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Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Father Lance Al`zandar
Mother Nia Al`zandar
Spouse Denyssa Belos Al`zandar
Cousin Devron Al`zandar
Sister-In-Law Joi Belos
Born Year -17 / Day 353
Languages Basic, Binary, Olys Corellisi[1]
Religion The Almighty Credit
Family Motto "Chaos Opens The Door To Opportunity"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 1"
Weight 210 lbs
Build Athletic
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Black
Galactic Standing
Social Status Outlaw
Alias Darth Viscerus
Affiliation The Smugglers Guild
Eidola Pirates
The Starblade Regime
Title Magistrate of Nar Shaddaa
Starblade Insignia

Jaxon Calrissian Al`zandar, the only child of Corellian diplomats, got his start in life wanting for nothing. He was afforded the finest education, traveled to and from the major systems of the Galactic Core[2], and hobnobbed with Celebrities, Politicians, Activists, and Freedom Fighters alike.

Standing 6' 1" with an athletic 210 lb frame, the swarthy Corellian pilot is a well known pirate, businessman, gambler, adventurer, and mystic. He has made his fare share of allies and enemies, as well as an undisclosed fortune. Suffering from an extreme case of wanderlust, as most Corellians do, Jax enjoys cruising the space-lanes living life as he pleases.


Age 9. Playing "Pirate".
JS Holocron Childhood.png

The only child of Corellian diplomats Lance and Nia Al`zandar, Jax was an exceptionally bright child. He showed an uncanny ability, for a child, to be still and pay attention. This proved to be one of his biggest assets, as he got an education like very few others.

Because one or both of his parents were usually called away to negotiate deals on behalf of the Galactic Empire and it's Core affiliates, Jax was tutored while aboard a CR-90 Corvette, C-3 Passenger Liner or some other luxury ship, at times by some of the galaxy's top university professors. He also had the benefit of being able to occasionally sit in on diplomacy talks and negotiations. He got to see first hand the power of the spoken word. How saying just the right thing can cause life long peace or life ending war. Jax's parents were his heroes, until he met the pirate who kidnapped him.

At age 8, Jax and his mother were captured by the dreaded Hidden Dagger Pirates[3]. The two were held for ransom. A burden on Lance's shoulder, as it was a price he could not pay in full. Diplomacy was attempted in regaining his family, but in the end he was only able to free one hostage for the ransom that nearly bankrupted him. That hostage was his wife, Nia.

For 6 months Lance worked feverishly to attain the credits needed to get back his son. For 6 months a boy was at the mercy of villainous thugs. If not for Commander Jinn-Tu Wisslar, a high ranking member of the pirate organization, the unspeakable may have happened to young Jax. Wisslar looked after Jax, and made him feel as comfortable as possible given the situation. Within those months Jax learned to appreciate the freedom these pirates had, and how happy they seemed, despite the violence they inflict on the galaxy. Wisslar showed Jax that terror and bloodshed are powerful negotiating tactics just as the spoken word, often times with a swifter result. A special bond was formed between the two. Wisslar was Jax's personal personification of the storied swashbuckler. Jax reminded Wisslar of innocence long lost.

After 5 months and 20 days the ransom payment for Jax was made. It was agreed that Wisslar would personally return the boy to his parents. Having been responsible for Jax during his captivity, Wisslar wanted to make sure he got home safely. At the drop off, right before turning over the child, Jinn-Tu Wisslar presented Jax with a sword. In doing so, he imparted his final words to his young friend. Words that made an indelible impression on the boy:

"Take this sword, the Starblade. It has served Nobles and Pirates
alike in it's many centuries. Now it is yours, young Al`zandar.
Respect it, and it will protect you well into your old age,
regardless of your path."

Jax took the sword with great reverence, and watched the Pirate board his ship. He watched as the ship moved effortlessly into the atmosphere. He watched till it disappeared beyond the clouds.

Jax re-acclimated to being at home rather easily. Even as a child he was very practical, and understood what took place. But what the boy could not understand is why his parents, his heroes, abandoned him. The child could not comprehend the adult decisions that had been made. Despite this episode in young Jax's life, he wasn't affected too much. He was still a vibrant, intelligent, inqusitive child. However, two changes were distinctly noticeable. Jax no longer fully trusted his parents, though he loved them dearly. In addition, he became cruelly mischievous at times. A trait that would develop as he got older, along with his more virtuous characteristics.

