Jesse Kilipso

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Jesse Kilipso
Biographical Information
Race Togorian (formerly Kel Dor)
Homeworld Arbra
Mother Isis Kilipso
Father Asiuth Kilipso
Siblings Karen Kilipso
Born Year -6 Day 345
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.9 metres
Coloring Orange with a white chest and black stripes
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Title Waka Gashira
Rank Defiler
Prior Affiliation Arkanian Brotherhood

Personality Profile

"Direct, Loyal, Generous, Non-materialistic, Practical, Forward thinking, Passionate, Trustworthy" are just a few words used to describe the personality of Jesse Kilipso. How these are put into context in the eyes of the galaxy is open to interpretation in the current day. But little has changed in Jesse's personality since the day he was born.

Jesse leads a very utilitarian life style and does not surround himself in luxury. This more than likely stems from his simple upbringing. He has been known to occasionally indulge a bit of gambling, which he regrets afterwards.


Jesse's and his sister Karen, were born on the lush planet of Arbra where he grew up a happy Kel-Dor. His father, Asiuth was a gifted carpenter by trade and his mother Isis tended bar at a local tavern. The Kilipso's were a fairly middle class family with no outstanding anecdotes, no tales of drama or crisis. They just simply were... The Kilipso's. Jesse worked hard at his primary school. He had no real ambition, only to do well in everything. This was one of the main things instilled into him as a child by his parents, "It doesn't matter what you do in life, just do it well"


Jesse decided at the age of 18 to try life in the military. His upbringing had been good but he considered what life would be like with a more formal approach to it. So when he was of age he signed up to The Arkanian Brotherhood military. It wasn't to be. Jesse found that he disliked the rigged format and routine of the lifestyle and unlike his "sticking it out" nature he went AWOL. It was not easy for him to quit, quite against everything he stood for, so he fell off the radar for some considerable time.

Jesse used his time away wisely, training himself in combat arts and became more than proficient with the use of many weapons, but his passion and skills showed more prominently in the utilisation of projectiles and heavy weapons.

Zann Consortium

Kilipso at Churnis

During his time at The Arkanian Brotherhood, Jesse had been contacted by Zann Consortium leader Ximaro Jix and the two spoke on numerous occasions on whether Jesse should become a member of the crime syndicate. Sometime later the two spoke again and this time Ximaro convinced Jesse to join. Jesse set off in his ship to meet up at Bothawui, convinced that Ximaro would kill him due to his rebel background. He was tasked with finding out some intelligence to prove his commitment. He realised later that it was nothing of great importance, merely that he did it. On meeting face to face for the first time, Ximaro promptly arrested Jesse telling him that if he wanted him dead he would be and promptly released him to take up his new path. Jesse worked hard and meticulously going on to become part of the upper echelon of Zann Consortium.

Jesse notably led an assault team in the Churnis affair against The Mercenary Guild and Galactic Empire and successfully rendered 8 planets uncontrolled in the sector.His collected skills over the years had made him ideal to be involved in teis situation.

However, all was not plain sailing when it came to light that his father figure and mentor Andy Longshot was purged with crimes against Zann Consortium and died a traitor's death. Jesse's only regret in the ordeal was that he hadn't been the one to avenge the treachery and slay Longshot himself.


After joining Zann Consortium, Jesse felt an inklin that something wasn't quite right within himself. At first he out it down to general malaise after working hard, but it became evident that malaise was not the problem. Jesse had, like many others contracted the metamorphosis plague. His transition from Kel-Dor to Togorian was relatively painless for him, given the major symptoms he had heard of. By chance of luck, the change was only physical in Jesse,that being his heightened physical prowess; he got stronger and displayed better muscle control. Mentally he was not affected other than his upgraded tracking abilities, with his general demeanour and sensibilities remaining untouched.

Friendship, losses and gains

The Untameable Colt

On Year 15 Day 232, Jesse received notification that his close friend, and fellow defiler, Colton Hatfield had passed. What he hadn't known, was that Colton had bequeathed to him his Quasar flagship. In order to pay homage to his friend's memory he renamed it The Untamable Colt, and adopted it as his personal ship.

Jesse is good friends with Thali`a N`ightshade having formed a close bond after her arrival into Zann Consortium from Raging Banthas, having never met prior to that. They have an excellent working relationship each contributing to the training of new members, each utilising their own unique skills.


The Churnis Affair - Take down of The Mercenary Guild