Jedi Praxium

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Jedi Praxium
Jedi Praxium Emblem Small.png
General Information
Motto "Peace, Knowledge, and Justice."
Status Destroyed (on Year 6 Day 205)
Leader Jyotii Shuuro (Year 3)
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Historical Information
Founded Circa Year 0
Dissolved Year 6 Day 205
Political Information
Affiliation The Antarian Rangers (former ally)
Falleen Federation[1] (Year 5)
Industry Religious Order
Holosite Jedi Praxium (Archived)

The Jedi Praxium (JP) was a collective organization of Force Sensitive and non-Force Sensitive beings devoted to the Light Side.


"A millenia ago, the discovery of hyperspace travel brought the galaxy together, giving birth to a democratic union of star systems known as the Galactic Republic. However, those times are in the distant past. The Republic as it was, no longer exists. It was engulfed by the dark times. With the reestablishment of the arcane Order of the Sith and their corruption of several governments, the galaxy became no longer a safe place. Unrest grew side-by-side with the Dark Side. War fell upon us. Different sides, different ideas but a single interest: Power and domination. But, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the Old Republic, an idealist enclave — based on loyalty — was reborn to restore peace and order to the galaxy. This collective was the Jedi Praxium. The purpose of the Praxium was to restore the Old Republic to its former dignity, overthrowing the corrupted Galactic Empire and its vile pundits by all means necessary within the boundaries of their three principles: Peace, Knowledge, and Justice. Bonds of blood were made and a new destiny for the entire universe was forged. However there was a plot to destroy the Praxium and, unfortunately, it succeeded..."
— Except from The Annals of the Jedi Praxium


In Year 4, at the tail-end of the Second Imperial Civil War culminating in Emperor Charon's removal from the Imperial throne, the Jedi Praxium threw its support behind Charon, perhaps due to his representation as the lesser of two evils, and rallied against his successor, Greyson Uebles. Consequently, the Praxium saw a sudden influx of disillusioned Imperial personnel who defected or retired from Imperial service and banded together under Chancellor Reajiad Nero to use the Praxium as a staging ground from which to attack the Empire. During this period, the ranks of the Praxium swelled with non-Force Sensitive beings and many of the Force users moved elsewhere. Much of the Praxium's structure, particularly its military and administrative hierarchies, came to resemble the Imperial framework to which the former Imperials were accustomed. But by the middle of Year 5, most of the former Imperials had departed the Praxium, some citing dissatisfaction with their attempts at forming an effective alliance against the Empire, and others dismayed by the dwindling support of the Jedi.

Circa Year 6, Kal Fisto was the leader of the Jedi Praxium with Rhys Skywalker as his second-in-command. During this troubled period, Kal Fisto became disillusioned with the organization. Rhys Skywalker contacted a close ally, The Antarian Rangers, and revealed to its leader Deakon Jarvis that Fisto was secretly dabbling in criminal endeavors.

Shortly thereafter, Fisto claimed a mysterious individual known as Letifer Caes of the Tenloss Syndicate contacted him and requested to be force tested. The force test was a ruse, and Fisto was supposedly captured by Letifer. Compelled to choose between the destruction of the Jedi Praxium and or death, Kal Fisto chose to save his own life. After transferring ownership of the Praxium to Letifer, the organization was stripped of its assets, including a wing of rare Delta Aethersprites and the Taris system. The Antarian Rangers launched several rescue missions to help Jedi Praxium members, but many were killed. Those who survived — Rhys Skywalker, Tealon Aijur, Eric Abital and Siraious Altear — joined the Rangers and vowed to keep the spirit of the Jedi Praxium alive. Years later, an investigation revealed that Kal Fisto had lied: He had not been kidnapped by Letifer. Instead, Fisto had fallen to the Dark Side and had orchestrated what has been seen as an obvious destruction from the outset, stealing all of the Jedi Praxium's assets. He was, however, not able to destroy the spirit and comraderie of the members of the religious order, who moved closer together with their brethren of the Antarian Rangers and continued their work for the light.


