society was a grouping of Jawas of intergalactic prominence with the goal of providing community and assistance for Jawas. Formed by Jawas Jic Uiji, Garik Loren, Greyson Abrams, Eugene Delmarco, and Christine Apotheosis in early Y18 the group successfully launched a number of pro-Jawa initiatives like providing safe sandcrawler housing for Jawas around the galaxy. Sadly, after the death of Garik Loren after a politically motivated murder, the departure of Christine Apotheosis, and increasing rumors of Greyson Abrams having plans of eugenics for the Jawa race the Jawa Society as a whole was in an increasingly weakened state and one which no longer had support across the galactic political spectrum. This led to a large amount of the pro-Jawa operations being purely done by Jic Uiji, who was at the time the Governor of Lirra overseeing the Eidolon rule of the planet. As such most of the Jawa initiatives were in the form of supporting Jawa immigration to the mostly desert planet of Lirra and the success of Jawas on the planet. After Jic Uiji was crippled by unidentified assailants during a routine "trip" to the galactic core, his influence in the pirate collective quickly diminished and he was forced into early retirement by his crew from both his position as a captain and as governor. This led to an effective ceasing of many pro-Jawa initiatives in Eidolon territory.

League of Extraordinary Small Sentients

The League of Extraordinary Small Sentients was focused not just on the success of Jawas, but rather all sentient species that were deemed "small". However, in practice, this effectively meant Chadra-Fan, Ewok, and Jawa sentients were assisted. This was due in no small part to the main 4 members of LESS, Taranjeek O`Cuinn, Chrii`kkt Raas, Ini Kedi, and Kolomon Seph. After briefly existing purely as a sentient rights group most of the members reformed into a recycling corporation known at the time as Raas-Moretti Industries in partnership with Moretti'ameli'arose, who was otherwise known as Amelia Kolczynski. This group successfully operated for a number of months in no small part due to the incredible business skill of its Jawa members; however, things did not last. After Taranjeek O`Cuinn, who was not a member of the group but allied with it under the Galactica Group, along with Chrii`kkt Raas, co-leader of the organization, plotted and successfully carried out the murder of Moretti'ameli'arose due to claimed "Overreach by the tall people into business operations" the business effectively ceased to exist. This move did not instill confidence in the employees of the organization that they would survive much longer if they remained, and within a month every major employee, largely the Jawa duo Ini Kedi and Kolomon Seph had left for some reason.


With Jic Uiji from the Jawa Society along with Ini Kedi and Kolomon Seph from LESS all recently disenfranchised for some reason it was a seemingly perfect time for events to transpire. With most of them having worked together before, it was no surprise that they felt that they as a group had the experience to start a new business venture. After meeting in what is rumored to be a Jawa only diner in the northeast rim the group sat down and after hours of negotiations formed the creation contracts of Jawa Offworld Enterprises, an organization ran by Jawas and for Jawas so that their people could prosper. Of course, the contracts included a number of clauses so that they could prosper extensively themselves. Within hours of signing the contracts, the trio went public with their announcement of the formation on Year 19 Day 362.

Deep Space

Looking to establish some form of base out of which to operate and live, the Jawas spent several weeks debating where Jawas could best settle off of Tatooine. Eventually it was determined that no matter where they went they would be subject to the rule of those who are not Jawas, and that was unacceptable to them. As such, the group went out into the great cold unknowns and established an area in which they could operate. Outside of any legitimate governmental jurisdiction, the group settled among the asteroid fields of the northeastern rim. This deep space location was where almost all JOE trade passed through, largely for tax reasons. This took a significant toll on many of the Jawas, who yearned for the heat of suns on their skin again. As such, many Jawas were motivated to enlist into expeditions for a planet that they could call their own and settle on.

Industrial Salvage

The groups first major operation was that of the salvaging of an estimated 20% of of the infrastructure of the planet Dalisor, infrastructure that was deemed to be outdated and unsafe to live in. With a salvaging team primarily led by Tilba Ugama, a Jawa who was fresh off of Tatooine, the group managed to to clear out kilotons of building materials. Most of these materials went directly to smaller Jawa businesses operating under the Jawa Offworld Enterprises umbrella, which repurposed everything they could for resale. It was in this period of mass wrecking/salvaging that Jawa Offworld Enterprises briefly spent several months as controlling a majority of the salvaging market, even though after receiving payment the group decided to move into more lucrative industries. This also saw the rise of Tilba Ugama to prominence in the organization.

