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The Jedi Coalition
Political information
Motto Unity in Purpose
Type of government Meritocratic Democracy
Head of State Chief of State Nat Dues
Head-of-Government Chief of State Nat Dues
Commander-in-Chief Chief of State Nat Dues
Executive branch Coalition High Command
Legislative branch Coalition Assembly
Judicial branch Coalition High Command
Affiliation Galactic Alliance

The Arkanian Brotherhood (successor organization)

Jedi Order (successor organization)

Societal information
Capital Arbran
Territory Bon`nyuw-Luq
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Arkanian Royal Engineers, Jedi Order
Date of establishment Year 13 Day 166
Date of dissolution Year 13 Day 292
Status Dissolved
Holosite Jedi Coalition Holosite

The Jedi Coalition was a government formed in Year 13 between the Jedi Order and Arkanian Royal Engineers, a private sector affiliate of the New Republic. The Coalition was dedicated to "freedom, peace, hope, unity, and a commitment to the Light Side of the Force as an eternal source of inspiration to the galaxy."[1]


Founded mid-Year 8 as a banking company, Arkanian Enterprises became the first private sector affiliate of the New Republic. Over the past five years, the group went through several incarnations and established itself as one of the premier privately-owned shipbuilders in the galaxy. The Jedi Order, also founded mid-Year 8 as the Jedi Academy, marked a turning point in a turmoilous and decentralized organisation of the Jedi - a decentralisation that had existed since the corruption of Kal Fisto and the dissolution of the Jedi Praxium in Year 6.[2]

Negotiations between representatives of the Arkanian Royal Engineers and the Jedi Order began at the Arkanian headquarters on Arbra, weeks before leaders of the respective organisations, Arkanian President Nat Dues and Jedi Grand Master Thragg Craghorn met with the press to officially confirm the formation of the Jedi Coalition. During the press conference, the works of Jedi Councilor (and former Arkanian Vice President) Colin Saracco and Jedi Councilor Onasha Katr were cited to be instrumental and impeccable, respectively in the diplomatic process surrounding the merger.[2]

Government and Politics

The Jedi Coalition was formally established on Year 13 Day 166 with Arkanian President Nat Dues ascending to the position of Chief of State. The High Command led by Chief of State Dues, consisting of ranking members of Arkanian Royal Engineers and the Jedi Order, oversaw the integration of the two formerly separated organisations into a fully-fledged government. Discussion on the structure of the government continued through the transition with an informal Leadership Council established to obtain a wider consensus from members outside of the High Command. On Year 13 Day 212, the Jedi Coalition High Command formally ratified the Constitution.[1]

In accordance to the Constitution, executive powers were exclusively vested in the High Command along with limited judicial powers, primarily in criminal disputes. A legislative body consisting of meritorious members, the Coalition Assembly was established to allow for a "permanent place expression and debate" and approve amendments to the Constitution. Recognizing the presence of members of the Jedi Order outside of the Coalition, the Constitution granted limited citizenship to such members and ensured that they are subject to the Jedi Council of the Jedi Order, instead of the Coalition High Command.[1]


Jedi Coalition
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