Jeor Knight

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Jeor Knight
Jeor Knight Holocron 01.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Spouse Erabella Knight
Born Year -12, Day 27 (Age 31)
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic
Quote "Sometimes it's good, to be a little bad."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.90m 6'3"
Weight 84.37kg 186lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Title Dark Prince
Rank Dark Prince, FC-3 Black Sun
Positions Leader of Black Sun
Signature Jeor-knight-signature.png

Underlord Jeor Knight is the twenty-first leader of Black Sun and currently oversees the entire syndicate at the head of his Family Council. Prior to his ascension, he served as Regent and Vigo of Defense, overseeing the Blades of the Forgotten Prince and helped turn Black Sun into an industrial powerhouse and military juggernaut. In Year 17, after a long and decorated career, he was announced as Underlord Alexander von Ismay's chosen successor.


Early Life

Jeor Knight was born without much fanfare in the city Saigetopia on Corellia. His Parents, Flirry and Ixa Knight, were owners of a large group of farms in the Corellian countryside and made a very good living. He grew up working on his family farm, largely removed from the local politics of the Corellian Capital. When Jeor was 12 years old, Corellia was hit with a major economic downturn brought on by a severe drought on the northern continent and his family lost their farms. Flirry joined up with a group of farmers who worked a large plot of land in the south while Jeor and his mother remained back home and living off of the small and infrequent payments sent to them from down south. Jeor and Ixa lived in a small one bedroom apartment in center city Saigetopia and suffered the pangs of hunger and stress along with his mother. At the age of 14, Jeor started running around with a crowd of local kids who sold whatever they could get their hands on. Jeor distinguished himself as a leader of this gang of teenagers, masterminding their schemes, deals, and machinations. They slowly gained a reputation as a smooth talking group of young entrepreneurs who purchased the apartment building their families lived in without paying a single credit of their own money. It was during this time that Jeor met the love of his life, Erabella. She lived on the floor above his and caught his eye while he tried to sell her some of his wares. She began to hang around the apartment that they used as headquarters and they began to date.

Things began to change when a local gang, The Red Falcons, began to harass the members of Jeor's group. The group found themselves under assault from all sides as members of his group were beaten up, robbed, and occasionally held for ransom. Every time this occurred, Jeor found a way to settle the score fairly but strongly. However, Jeors second in command, Jax Brant, had other ideas. He took it upon himself to start a quarrel with a member of The Red Falcons and killed the brother of the leader. He returned to Jeor in a panic with blood all over his clothes, face, and hands. Jeor got him to the starport in Tyrena. When Jax got to the assigned ship, he was attacked from behind and put into chains. Jeor had sold him to a a group of pirates because even his friends could not escape his code of conduct.

Jeor summoned the leader of The Red Falcons to visit him the next day. He refused to hand over Jax (Since he was heading towards Hutt Space in the hold of a pirate freighter.) Instead, he offered him the deal of a lifetime: Complete control of all of his holdings and assets in exchange for the cancellation of the debt of blood. The leader of the Red Falcons accepted, signed the offered contact joyfully and gave Jeor and his friends one day to clear out. They returned the next day to find the apartment building not only abandoned, but burned to the ground. The Red Falcons were furious but when they attempted to find Jeor and his friends, they found only tight lips and dead ends. The day the apartment complex burned was Jeor's 15th birthday.

Escape from Corellia

Nearly two years passed and Jeor and his friends were living on a farm in the city of Thasos on the southern continent. Jeor sent regular cash payments to his mother back home, since the occasional ones from his father had ceased a few months before Jeor fled the apartment complex(He found out later he allegedly died in an industrial accident but his remains were never identified). Jeor and his friends ran a series of collective farms that sold fruits and vegetables at local markets on the southern continents. Jeor grew his farms into a continent wide network of farms, restaurants, and markets. He was 17 years old when he and Erabella got married in a small ceremony in the city of Thasos. However, events unfolded on the southern continent that sent shockwaves through the entire Corellian system. The local governor of Corellia was murdered while visiting the city Cardoune. This brought a local splinter group to the forefront of regional politics. A group of political dissidents felt that Corellia would be better without the interference of the newly formed Galactic Empire. They rose up on the southern continent and declared their independence from Imperial control. Jeor's network of farms quickly came under the control of the militant rebels under pain of death. Jeor and Erabella found themselves living on limited means for the first time in years.

Over the next 6 months, Corellia saw much death and destruction, especially on the southern continent where Jeor and Erabella resided. Several days before his 18th birthday, he and Erabella were outside of their home tending to a small garden they had, when rebel troops came out of the trees. They held Jeor and Erabella at gun point while they took all of the food they had in their home. Then one of the soldiers turned his attention to Erabella and tried to take her into the house to have his way with her. Jeor fought off the two soldiers guarding him and shot the guard attempting to take Erabella, killing him. Jeor and Erabella fled their home that night, and moved towards the coast to attempt to flee the southern continent. The rebels caught up to them within sight of the sea. A group of about 20 rebels pinned them down in the forest, blaster bolts tore through the trees around them and branches rained down all over them while the rebels advanced. Jeor and Erabella thought they were goners when suddenly Imperial troops appeared on all sides and the rebels were all dead within seconds. The Imperial troops escorted them to their local outpost where they gave them a ride to Tyrena where Jeor was able to charter a freighter for a lift off Corellia. He was done with life on Corellia and could not wait to see where he and Erabella's future would lead them.

