Jett Blackheart

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Jett Blackheart
Jett Blackheart.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human (Kiffar)
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Year -31 Day 318
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation None

Early life

Jett Blackheart first appeared on the galactic radar in Year 7 Day 179 hailing from the planet Kiffex.

Joining the Empire

Blackheart joined the Galactic Empire

The Order of the Sith

Blackheart was recruited into the Order of the Sith

Creation of the Potentium Order

Year 13 Day 217: A new cult emerged today. The Potentium Order will try to attract worshipers, under the leadership of Jett Blackheart. The first headquarters of The Potentium Order today opened on The Rock.

Elimination of the Freedom Warriors

Return to the Galactic Empire

Return to the Order of the Sith

Departing from the Galactic Empire

Fall of the New Republic