The New Tent Order to Jawa Industrial Magi

After hearing of rumored instability in the New Tent Order, a religious organization which gained surprising prominence, the Jawa Offworld Enterprises decided to capitalize on the situation for the benefit of the Jawa race. Large numbers of Jawas were sent to register as devout believers of the New Tent Order moments before the heretic Fleuf Naze embarked on a suicidal quest to the center of a black hole. With the next leader being unclear, the Jawas were able to swing the public opinion and voting in favor of Jic Uiji. As the newly chosen tent leader, Jic Uiji took control of all tent order temples, churches, religious artifacts, and other assets before declaring that the group was reforming to an entirely different belief system. This belief system being the Jawa Industrial Magi, a religion that had existed on Tatooine among the Jawas but had been struggling for intergalactic prominence. While being a secular organization, the Jawa Offworld Enterprises defended this move stating that it was neccesary for their independence and profits that the business and its people were not subject to any human religious authority.

Battle of Nimban

Main article: Battle of Nimban

The Battle of Nimban also know as "Bopom Kova Upezzo M’tuske" among the Jawas was a major operation that saw the group shift increasingly militant as well as resulting in a number of alliances. After the Jawa Offworld Enterprises entered into an agreement with the ZooKeeper Alliance to provide assistance for their scientific research endeavors groups of Jawa fighter wings and research teams were seen increasingly flying alongside ZooKeeper vessels. This was most prominent in the Nimban system, an outer rim system where the ZooKeeper Alliance was conducting much of their research. However, the rival scientific organization the DNA Bashers had also been increasingly moving their own military presence into the system in direct opposition to the ZooKeeper Alliance. After several weeks of growing tensions, things escalated into an all out battle between these two major scientific organizations as well as their allied forces.

Rather than directly focusing on directly attacking enemy forces the Jawa crews quickly organized into a number of different salvaging crews. These salvaging crews focused on the recovery and extraction of key tactical assets from the battlefield, such as preserving the lives of the ZooKeeper Alliance research crews and their research equipment. After several days of operating, with many Jawas going sleepless nights thanks to modern stimulant technology, things escalated further with the DNA Bashers revealing a super weapon that they had been developing in the system. This super weapon was a duo Battle-class Meridian Frigate, a beast of a ship which packed the punch of a battle moon while moving about as fast. As a part of a joint attack with assistance indirectly from the Triumvirate Coalition as well as the newly found friends in Chir`dorna Manufacturing, an elite Jawa salvaging team led by Jic Uiji managed to evade the volleys of blaster fire and board one of the craft. After fighting their way to the bridge the Jawas managed to take control of the craft and to pull it out of the battle. However, it had sustained serious damage to nearly every system and it has not yet even closely returned to its full operational capacity. Not having the original schematics the Jawa repair teams were only able to return the ship to its original state as operating as a Meridian-class Frigate. Becoming the unofficial flagship of the JOE fleet, this ship has become known as the "Mary Dean" in honor of the nickname given to it by St'eve, a Jawa fighter pilot who died at the Battle of Nimban.



After war was declared on Jawa Offworld Enterprises by the Galactic Empire, and worst of all trade sanctions, the Jawa collective was drawn into conflict with the Empire. Initially this resulted in a number of minor skirmishes with no major impact to either side; however, as hostilities grew the Jawa Offworld Enterprises were increasingly looking for ways to profit from this war until peace could be made. As such, when rebellion broke out in the Corellian sector the Jawa Offworld Enterprises were some of the first on the scene. Making use of the shadow trade routes created in order to dodge imperial trade sanctions as well as their expertise in unusual operations the Jawas managed to expertly operate around hostile forces and and ensure that planetary defenses were created on rebelling planets in order to repel the coming imperial fleets and legions. Many of these operations were focused on the securing of the planet Sasan in the New Plympto system, with the planet's scorching temperatures allowing Jawas to work far longer hours and more effectively than the Corellians trying the same. Working in cooperation with a number of pro-Corellian independence groups Jawa Offworld Enterprises was able to secure Sasan as well as several other nearby rebelling planets from invasion.