Teenage Years

Jax, age 19.
JS Holocron TeenageYears1.png

Jax's teen years found him growing into a fine young Corellian noble. The family's financial woes had recovered ten fold since the kidnapping incident, and they were never happier. Jax's education continued as he attended some of the finest institutions of higher learning around the Core, including the University of Alderaan, Corellia University and the University of Coruscant.

At the age of seventeen, having completed his academic career, Jax enlisted in the Imperial Navy. Every young noble of the Empire is expected to join the military. There he became acquainted with his three greatest passions: Blasters, Starships and most importantly Denyssa. As a naval recruit, Jax excelled greatly in the areas of weapons and starfighter training, unarmed combat, as well as mission planning and tactics. His assessment of opponents was astounding for a recruit. Jax was able to break down opposition with little effort and quite expeditiously.

Despite the excellence Jax displayed in his training, he was disciplined several times for substituting the standard Dress Saber for his Starblade during formal military events. Jax's penchant for individuality extended way past his choice of swords. He had a problem working with less advanced recruits, claiming they impede his advancement potential. To this effect Jax would purposely show up his contemporaries, hoping to impress upon his superiors that he is simply better than the others. This usually ended in him being reprimanded for lack of team work.

Denyssa Belos Al`zandar.
JS Holocron TeenageYears2.png

His arrogance caught more than his commanders' attention. Jax's antics got him noticed by an equally adept female recruit named Denyssa Belos. An attractive young Corellian, Denyssa comes from a military family that has served the Empire and earlier governments for many generations. However Denyssa had other aspirations. Like Jax, she wanted to explore the galaxy. A romance between the young recruits quickly developed. Their bond was instant and unbreakable, and as training partners they excelled far beyond that of other teams. But it was the private moments they shared that solidified their relationship.

Denyssa was the first person Jax actually told about his kidnapping experience. He'd spoken to others about it, as it was a curiosity of it's time, but never had he evoked the topic till her. He also shared his desire to one day sail the stars, free as his captors. Denyssa never flinched, and they discussed plans to become independent and free. In order for their plans to be successful, however, they must part. Each had some personal growth to go through. Both being extremely practical, they realized they were still young, and had a bit more maturing to do.

The plan, in part, was for Denyssa to secure a hidden deep space system, and ready a small fleet of starfighters. Jax, in turn, was to acquire practical knowledge by working in a faction. Which faction was still to be answered, but Jax knew it would have to be someplace his skills could be instantly utilized, while he learns how the galaxy really operates. After completing a tour of duty in the Imperial Navy, Jax and Denyssa made a special trip back home, to Corellia. One night in a forest clearing outside Kor Vella[4], under the Eye Of The Pirate[5], the lovers were married. Denyssa sang the couple's vows.[6]. A bittersweet union, for it was on that night they set off for opposite ends of the galaxy.

The Name's Starblade

Traveling in hyperspace, Jax considered his next move. Where can he gain the type of knowledge he was seeking? What that was, Jax had no clue, though he kept having recurring thoughts of the pirate that befriended him many years ago. Perhaps that's the direction he should follow. A brief communique with the infamous Pirate Queen, Teniel Djo, lead Jax to the realization that he wasn't yet built for piracy. He still had a sense of right and wrong... a virtuous morality.

Being a skilled soldier and pilot, Jax would be an excellent addition to some government or private military. Though before any investigation into this line of work could be made, his small light freighter encountered catastrophic electrical failure. With limited time, and all of his wits, Jax managed to safely crash land near what was the city of Gok, on the planet Mereranor in the Orus sector of the Outer Rim[7]. The Delta-class Shuttle was totaled, and galactic communication arrays had not been built to sufficiently reach that part of the galaxy. Jax was essentially marooned.

Jax with thugs and prostitutes.
JS Holocron TheNamesStarblade 1.png

With no ship, few credits and no idea of what to do next, he walked the city until reaching a tavern. There he stayed in a drunken stupor, living mainly by the generosity (or pitty) of strangers. Other times he would steal what he needed. Distraught over loosing everything, and not knowing if he will ever see his beloved Denyssa again, drink and drugs became Jax's world. He began a descent into the seedier side of life, choosing to associate with Ryll dealers, prostitutes and other dregs of society. Bar fights and public disturbances were the norm for Jax. So much so, that he became synonymous with his treasured Starblade. It's a wonder he was never arrested. Jax spent a little over a year on this planet. Till this day, he remembers nothing from this time in his life.

