Jessy James

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Jessy James
Jessy James Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Vergill
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Victoria James
Siblings Unknown
Children Jessica James, Orion James
Born Year -36 Day 185
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Coloring Blond
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Hapes Consortium
Rank King (former)
Awards Silver Medal of Combat

Jessy James (King James I) (Jessy Rai'ix Chume James Hapesah), born Year -36, was the King of the Hapes Consortium between Year 1 Day 104 and Year 11 Day 108. He was crowned following the abdication of King Andrew I in Year 1 and led the Consortium into a new golden age. To this day he enjoys an enormous popularity both within the Hapes Cluster and elsewhere. He is largely considered responsible for the success of the Hapes Consortium's industrial and commercial projects during his reign. Under his rule the government underwent a series of reforms, becoming more centralised with most major decisions being made by officials on Hapes Prime.

Prior to his ascension to the throne, James was a career officer in the Royal Hapan Navy. He took over as naval commander circa Year -12 following the death of Jacevel Canler and became Grand Admiral in Year -5. For his work on expanding the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and securing the Hapes Cluster, he was titled Crown Prince in Year -1.

James retired on Year 11 Day 82, leaving the throne to the Crown Prince and Lord Alex Tylger. The former monarch retired to the Rii System where he settled down on the planet Riileb. James kept the position of Royal Advisor to the throne.


Early life

Details of Jessy James's early life are shrouded in mystery, especially those relating to his family and heritage. It is rumoured the he is the descendant of a noble family, but nothing has ever been confirmed. He was born on Vergill in the Hapan system and grew up in a fairly moderate environment which shaped his trademark calm and relaxed demeanor.

He attended the First University of Vergill where he earned a degree in Diplomacy, Finance and Naval Tactics. James was known to party a lot during his University time and was a regular customer in many of the taverns in town. Despite his outgoing party life James was an excellent student and graduated within the minimum study time.

After graduating James looked towards a military career. As the Hapes Consortium was still reluctant about opening its borders to the outside galaxy and the Hapan economy was still struggling, the young James decided to look elsewhere.

As the Royal Hapan Navy was still struggling with the re-unification efforts after the Dark Age, James traveled out of the Hapes Cluster and enlisted in the Imperial Navy, the space fleet of the Galactic Empire. He served in both the 6th Imperial Support Fleet and 3rd Recon & Strike Fleet under Commodore Veynom where he acquainted himself with many individuals who would later rise to fame as the leaders of the Galactic Empire.

He earned himself command of the feared Armageddon squadron, a fighter wing attached to the 3rd Imperial Fleet. Here he learned about the major naval powers of the galaxy, their firepower, tactics, numbers and strategies which he would put to use later in life. Eventually Lieutenant James grew tired of the spartan life, resigned from the Imperial Navy, and returned to the Hapes Cluster.

Upon returning to the Hapes Cluster, he enlisted in the Royal Hapan Navy where he received the starting rank of Lieutenant due to his experience and skills. He decided to change direction and got himself out of the pilot seat by choosing a career within capital ship command. He started as a bridge officer and executive officer of the HRS Intrepid, a Nova Battle Cruiser attached to the 1st Hapan Fleet.

James during his youth.

Following the death of the ship's commander during a skirmish with pirates in the Keltros Expanse, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was given command of the vessel. He led the ship successfully in to a number of engagement with pirates, drawing upon his experience from the Imperial Navy. For this, he was awarded the silver Medal of Combat and promoted to Commander.

After commanding the HRS Intrepid for several years, he was appointed fleet commander of the 1st Hapan Fleet with the rank of Commodore. Sirius Threestars was appointed as his executive officer. Several promising naval officers rose through the ranks under his command, such as Juthan Karrde, Sala Mander, Galin Rudge, and Alexander Tylger.

His style of leadership and prospering fleet caught the attention of King Andrew who appreciated his devotion to his fleet and crew.

Jacevel Canler was killed in a skirmish within the Transitory Mists in Year -12, resulting in James' ascension to the position Naval Commander. He changed the direction of the Royal Hapan Navy, adopting more modern methods which he had employed in his time in the 1st Hapan Fleet. He worked tirelessly to expand the size of the Royal Hapan Navy and secure the Hapes Cluster. In Year -5 he was promoted to Grand Admiral by King Andrew, his first step towards becoming Crown Prince of the Hapes Consortium. James was the first and last Grand Admiral ever to serve in the Royal Hapan Navy.

Crown Prince

James was named King Andrew's heir in Year -1. This was not particularly surprising to anyone as his leadership of the Royal Hapan Navy had earned him an elevated status and role of the people's hero within the Hapes Consortium. James retired from the Royal Hapan Navy shortly after his appointment and went in to isolation to study for his eventual reign as King.

While in exile, many events unfolded which he was not aware of. King Andrew became ill and appointed Lord Alexander Tylger as Prime Minister and Regent. When James finally returned to Hapes Prime in Year 1, King Andrew abdicated and James was crowned as the new King of the Hapes Consortium.


King James' reign of the Hapes Consortium has been a fairly peaceful era marked by a rapid growth in the Hapan economy and the expansion and modernisation of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. His relaxed but firm rule has made him a popular figure, not only in the Hapes Cluster but also elsewhere in the galaxy.

One of King Andrew's last major executive acts was the appointment of Lord Tylger as Prime Minister which led the the re-opening of Lorell Hall. The government has since undergone a series of major reforms with the steady abolishment of older departments such as Central Hapan Intelligence and the establishment of effective ministries. During his rule there have been seven Prime Ministers with cabinets of various sizes and recently the Civil Service has been established. The different cabinets have focused on different issues, while the last two have been marked by industrial and economic expansion.

