Jeb`el Ras

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Jeb`el Ras
Biographical Information
Race Defel
Gender Male
Homeworld None
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Deep Space
Curriculum Vitae
Vice President, StormOne Mining
Military Rank
Founder and CEO
Subsidiaries & Branches
eXiles Intragalactic Lithology (Mining)
GalMart (Retail Trade)
Koensayer (Shipyards)
Federation of Free Alliances (Govt.)
Military Rank
Moebius Ventures

Jeb`el "Jeb" Ras was the CEO and founder of eXiles and the Federation of Free Alliances (FFA). He first gained galactic recognition as leader of StormOne Mining, a subsidiary of Isoldor Storm's DynaCorps conglomerate. After leaving DynaCorps, he founded and led the group eXiles. As CEO of eXiles, he presided over the group's growth, the formation of several subsidiary factions, and the formation of the FFA government. He became known as one of the galaxy's most prominent traders, particularly for his success in stock trading, his trend-setting income facility investment sales, and the creation of GalMart, the first galactic-wide retail business. He retired from eXiles after the founding of the FFA and disappeared from public view for several years, until his re-emergence in Year 15 as co-founder of Moebius Ventures

Early Life

Little is known about Jeb`el's early life. He was born during a hyperspace jump on a YT-2000. His parents were crew-members on the tramp freighter, and were both believed to have been killed in an industrial accident. Jeb`el was raised by the Captain of the YT L'Audace. When the Captain died, the ship was seized by creditors, and Jeb`el was stranded in the Roche Asteroids. He found work there as a prospector for StormOne Mining Corporation, a subsidiary of DynaCorps.

Trading Career

Stock Market

Started trading career by selling stocks. Found a market niche assembling and selling multi-stock "intel" packages.

Facility Income Investments

Found and perfected another market niche with large-scale development and sales of reliable, high-income facility investments.


Brokered contracts with numerous producers and opened the galaxy's first retail market offering one-stop shopping for electronics, armour, weapons, droids and vehicles.


In partnership with Isoldor Storm, engaged in large-scale planet terra-forming and development, perfecting the "micro tax planet" and leveraged each development into larger operations, eventually terra-forming over two dozen planets and securing the financial futures of two governments.

Planet Sales

Once again set new standards by selling several "tax moons."

Black Sun

The pinnacle of his trading career, Jeb brokered a deal with Black Sun Vigo Tar Alaks for several squads of Rebel Alliance fighters, including X-Wings, B-wings and four squads of A-Wings. Not only did he earn over four billion credits in profits from the trades, but Jeb was able to provide many of his friends and business partners, and most of the senior members of eXiles with the coveted A-Wings.

Rivalry with Jesfa Ackmin

Throughout most of his trading career, Jeb engaged in a friendly rivalry with the notorious Jesfa Ackmin. Sometimes partners, sometimes opposition, the two were for some time the most prolific traders in the galaxy, several times having more than one hundred combined trades in a single day. At the peak of their careers, Jeb was averaging more than forty separate trades each day.

Corporate Career


StormOne Mining

He quickly rose to leadership of the mining faction.

Purge and Flight

With rumours of a purge, many members of DynaCorps fled. Jeb`el gathered some fellow refugees together and rescued many stranded comrades. During the ensuing chaos, Isoldor Storm is alleged to have executed many of his employees, but no evidence of any actual killings has ever been found.

Formation of eXiles

Exiled by Storm, the refugees adopted their status as their name, and thus eXiles (sometimes written eXILes) was born. Initial members were Nathan Stone, Darren Frost, Kain Elderan, Zimbabwe Suluclac, Matt Steudl, Justin Armstrong, and Gabriella Storm's group.


Hapan Interlude

Offered refuge by Dverol Nact, the eXiles agreed to join Akheton Mining as Hapan citizens. However, it was discovered that two of the group's members had stolen assets from ComBank's Baron Adliger Urial and looted Storm Security. Acting quickly, Ras, Elderan and Ms. Storm were deputised by Anzat's Wilhelm von Ismay and the two thieves were quickly apprehended. Stone and Frost were offered prison sentences if they returned the stolen assets.