What he does remember is almost losing his Starblade, and his life. Year 10 Day 359, while in a drink and drug induced stupor, Jax was mugged for his sword, while walking through the town market. The band of five thugs were brazen in their attack, and at first it looked like they would be successful in their larcenous efforts. Then Jax's military training kicked in. He left all five bloodied and broken, and with the tip of the Starblade, slashed a gash into their faces as a reminder of their failure. Jax felt reborn, having survived the attack on his life. In a triumphant cheer to himself, as well as letting everyone in earshot know who thwarted this attack, he exclaimed "The name's Starblade! Jax Starblade, you nurf hurdin', bantha lovers!". Officially taking on the sword's name as his own, Jax vowed to never put himself in that position again, and to show much more respect for the Starblade.

Chief Of Security, Aurora Conglomerate.

That was the moment Jax needed. He was back on track, and mindful of his purpose. With what little credits he had, he was able to acquire an old beat up ETA-2 Interceptor, and began to restore it. He also was able to find a position with the Keer Nation as Commander of their Starforce. This position was over before it began, as internal issues within the organization spelled it's doom before Jax could even start. Having fixed up his ETA-2, Jax once again takes to the stars. Now with focus, determination, and a plan.

Opening the comm-channels, Jax broadcasted his qualifications to several security agencies. A Kel Dor named Sim Karr answered the call for Aurora Technologies, the premier shipwright in the galaxy. After a brief conversation, Jax got a good vibe from Sim, and accepted a position within Aurora's security service. This was a perfect fit for Jax, and he rose through the ranks quickly, eventually heading security for the growing Aurora Conglomerate consisting of Aurora Technologies, Medical and Mining. During this time, Jax reunited with Denyssa. She had obtained a space station, and hired a small crew to assist her. Life was good, but he and his wife were not free as they set out to be, as his hero the Pirate was.

The Pirate's Life

Thug Lord Jax Starblade, Pirate
JaxStarblade Pirate.png

Towards the end of Y.11, Jax left Aurora Technologies. It was time for him to reunite with his wife, Denyssa. His departure came not a moment too soon, for shortly after, Aurora Technologies experienced a hostile and bloodily takeover by agents of Black Sun. Having gained valuable knowledge on the workings of security and law enforcement, Jax thought he was ready to delve into the world of scum and villainy.

Once again, Jax messages the Pirate Queen, only this time she did not send him away. Instead, she challenged the want-to-be pirate with a task... a right of passage. Quite simply, Jax was to pay a tribute to her, which essentially meant steal something and bring it back to Eidola. Not knowing where to start, he gave the situation some thought, and realized that he still had command of a squadron of Y-Wings, from his Aurora Tech days. Proud that his heist took less than a day to procure, Jax was even prouder to deliver the ships to the Pirate Queen. That is until she informed him that the ships he stole belonged to an Eidola member. Jax was crushed. His first heist ended up being a basic pick up and delivery. Thoroughly amused by Jax's unfortunate mistake, she allowed him into the pirate organization. Jax spent the next six months learning the tricks and trades of master pirates and thieves, and it was during this time he scored his first major haul, by robbing Malcheek Cander, COO of Sienar Technologies for 30 million credits worth of goods.

The Warrior Monk

Galactic News Service Archive Footage
Breaking News!.png

"Tomorrow, Jax will sequester himself to his meditation compound and will begin to unravel the mysteries of the universe with the help of his spiritual mentors. When he achieves his link with the Living Force, according to his mentors, ‘his soul will venture out and tether to the physical world superficially.’ As many know, Jax is not Force sensitive- but that will not deter him from finding union with it. He will accomplish this… I have no doubt. How can I be so sure? Winning is Jax’s natural state…" - Sol Mazer, GNS Press Conference

Jaxon Al`zandar, Master of the Force
Jaxon Al`zandar-Master of the Force.png

Athletic Endeavors

Ever the action junkie, Jax gets his fill using more than a blaster or the infamous Starblade. Athletics help keep his mind, body and skills honed. During down times, he has been known to seek out the company of those that participate in high stakes, big action competitions. Though there have been many minor scrimmages of varying varieties, Jax's most notable involvements are with the Galactic Shockball League, The Tournament Of Derra, Krieg's Run and the Duros Union Speeder Time Trials.

