Jeff Corbin

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Jeff Corbin
Jeff Corbin Portrait Small.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Mother Haley Corbin
Father Wan Corbin
Died Year 11 Day 72
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Black hair
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony
Title Lord Hegemon (formerly)
Prior Affiliation Nikklon Mining Incorporated

Jeff Corbin was a male Human and a powerful Jedi Knight. Born on a freighter, his parents later died in a ship malfunction, but ejected their son in an escape pod before their demise. Corbin overcame this grievous emotional loss and became an accomplished miner. He rose to become Chief Executive Officer of the Nikklon Mining Corporation and, after founding the Tion Hegemony, was named its first Lord Hegemon. Under his leadership, the government fought to push the New Anzat Order out of the Tion Cluster once and for all. After retiring, he was later assassinated on Year 11 Day 72 aboard his ship "Lady Luck" by the Dark Jedi Zara Sturm during the Cron Conflict.



Jeff Corbin was born on a battered freighter owned by his parents Wan and Haley Corbin. They made their living delivering cargo shipments for various corporations. Voyaging to different worlds while making their deliveries, Corbin often encountered different sorts of sentient beings and learned from their experiences. During deliveries, his father taught him how to fly the ship so that he could take over the vessel one day after they retired. At the age of fourteen, he had already familiarized himself with the starship and could repair the freighter when his parents required it.

Loss of Parents

During a routine shipment to Tatooine, the ship experienced a major malfunction of unknown causes. With only enough space on the escape pod for one person, his parents were forced to place him inside the pod and ejected him into space. As he watched his parents die in the explosion, he was filled with guilt. After crash-landing on Tatooine, he wandered through the desert and questioned the reason for his existence. He finally decided to forget all that had happened to him and to carry on with his life without ever looking back.


Jeff Corbin had a brown complexion with black hair and black eyes. He was often seen in a corporate uniform with a blaster concealed within his suit. He wasn't afraid to take off his clothes as he loved to display his tattoos. Well-built due to his rigorous past life and somewhat active physical duties, he was one to charm the ladies and would show off his crazy side when needed.

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Lord Hegemon of the Tion Hegemony
Preceded By:
Position Created
Jeff Corbin
Year 9 Day 301Year 10 Day 140
Succeeded By:
Typhon Corbin