There is a great need for a vast quantity of individuals to willingly enter arduous training under accomplished Jedi Masters, taking up the weapons, the knowledge, and the powers of the Jedi way. The intention of the Jedi Praxium Council is the education of the most promising and talented of these students of the light. For that goal, the force has guided our oldest masters, and led them to create these principles within the Praxium.[2] These through the passage of time have become these laws:

  1. The Jedi Praxium is hereby established with the full support of the Alliance against the Empire, in full respect to restoring the Galactic Republic to the full dignity and respect the emperor has corrupted.
  2. The Jedi Praxium Council is the controlling body of the Jedi Praxium.
  3. Any form of life that is born in the galaxy is free and equal, in dignity and in rights.
  4. The Praxium is a sovereign body. It is exercised by the members through the plebiscites and periodic elections.
  5. Any action by an individual or group intending to propagate doctrines, attempting against the life and liberty in the galaxy, advocating violence for a concept of society, being of a totalitarian character, or based on class warfare, is contrary to the Praxium ideal.
  6. Terrorism in any form is essentially contrary to the Praxium Ideal.
  7. Jedi Praxium Members is any life form that has by their own accord chosen to join the Jedi Praxium Group and with this choice, accepted the terms of it's charter.
  8. Jedi Praxium Membership is lost when: (1) a member joins another group of any kind outside of the Jedi Praxium, (2) a supreme decree of the Jedi Praxium Council deems it necessary for an individual to be removed, (3) an indivdual is tried and convicted by the Jedi Praxium Council, for crimes against the honor of the Praxium, crimes against the innocent peoples/Groups of the Galaxy, and/or the essential and permanent interests of the group.
  9. A Jedi Praxium member has the right: a) To life. b) To have equality before the Council and Praxium members. c) Equal protection under the law in the exercise of their rights. d) Of protection of health. e) The right to education in combine matters and others. f) Freedom to express opinions. g) To submit petitions to the council. h) To non-discriminatory treatment.
  10. Among others, the functions of the Praxium Council shall be: a) To express to any authority established by the Constitution, its opinion regarding any fact, action or matter. b) To exercise the other powers entrusted thereto, by this Charter. c) To call to a plebiscite. d) aims at the preservation of the internal order and the external security of the Praxium. e) To appoint, and remove at will Ministers of the Praxium. f) To watch over the ministerial conduct and other employees. g) To convene Council to an extraordinary session for important matters. h) To appoint Ambassadors and Diplomatic Consorts. i) To watch over the ministerial conduct and other members. j) To conduct political relations with foreign nations and international galactic organizations. k) If there is no agreement of any kind of a matter inside the Jedi Praxium Council, then any council member can ask for a voting proposal. Any motion proposed within the Jedi Praxium Council, must be approved by a supporting vote consisting of 2/3 of the Council's total members that possess the voting privelege.
  11. The Ministers of the Praxium are the direct and immediate collaborators of the Jedi Praxium Council in governing and administering the Praxium.
  12. The Ministers of the Praxium, in order to be eligible to the office of Minister must be a member. In cases of absence, impediment or resignation of a Minister, or should the vacancy be produced by another cause, he shall be reelected by the Council.
  13. The Ministers shall be individually responsible for all the acts under their signature and shall be jointly and severally responsible for acts subscribed by or agreed upon with the other Ministers.
  14. The council and the ministers shall determine the basic organization of the Praxium Administration. It shall guarantee the career of the members and shall ensure both the equality of opportunities for entering in the ways of the force.
  15. The power to take cognizance of civil and criminal cases, to resolve them and enforce compliance of judgments, is vested exclusively in the Jedi Praxium Council.
  16. The Security Forces within the Praxium exists for the defense of the Praxium and to guarantee the enforcement of the Jedi Charter of the Praxium.
  17. Security Forces of the Praxium shall be led by the Jedi Praxium Council.
  18. The Jedi Praxium Council, with the agreement of the Council, may make changes in the personal that compose the Security Forces.
  19. There shall be a body within the Praxium that will manage, produce, and save Praxium patrimonial assets. This body shall be known as the Praxium Treasurey, whose composition, organization, functions, and powers shall be determined by the Ministry and the Jedi Praxium Council.
  20. Any Amendment to the Praxium Charter may be put forward by motion of any member of the Jedi Praxium Council. In order to be approved, the amendment proposal shall require the supporting vote of 2/3 of the Jedi Praxium Council.

Known Chancellors

Notable Personnel

Many of the personnel who comprised the Jedi Praxium later became influential members in later galactic governments and organizations.


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