Jax, Boordii Steampunks.
JS Holocron BoordiiSteampunks.png


Around Y.11 D.100, Jax became a free agent in the Colonial Shockball League. After careful contemplation he joined the Boordii Steampunks in the position of Guard.






The Man, The Myth

Captain Starblade has been known to enjoy a stiff drink and a good smoke. His brands of choice are Whyren's Reserve Corellian Whiskey[8] and Al`zandar Family Blend Cigarras. Jax even regularly patronized galactic purveyor of fine Corellian spirits, Cael Graigan, owner of the Corellian Alcoholic Enablers League (C.A.E.L.). However lack of top-shelf liquor or custom rolled cigarras cannot deter him from attaining a good buzz. Considered by those closest to him as a functioning substance abuser, Jax has been known to indulge in month long parties full of gambling, inebriates and sexual debauchery, but still would manage to get all his business handled by deadline.

Despite a penchant for taking what does not belong to him, Jax Starblade saw importance in giving back to the galaxy, feeling it keeps his karma balanced. Among his philanthropic activities was the charity that he co-ran with Jensen Odama, The Corellian Newbie Gift Giveaway[9].
At the start of year 17, originally a means by which Captain Starblade would thinned his inventory of ships no longer needed, he took the novel approach of donating them to young Corellians just getting a start in life, instead of his more usual approach of selling such assets. After a while he was approached by fellow Corellian, Jensen Odama, who had a few ships to donate of his own. As the two men had the common interest of aiding up and coming Corellians, The Corellian Newbie Gift Giveaway was born. It wasn't long before sentients from all over the galaxy would donate ships and credits to their cause. Within the first year of operation, the charity raised over 120 million credits, and aided more than 40 young Corellians. It quickly became a staple of galactic charities, with donors ranging from billionaires to the average citizen. With the resurgence of the Corellian Society, to which both Jax and Jensen became Council Members, the charity was placed as it's subsidiary, and renamed The New Corellian Gift Giveaway, guaranteeing any young Corellian a Corellian Society custom YT-1300 and 2 million credits.


  • Crimson Nova (NFG)
    (Y.15 / D.350 - Y.16 / D.34)
    Owner / Leader / Pirate
  • Securitronix
    (Y.15 / D.283 - Y.16 / D.7)
    Resident Adventurer / Bandit & Creature Hunter
  • BlasTech Industries
    (Y.14 / D.138 c. - Y.15 / D.Classified)
    (Y.13 / D.170 c. - Y.13 / D.187)
    Owner / President / CEO
  • Sons of Tattoo
    (Y.13 / D.7 - Y.13 / D.170 c.)
    President / CEO, BlasTech Industries
    Chief Of Security, Sons of Tattoo
  • Aurora Technologies
    Under the ownership of
    Prince Kosh Naranek

    (Y.11 / D.44 - Y.11 / D.328)
    President, ATSec (AT Security),
    Chief Of Security, Aurora Conglomerate
    Senior Vice President, AT Security
    JuniorVice President, AT Security
    AT Training Academy Senior Trainer
    Senior Security Officer
    Security Officer
  • Keer Nation
    (Y.11 / D.014 - Y.11 / D.41)
    Starforce Commander, Keer Union

Crimes & Kills

  • Korvan Ardunis
    Killed Y.11 / D.270

    During his tenure as Chief of Security for the Aurora Conglomerate, Jax one day began receiving messages from several customers with whom he had private sales. They questioned why their goods were now in possession of Mr. Ardunis. Korvan Ardunis, a difficult, rude and insubordinate agent under Jax's command, made his way on to Lord Starblade's product retrieval ship, attempting to take off with all his inventory. Unfortunately for Ardunis, the ship's security implementations trapped him aboard the vessel. Korvan Ardunis was subsequently arrested and killed for his crime.
  • Basilio Rookolo
    Hi-Jacked Y.12 / D.65[10]

    Basilio Rookolo was duped out of a YT-1300 by Captain Starblade, when he unwittingly sent the fledgling thief the access codes to the ship. Before Basilio knew what happened, Jax was in the ship, in hyperspace and long gone from the scene of the crime. A few days later it was brought to Jax's attention that there was a galaxy wide communique that had been transmitted, defaming his good name. Jax tuned into the message only to find that Basilio had placed a 1 million credit bounty on the scammer. The comm-chatter ridiculed Basilio for such a miniscule bounty, as Captain Starblade was a well known and respected trader throughout the galaxy. The shocker to his contemporaries, was that Jax did as he was accused. Feeling no shame, yet disgusted that his criminal anonymity had been compromised, Jax Starblade admitted to the galaxy that he was a scammer. This was the first time one of his victims had the nerve to expose Jax's theft.
  • Malcheek Cander
    Robbed Y.12 / D.178[11]

    Mr. Candar, the former COO of Sienar Technologies, was selling a capital ship loaded with weapons, armour and other valuable equipment. Jax, still new to piracy, saw this as an opportunity not to be missed. Sneaking aboard the vessel undetected, he took everything that wasn't bolted down, leaving only the ship behind. The total for this haul netted Jax over 30 million credits, as well as the first real bounty, of the same amount, placed on his head.
  • Creshaldyne Industries
    Looted Y.15 / D.14 c.[12]

    After waiting an unreasonable amount of time for six jetpacks that he purchased from the manufacturing powerhouse, Jax figures the only way he will get his purchase is if he works for the company. It wasn't long before he was in a position of power, and had access to all of Creshaldyne's inventory. Leaving nothing but dust on the warehouse floor, Jax exits the company with everything, most importantly his six jetpacks.
  • Tif Dlarek
    Robbed Y.15 / D.140c.[13]

    Having made a purchase from Tif Dlarek, and secured delivery through his transport company TAXIT, Jax was quite upset when after 2 months of waiting, he still hadn't received his goods. Understanding that issues arise in business, he sends Tif a message, inquiring about the status of his order. His reply went unanswered. Infuriated, Jax sought out Tif's warehouse station, and gained entry. Retrieving his purchased possessions, as well as 129,688,267 credits worth of goods for his troubles, this heist duracreted Jax's relevance as a true galactic criminal.
  • Fukara Mist
    Robbed Y.16 / D.8[14]
    Kidnapped/Ransomed Y.16 / D.167
    Killed Y.17 / D.129

Fukara in carbonite.

Perhaps it was because they were so similar - adventurous, strong willed and self righteous - but the relationship between Fukara Mist and Jax Starblade was never to last, and was sure to end badly for one of them. Starting as good friends, Fukara brought Jax on as a founding member of Securitronix, the security brainchild of Mist. A few months passed when Fukara and Jax began to have a difference of opinion on several things, including on the direction the faction should grow. Things were said between the two that tested the limits of their friendship, leading Jax to leave the company. True to form, he took a few goods with him on his exit. This time over 100 million credits worth of T-Series Tactical Droids. A severance package, as he saw it.

Time passes, and Jax finds himself in the employ of Zeiro Roma, as her bodyguard. As an initiation, an act of fidelity had to be made. Jax was tasked with bringing Zeiro her nemesis, none other than Fukara Mist. Zeiro blamed Fukara for the death of her husband, Percy Ryun, and wanted Jax to bring her in. Giving the situation some thought, Jax gambled on Fukara's complacency to help him with this task. Intel on Fukara's position proved to be a valuable investment. Using an old set of access codes, Jax had no problem boarding the Red Mist, Fukara's YT-2000. It is here that Jax placed stun cuffs, on his one time friend, for the first time. News of Mist's capture excited Zeiro so much, that she began to brag about her bodyguard's accomplishment as if it were her own. Jax detested her boasting. It made things seem like Jax was just a tool to do her bidding. He took this into consideration as he thought about the fate of his old friend, should he turn her over to Roma. He couldn't let her go out like that, and knew he could get well paid to ransom her. The pirate's instincts were correct, as an anonymous benefactor came to Mist's aid for an undisclosed payment.