With there being relatively minimal local population on Sasan, with most of the planetary population evacuating to the safer and more hospitable planet of New Plympto, the Jawa Offworld Enterprises took control of the planetary governance with permission of the alliance for Corellian independence. The Corellian people were notably sympathetic to the plight of Jawas around the galaxy and it was deemed best for the security of the planet and system if it was inhabited by a race which could better withstand the hot climate. Within days of this announcement, laws lowering the the sales and income taxes were put into effect.


"For decades, we have struggled, at times openly and at times covertly, against external interference on Tatooine. For eons the planet was open to all, allowing free trade and cultural exchange until galactic governments took advantage of our openness and restricted our way of life, culminating in the exodus of Jawa to look for better prospects. Now, we are the ones that took advantage. The clans once again control our ancestral planet, and we will work tirelessly to bring it back to its former glory free of oppression."
Ini Kedi speaking after the liberation of Tatooine.

Following the fall of the New Republic and the occupation of Tatooine by the Galactic Empire, JOE deployed a large number of Jawas back to the planet from offworld. These Jawa's were tasked with ensuring that Jawa trade to and from Tatooine would continue despite the circumstances. These initial smuggling operations quickly escalated with the Jawa group deciding to devote significant resources to effectively creating a shadow government on the planet, filling the void left by the largely ineffective imperial appointees. Through the assistance of the shadowy robed figures of the Jawa Liberation Front as well as the pressure placed on the Galactic Empire throughout the Arkanis sector by The Resistance the imperial forces eventually pulled out entirely, leaving the Jawas free to seize power in the vacuum and take control of the planet and its defense installations.


After spending several years governing their homeworld, the Jawa people started to grow restless for profit. This resulted in a large number of Jawas once again setting off for the stars seeking profit.


The structure of JOE is largely divided into two separate parts, typically referred to as JOE Businesses and JOE Command. JOE Businesses make up the bulk of Jawa Offworld Enterprises, and covers the many different individual Jawa enterprises which have been invested in and assisted by JOE. On the other hand, JOE command is the umbrella organization that ensures the prosperity of the JOE businesses as well as handling the coordination for Jawa efforts on larger operations. However, there is often a large degree of overlap between the two sections and individual Jawas often work in both JOE Command and specific JOE Businesses.


Jawa Offworld Enterprises has repeatedly stated that it is their intention to trade freely with every sentient in the galaxy regardless of their political affiliation or location. However, due to a number of high profile diplomatic incidents as well as translation errors by faulty protocol droids the group of Jawas have found themselves navigating often turbulous diplomatic environments. There have been many incidents of this sort which never transpired into anything larger, most notable of which was a threat of war and trade sanctions from a member of the Galactic Alliance during the Battle of Nimban as well as an incident with a separate government over the question of droid theft. However, not all diplomatic incidents managed to be quickly resolved. The Galactic Empire famously declared war on JOE and placed trade sanctions against them only days after the founding of the group, likely a result of JOE being vehemently pro Jawa and alien rights as well as the history of Jic Uiji as an enemy of the empire.

Politics of Tatooine

While effectively in a position of governance, the Jawa corporation has little interest in the day to day legalities which are normally entailed in that position. Instead JOE focuses primarily on controlling the economic policies of the planet as a whole and on creating an environment that is ultimately better for Jawa business. Matters such as what constitutes a crime, construction of social projects, and enforcement of laws is typically handled by local governance which varies widely based on the planetary area.


Jawa Offworld Enterprises has a large number of Jawa organizations that it is affiliated with. The exact relationship between each of them and Jawa Offworld Enterprises as a whole will vary.

Jawa Industrial Magi

Main article: Jawa Industrial Magi

Born out of the shamans, wise men, and religions of Tatooine are the Jawa Industrial Magi. Despite parts of this religion dating back as far as Jawa records go, this incarcenation is much more recent. With a focus on taking ancient traditions into the future through technology and industry, the Jawa Industrial Magi were founded. Practitioners of this religion vary greatly in beliefs, with the many existing conflicting records of the teaching of various Gods and prophets leading to greatly differing beliefs.