The first major industrial achievement of King James' rule was the development of Terephon, which was later followed by the highly successful Gormoth Project, ensuring the establishment of the Hapes Consortium as an economic titan in the galaxy. As final major industrial project King James saw the completion of Haradan.

The merging of the old Hapan Consortium and Olanji/Charubah shipyards in to the Olanji Corporation ensured smooth and effective ship production for the Hapes Consortium and much focus has been put on the development of large and effective nationalised companies.

While King Andrew had maintained a close relationship with Black Sun, a friendly relationship with the Rebel Alliance and a cold front towards the Galactic Empire, the ascension of James as the King of the Hapes Consortium led to a shift in foreign relations.

The relationship with Black Sun, which had ensured a steady flow of raw materials and goods to the Hapes Cluster, quickly deteriorated. After Qel Dar came to power in the crime syndicate, Lorell became a target for their more shady operations which led to a full scale military conflict from which the Consortium emerged as the victory.

The Hapes Consortium also severely reduced its contact with the Rebel Alliance, keeping relations on the level of mere non aggression. Contact was established with the Galactic Empire, though little was actually accomplished until Emperor Greyson Uebles came to power in Year 5. A much anticipated non-aggression contract was established with a Victory Star Destroyer HRS Glory II donated to the Hapes Consortium as a symbol of the Empire's intention of taking the contract seriously. The announcement was met with disbelief and even hatred in certain parts of the galaxy, especially in Rebel Alliance controlled space, but the hysteria eventually died down.

During King Andrew's reign, talks of the Tri-Star Alliance had been an important issue on the Hapan government's agenda. The intended alliance called for military, economic and industrial co-operation between the Hapes Consortium, New Anzat Order and Falleen Federation. Plans were scrapped as far as Hapan involvement went shortly after James became King and relations with the Anzati government deteriorated further after Operation Horizon when the Dellalt Conflict occurred.

Relations with the Galactic Empire were strengthened further with the economic and industrial Imperial Union in Year 7. The Hapes Consortium and Galactic Empire (with its affiliated states) entered an equal union with the promise of economic co-operation and somewhat limited exchange of technology. The first major project the Imperial Union saw was the construction of major cities on Scylla, the new home to the Imperial Union. The union also marked a change in military vessels used by the Hapes Consortium and the Royal Hapan Armed Forces saw several Imperial class warships such as the Imperial Star Destroyer, the Victory Star Destroyer and even the Super Star Destroyer enter the front lines.

While the Hapes Consortium has more or less constantly maintained its neutrality in the Galactic Civil War, military might has always been an important issue for James during his reign, as it was during his time as commander of the Royal Hapan Navy.

The Royal Hapan Armed Forces' funding has increased severely over the last few years and the Hapes Consortium has constantly been looking for more ways to further strengthen the already heavily fortified Hapes Cluster. Military analysts have estimated the Royal Hapan Armed Forces have increased well over ten times in size since the start of James' rule. This has only been possible with the strong Hapan economy that has been built up during his reign. The Consortium's recent entry in to the Imperial Union has opened some doors to technology previously not available for Hapan scientists and will most likely ensure the strengthening of the Hapes Cluster's security.

On Year 11 Day 82, James retired as King of Hapes. The official announcement to the nation was made the same day.

King James left the throne to no other than Crown Prince Alex Tylger, and indicated in his speech to the nation that the retirement had been a long time in planning. The transition of power went without any turbulence and was most likely one of the smoothest transitions in the history of documented leadership changes known to the galaxy. As per Hapan policy, no post was made on GNS, however a GNS newsflash was broadcast by the local media.

Personal life

Emblem of House James.

Despite his otherwise hectic life, James met his wife, Queen Victoria, in Year -10 on a visit to Maires. The meeting was arranged by Leto Chume, a close family friend. The couple married soon-after and spent their twenty-one day honeymoon in Rii which included a skiing holiday in the northern territories and a week in the warm south.

James and Victoria went on to have two children, their first was Jessica James who was born on Year -8 Day 18 at the National Andrew Hospital. Due to the politics and daily hectic, the couple did not have another child until several years later. On Year 8 Day 79 at 0600 hrs locale time on Hapes, the couple welcomed their son, Orion James, into the world, again at the National Andrew Hospital.

After his retirement the family decided to move from the palace city on Targorn and build a new palace city in Riileb. Located near the great Rilleb River and just twenty minutes from the Ocean the former King constructed a massive new palace city. The city includes a Zoo and Ranch, along with a few defence establishments and parks. Construction on the city started in Year 11 shortly after his retirement.

Private Fleet

Over the years James has collected a private armada of ships. During his early reign many of these ships were donated to the Royal Hapan Navy. As of his retirement James owns the Neb-b frigate HJ Enterprise, the CR92 Battle Corvette HRS Artemis, the CR90A Tini'duran Ambassador Shuttle, the lambda shuttle Joosh, a tabder class heavy freighter and several bulk freighters. The ships are stationed in the Rii System and manned by House James personal.

All of James' ships have upgraded personal quarters and recreational decks where space permits. The ships are exceptionally well maintained and enjoy regular overhauls and upgrades. While the cargo fleet is kept pretty busy on raw material mines on Braldazinbar James is known to take the other vessels out for regular trips in the cluster.

James is known to be a collector of rare or hard to get ships. It is rumoured he owns an A-Wing, X-Wing and B-Wing; however, it is unknown how he obtained them. Rumours say Alley Trepe assisted in a deal with some questionable traders in the underworld; however, nothing has been confirmed.

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