Jensen Odama

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Jensen Odama
Jensen Odama Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human (Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Selcia Odama
Father Verlon Odama
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Coloring Black hair
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation Blue Sabre Transportation
Cloud City Mining
Corporate Sector Authority

Jensen Odama is a Corellian businessman who served as director of Magnaguard Manufacturing for the Corporate Sector Authority circa Year 8. Previously, he had served as a star-pilot for Blue Sabre Transportation and as the Director of Mining Operations for Uther Von Kaldreon's Cloud City Mining company. He is a proud member of the Corellian Society. Odama is of medium build and fairly muscular. He has olive skin and is clean cut. He is most often seen wearing his blue flight suit. Odama is very suave and likes to flirt with the ladies. He is very charismatic and can often talk people out of their shirts.


Early Childhood

Jensen Odama, the only son of Verlon and Selcia Odama, was born in a small colony on the outskirts of Saigetopia. Verlon was not an intelligent man, though he was good with his hands and a very hard worker. Verlon would, every day, travel by foot into the city to earn a meager amount of credits doing whatever odd jobs he could. Selcia did her best to make their humble abode a home. Jensen couldn't wait for his father to come home every day. For he knew before dinner he would get to hear more fantastic tales of his heroic grandfather's exploits in the Aqualish-Corellian War.

Sadly, Jensen was orphaned when he was ten years old. Nobody quite knows what happened to his parents. Jensen woke up one morning, to find his parents had died in their sleep. After a week of mourning and living off the scraps of his colony, Jensen decided he had to go into the city to take care of himself. From then on, his childhood was spent learning how to live by his wits. Being so young, he had a hard time finding people to pay him for anything they may need done. So, from necessity, he became a fairly good pick-pocket.

Earning a Living

After about a year of living in the back alleys and hiding in store-rooms of dingy taverns to sleep, an old droid repairman, by the name of Nybrith, took him in. Jensen had been bugging this old man for the past year to give him a job. Jensen would just clean Nybrith's shop and occasionally clean up a droid. After a while Nybrith taught Jensen how to repair droids. Jensen enjoyed the work, though Nybrith could not pay him much. Besides he wanted to learn how to repair and fly ships, because some day he wanted to explore the galaxy. Nybrith, seeing the young boy's anxiousness to learn more about space ships, convinced a friend of his to take Jensen in.

Nybrith's friend, and Jensen's new employer, was Corlo Nord. Corlo was the proprietor of a very respected ship repair facility in Saigetopia. Jensen again started off just cleaning the shop, after all he was only just shy of twelve. After a short while, Corlo started to show Jensen how to repair small parts on freighters. Jensen worked in Corlo's shop for two years, and learned a lot about ships. When Jensen was fourteen, Corlo introduced him to a customer of his that was looking for another hand aboard his freighter. The man's name was Drake Ebonson and his ship was the Servinda. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and the pay was fair. Besides This was Jensen's chance to see new worlds.


Jensen apprenticed on the freighter for five years. When he was nineteen, he had saved enough money to buy his own (very run down) freighter. For the past four years he has kept himself busy taking odd transport jobs, meanwhile sharpening his piloting skills. On down times, he busied himself with tinkering with his ship and making many alterations and upgrades. Soon approaching twenty-four years of age, Jensen was looking for a lucrative job so he can sell his ship and buy a better one.

He found that job at Blue Sabre Transportation (BST). Jensen was accepted into the transportation company to be the pilot of a YT-2000 freighter. Jensen loved the ship. It was much newer and faster than his hunk of junk. In the subsequent months, BST merged with Cloud City Mining and Chairman Uther Von Kaldreon assumed control of the reformed organization. Following the merger, Jensen accepted the challenge of operating CCBST's mines and served as the the Director of Mining Operations for CCBST.

Several years later, Odama gained employment with the Corporate Sector Authority and served as the leader of Magnaguard Manufacturing. While in this position,

Circa Year 10 Day 71, while Odama was serving as director, Imperial Moff Orphaea Imperium of the Galactic Empire seized control of the Corporate Sector Authority. In an under-handed and deceitful operation, the scum of the galaxy and self-proclaimed Moff, Imperium orchestrated the assassination of its leader Max Solusar and then assumed control of the latter government's nationalized subsidiaries which included Odama's Magnaguard Manufacturing. Although Odama escaped execution by Imperial forces, his current whereabouts and activities are unknown.


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