Due to worries over conversion of Jawas, typically done by members of Alissma or Zhellic Ecclesiarchy by restricting business with those who followed other religions, Jawa Offworld Enterprises pushed to ensure that a religious institute would exist on the galactic scale for the Jawa people. The Magi provide support Jawas to follow their religion wherever they may be as well as handling many of the more charitable operations JOE has.

Jawa Outer Colonies

Formed out of the Veilhal Nomads, Jawa Outer Colonies exists primarily to ensure that the increasingly diverse worlds governed by Jawa economic rule are protected and profitable.

Twin Suns Trading

Twin Suns Trading opened for business on year 21 day 76 after savvy businesjawa Zu Icaz traded a droid to the failing owners and set to turn the business around from scrap to splendor as is the Jawa way. Bringing trade to the outer rim and beyond, we look to serve the galaxy with unsurpassed Jawa quality goods. All sentients, especially Jawas, should have access to safe markets and affordable transportation through our Starports for conducting their business Offworld.

One of the more traditional "businesses" under the JOE umbrella TST primarily seeks to develop trading infrastructure for sentients across the galaxy.

Sarlacc Integrated Design

A business run by Kolomon Seph, the Sarlacc Pit seeks to customize what are often humancentric designed items and make them into something which is better functioning for the unique situations in the galaxy. This usually includes specialized equipment for the Jawa people, with the Sarlacc Pit being responsible for much of the research into Jawa armour, weapon, tool, and ship design. This would eventually reform into the much larger business known as Sarlacc Integrated Design which is presently led by Bif Beefi and is mainly based on the moon of Chenini, one of the three moons of Tatooine.


Jawa Enforcement & Forensics Force

A recently formed arm of JOE, JEFF serves to organize policing efforts in the Tatoo system and to track down criminals who pose a threat to the Jawa way of life.

Jawa Advanced Resource Exploitation Directorate (Defunct)

The mining arm of JOE, JARED played a key role in establishing successful Jawa industry on Tatooine. Ran by Wizz Eeeklee it mined luxurious minerals such as Duracrete and Ryll. Eventually JARED would unceremoniously dissolve after the dirt haulers in several colonies unionized and lead a large strike, eventually seizing JARED's headquarters and forcing the business into bankruptcy. Attempts to reclaim JARED's headquarters have been largely unsuccessful, with the dirt haulers union having held out against a siege since late Y21 with no signs of stopping. The union strikers are rumored to have used their mining equipment to construct an elaborate series of tunnels to smuggle food and items in and out of the headquarters.

Maker's Offworld Medical (Defunct)

A joint business partnership with the Gordian Reach Authority led by Hazamuzee Seph, Maker's Offworld Medical is a medical operation with a focus on taking the often human focused field of medicine and adapting it for Jawa needs. Group later went bankrupt after producing enough medicine to cure the entire Jawa population of certain transmitted diseases several times over, reducing demand dramatically.

Xenoarchaeological Institute (Defunct)

A brief lived Jawa takeover, XI was primarily used to investigate ruins related to the Jawa people. Due to it being forbidden for non-Jawa to view the sacred remains of any Jawa it was important for the archaeological institute to be overseen by Jawa Offworld Enterprises during this time. It was eventually disbanded due to the Jawas running out of historical sites that were easy to find.

Employee Of The Month

A great title and honor, bestowed upon members of Jawa Offworld Enterprises who rise above the rest and demonstrate exemplary ability in the workplace. This signifies that a Jawa is not just skilled but also has a tremendous work ethic, one that will likely take them far in the galaxy.

Past Employees Of The Month

Tilba Ugama for spearheading the recycling initiatives at Dalisor.

Wizz Eeeklee for pioneering new techniques in locating asteroid fields.

Siel Starrunner for providing assistance in the Jawa swap meet preparation.

Zikkan Jaziik for ensuring the smooth operations of vital infrastructure projects on Tatooine during the transitional period in the government.

Jin Bak for excellence in ensuring smooth operations of Jawa industry.

Kronk Dingo for commitment to the Jawafication ideals of Tatooine.