This incident created a rift within the group, and a long-standing mutual animosity with von Ismay. Gabriella Storm's band joined (and eventually overthrew) Nact. Armstong disappeared and was never heard from again. Stone and Frost were executed by Ismay. The remaining four members were joined by Tukaram and Valat Horn and headed south to seek refuge with SoroSuub Corporation.

Sorosuub Alliance

At the urging of Jeb's sometime business partner Gawayne, the eXiles joined SoroSuub Corporation as a sovereign state. Jeb provided business and trading training to Sorosuub members in exchange for material assistance with eXiles development.


In cooperation with Kurami Jankov, and with the blessing of Sorosuub, the eXiles settled in the north-east of Elrood sector. The sector was heavily disputed, and a proxy war waged for years between the Galactic Empire's allies and the newly created New Republic, formed from the merger of the Rebel Alliance and Sorosuub. During this period, Auron Kun became Jeb's arch-enemy, and their sparring would have great repercussions down the line.


With war raging across Elrood and Mayagil sectors, and seeking a central depot for the newly formed GalMart, eXiles claimed and redeveloped the Rimna Trade Route Remnants, establishing a new headquarters, and the GalMart depot at Vandelhelm. GalMart initially flourished under the tenure of Ra-Cor Jorij, but Kun, attempting to undermine the exiles, managed to strong-arm Jorij into defecting to NAO. This led to severing of diplomatic relations between the groups.

Expansion and War

With the governments of the galaxy rapidly expanding, eXiles looked east to one of the last remaining unclaimed sectors. Claimed, but not occupied, by New Anzat Order, the exiles quickly moved to claim the unoccupied systems, and inadvertently nearly touched off a four-pronged war with NAO, Mandalore, and Avance Coalition. Unbeknownst to eXiles, Mandalore was assembling an invasion fleet to attack NAO, and the eXile's move caused much confusion. Having no diplomatic relations with NAO, and no previous relations with Mandalore, tensions were highs. But diplomacy prevailed, at least for the eXiles, as Mandalore offered a territory swap to avert a multi-front war. Jeb and eXiles quickly accepted and withdrew, while Mandalore resumed their assault on NAO. Many observers believed there was a coordinated attack or alliance between eXiles and Mandalore because of the timing and the perceived secrecy of the diplomatic settlement, but it was later revealed that eXiles had received several hidden systems in the deal.

Rapprochement with Isoldor Storm

Time, cooler heads, and mutually beneficial business deals led to a rapprochement between Jeb and Isoldor (DynaCorps by this time having ascended to government status as the Twelve Colonies.) They decided on a tremendous gamble as the two formed a partnership, risking both groups futures on the endeavour’s success - the eXiles would cease all development and spend a year terra-forming planets for Storm, with payment deferred and dependent on complete success.

Crisis and Chiss Ascendancy

As the terra-forming project neared completion, a new crisis arose when Storm was killed by the assassin Lance Hawke. None of the Chiss Ascendancy members (The Twelve Colonies having changed names again) were privy to the details of the terra-forming contract, and through an obscure technicality, eXiles' Valat Horn had succeeded to the leadership of the government. After weeks of tense negotiations, eXiles received payment for the contract, and the Ascendancy dissolved and reformed as Black Nebula. eXiles used the proceeds to terra-form several of their own planets, and the resulting population boom resulted in recognition of their status as a government, as the Federation of Free alliances.


Jeb retired shortly after the founding of the FFA. His whereabouts during the following years are unknown. eXiles merged with The Old Republic (the successor to Black Nebula - Chiss Ascendancy - Twelve Colonies - DynaCorps) Most of the eXiles have disappeared over the years, but the name continues on with at least historical ties to the original exiles from DynaCorps.

Moebius Ventures