Almost a year passes, and Fukara continued to lambast Jax in public. It was apparent that Mist was still displeased about Jax having the upper hand. He found himself dodging bounty hunters a bit more than usual, and sensed that Fukara was behind it all. After discovering that Fukara was Force Sensitive, and without a Lightsaber, Jax came up with a plot in which Fukara thought she would gain access to one. A long-shot, and seemingly full of red flags, the plan surprisingly worked. And for the second, and ultimately the last time, Jax cuffed Fukara Mist. Taking no chance on future reprisals, yet not wanting to murder someone he greatly respected, Jax attempted to preserve Fukara in carbonite. Unfortunately, she did not survive the freezing process. Her carbonite encased body was auctioned at the 2nd Uli's Memorial Swap Meet, and bought by Ember Aranyos.

  • Ontares Phirr
    Robbed Y.17 / D.40[15]

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 20,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Vod Valkfire
    Hi-Jacked, Five Month Project. Completion Date: Y.17 / D.55[16]

    Robbed Y.20 / D.148 for 15,000,000 cr.
    Midway through year 16, Jax came across an ad from Vod Valkfire, stating that he had a small fleet to rent. Jax knew he had to get in on this, and messaged Vod right away to discuss the terms and conditions. Securing the fleet rental, Jax discovered that the fleet was a bit larger than expected, and spread about the galaxy. For this, he enlisted the assistance of *Identity Protected*. The two spent the rest of the year gathering the small flotilla, which included (1) CR-90, (1) BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, (3) AA-9s, (4) Sprint-class Rescue Crafts, (1) Modular Conveyor, (1) Firespray-class Interceptor and (1) JM5000, and stashing them in Jax's starport. What made the task especially easy was the fact that Vod was detained for 3 months by the Galactic Authorities. Upon being released from his incarceration, Vod finds a ransom note among the pile of messages he missed. Enraged, Vod refused to pay the asked 75 million credit ransom, opting instead to place a 200 million credit bounty on the pirate. A year later these ships were all sold by Vod Valkfire at half their value, while still docked. By Jax's reckoning, that meant that Vod passed the ransom on to his customers. Jax charged them a "Liberation Fee" which was equal to the amount they paid Vod. One of the negotiations even ensured that Jax kept the CR-90 as a trophy, naming it Vod's Folly.
  • Shall Ti
    Robbed Y.17 / D.57

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 40,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Garik Loren
    Robbed Y.17 / D.78

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 20,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Klyn Jago
    Robbed Y.17 / D.79

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 19,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Phteve Gamell
    Robbed Y.17 / D.122[17]

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 24,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Vussek Kaos
    Robbed Y.17 / D.163

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 20,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Gida Freetaa
    Robbed Y.17 / D.252

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 20,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Joe Raptor
    Robbed Y.17 / D.326

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 20,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • James Zorko
    Robbed Y.18 / D.62

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 15,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Alan Scott
    Robbed Y.18 / D.92

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 30,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Baelon Devan
    Robbed Y.18 / D.115

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 20,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Joi Belos
    Robbed Y.18 / D.159

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 25,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Rillik Rah
    Robbed Y.18 / D.191

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 15,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Lorenzas Atticus
    Robbed Y.18 / D.284

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 45,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Cordin Siprus
    Robbed Y.20 / D.134

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 35,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Avianus Antornis
    Robbed Y.20 / D.157

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 20,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Ravnos Kavari
    Robbed Y.20 / D.166

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 20,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Katrina Gomez
    Scammed Y.20 / D.234

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess (1) X-Wing Starfighter & 35,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Larry Nolen
    Robbed Y.20 / D.235

    A Crime of Convenience, Jax was able to finess 115,000,000 cr. from this Mark.
  • Echani Dominion
    Robbed Y.20 / D.365

    Having bought the company's Centrepoint Marketplace listing LSC Where you want, and waited nearly 3 months for the station to be completed, Jax was thoroughly disappointed to find that they build it in the wrong place. After receiving a refund for the mistake, the pirate thought it prudent to make sure they would not make the same mistake again. He decided to keep the Luxury Space Colony. "Look at it as compensation for my wasted time. Perhaps this will help you and your team remember to actually 'Build Where The Customer Wants'. Cheers!". Part advice, part taunt was the message sent to the company's leader, Auberin Jaxon. Whether or not the advice was heeded, Jax couldn't care less.


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