Bli Tokla for spearheading Jawa initiatives.

Wizz Eeeklee for being a standup Jawa and ensuring the safe construction of new slums to rent out.

Current Employee Of The Month

Tipris Taprahn, the first non-Jawa taking this honor due to a bizarrely non-Jawa "work ethic" that means actually accomplishing things instead of just embezzling credits.

In The News

Jawa Student Reaches New Heights was the first galactic news article mentioning Jawa Offworld Enterprises, detailing the success of Jawa Ines Astyne and mentions his interest in joining the Jawa Offworld Enterprises.

Constellation Jawa details the discovery of a Jawa constellation by a member of Jawa Offworld Enterprises.

Droid "Rights" Activists Goons Pose Problems to Jawa Business discusses the problems posed by the human concept of "Droids Rights" to business which are a part of Jawa Offworld Enterprises

Seventh Swap Swan Song briefly discusses the failures of Ini Kedi to perform in a sandcrawler race hosted by Jawa Offworld Enterprises.

Jawa Wildlife Hunters Bimonthly: The Rise Of The Jawa Hunter and Zoo Mania, What YOU Need To Know! was a magazine article detailing the alliance between Jawa Offworld Enterprises and the ZooKeepers Alliance

Was the Jawa Industrial Magi Takeover of the New Tent Order Prophesied? discusses the rise of the Jawa Industrial Magi and the role of several Jawa Offworld Enterprises operatives in it.

Chaotic Combat, Radical Retrofitting, and Jovial Jawas was a propaganda piece distributed after Jawa Offworld Enterprises succesful battle at Nimban.

Jawas Seize Sands of Sasan is a broadcast detailing the rise of Jawas into governance of Sasan and initial plans for the planet.

Eighth Extravaganza has Ended briefly discussed the rise of Jawa Offworld Enterprises prominence at the 8th galactic swap meet, a non-Jawa swap meet held twice annually.

Tinkering Lunacy Imperial Information Service reporting on Jawa activities in the core almost certainly instigated partially by JOE.

Year of the Jawa JOE broadcast regarding the success experienced over the last year.

Jawa Offworld Enterprises Takes Trenchant Trade To Tatooine! A joint JOE and JIM broadcast detailing Jawa operations on Tatooine after the Imperial takeover of much of the New Republic's territories.

Twin Suns Trading: A candid interview with Zu Icaz regarding Twin Suns Trading. The first TST galactic broadcast which detailed the low low prices offered by Twin Suns Trading.

Sandcrawler Race Opens Tomorrow A JOE broadcast before the upcoming swap meet, advertising the sandcrawler race and notably panhandling in order to get prize money.

Tatooine Now Under Jawa Control A celebratory broadcast briefly detailing the Tatooine Jawa economic revolution as well as the likely future of the planet.

JEN Special Broadcast - The Little Guy Report A JEN broadcast detailing many of the Jawa stories of the month that would otherwise have likely been overlooked.

Galactic Jawaganza Celebration Festival A JOE broadcast about Jawa antics at the galactic festival.

New Revelation Strikes Holy Tatooine! The head of Jawa religion explains why he needs a Strike-class Medium Cruiser called the arm of the tinkerer.

Jawas Apprehend Illegal Loiterers (Especially Droids) JEFF announces the crackdown on unattended droids.

Orikih'kal - Tiny Danger Ini Kedi announced as Jawa`lor.

Successfully Scheming Jawas Sneakily Seize Sector Jawas take control of the Arkanis sector (lost a month later).

Battle for the Jaw'alor Ini Kedi gets ousted from Jawa`lor title, long reign Nejal K`teefah!

Tatooine Prepares for Historic Swap Meet JOE mistakenly releases trading horde on Mos Espa.

Cantrell Conglomerate and Jawa Offworld Enterprises Finalize Historic Trade Agreement JOE mistakenly releases bounty hunter horde on Tatooine.

Jawa Scouts Seize System, Spot Scary Spider Sentients JOE mistakenly releases a spider horde on the galaxy.

Cantrell Chronicles - Imperial Shenanigans and Much More! Cantrell foreigners discuss ongoing political tensions surrounding the Jawa swap meet among other tabloid issues.