New Day in a Dark Tavern

Jeor and Erabella moved around from planet to planet for over a year after their flight from Corellia. They made their way to the Outer Rim and decided, one day to visit a local tavern for a date night of sorts. They walked into the shadowy bar, and that would forever change the course of their history. They enjoyed a number of pints of ale and were having a great time. Suddenly a man approaches Jeor and grabs him out of the booth. The Corellian man wore a dark jacket and slacks with a strange symbol sewn into the arm. Jeor shoved him off of him and squared up for a fight. The man says "Filthy Black Sun scum, you think you can waltz in here bold as brass and expect to make it out alive." Confusion and fear crept into Jeor's mind, he wasn't being attacked for his own actions but as a case of mistaken identity. The man lunged at him and Jeor dodged out of the way and smashed his face into the side of the booth. Suddenly he felt multiple hands on him as a large group at the bar descended on him to aid the man who's nose was now leaking like a faucet on the floor of the tavern. A large fight ensued in which Jeor was stabbed twice and had a chair broken across his back in dramatic fashion. Suddenly local police rushed in and arrested Jeor of all people. Erabella had the sense to run before she was apprehended as well but Jeor was taken to the local security office and locked in a cell. The next day a man came to collect him as there was a bounty on any Black Sun member. Jeor tried desperately to explain that he was not a member of Black Sun but just a wayward traveler. There was no convincing them. As the man was carrying him off in chains he received a transmission over his datapad. The man looked down at it and turned to Jeor who was in the line of bounties. "Seems someone likes you" he grumbled as he unlocked the cuffs. With that the man loaded his cargo and fly away. Jeor was thunderstruck as he turned to walk away, not sure where Erabella had gone or what to do next. A man leaning against a freighter whistled. "Hello Jeor, Im Jevon Lambright and Black Sun just paid your ransom." Jeor noticed Erabella waving at him from the cockpit of the new YT-2000 and he looked back at Jevon. "This ship is yours as are the gear inside it. You can run if you want but Black Sun has seen something in you and we would like to offer you a job if you are interested. We only ask once and if you get into a scrap like this again, we won't be there next time. Think it over and meet me in Gree if you are interested"

Black Sun

It took Jeor less than one day to decide that his path was meant to be lit by Black Sun, and he had best take the ride that was offered. He arrived in Gree to begin his training with the Black Sun syndicate. Tar Alaks, who ascended to the throne as Dark Prince shortly after his arrival, took a liking to the young Jeor and saw him rise to an honored place within the Family. He took his Black Sun oath in the ruins of Golgotha, like the many before him. The power of the place moved him in ways that he could never have imagined; his life suddenly had meaning, purpose, and direction: Family, Honour, Profit.

Jeor served the Family in a variety of differing capacities and worked under a number of different powerful individuals. He labored in the dirt during Black Sun's Woldona VII development project, and worked in nearly every nationalized faction that Black Sun has owned. He watched as Tar Alaks, Banquo Knox, Cait Catra, Niobe Asha, and Alexander von Ismay each took the throne, all the time working for the betterment of the Family. Due to his dedication, Jeor was given the opportunity to truly prove himself when he was assigned leadership of Shobquix Yards, where he helped to set it up as one of the premier ship construction companies in the galaxy. To this day, Shobquix produces starships at a staggering page, a direct result of Jeor's policies and procedures. Due to this and his long career, Alexander von Ismay eventually appointed him as the Vigo of Defense and handed him the responsibility of re-organizing Black Sun's military branch, which had laid dormant for some time. The Blades of the Forgotten Prince quickly became one of the most efficient branches of the Black Sun syndicate, focused mainly on constructing defensive shield networks, performing secure logistics work, and building much-needed space stations for the Family. This resulted in his appointment to Regent of Black Sun, serving as Alexander's right hand. Over the next year, Jeor oversaw a tremendous increase in the syndicate's regular income, along with an expansion of both production and extraction operations. Black Sun was finally on its way back to the glory it achieved years before. When Alexander decided to retire in Year 17, Jeor was announced as the chosen successor. Unfortunately, his joy was short lived when Ismay and Kathlen Stewart, his partner and Black Sun officer, betrayed the Family and attempted to steal hundreds of millions of credits. Jeor was heartbroken that his beloved mentor could be capable of such heinous actions, but took this betrayal as motivation to surpass his predecessor and ensure that Black Sun returned to its rightful place in the galaxy.


Physical Appearance



Dark Prince (Black Sun)
Preceded By:
Alexander von Ismay
Jeor Knight
Year 17 Day 97 - Present
Succeeded By: