Jic Uiji

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Honest Jic Jameson Uiji
Fat jawa.png
Biographical Information
Race Jawa
Homeworld Tatooine
Clan Uiji
Mother Jarkosapig
Father Niko
Marital Status Lots of them
Siblings Countless Jawas
Children Rumored (27)
Born Y -6
Died Y 24
Languages Jawaese, Jawa Trade Talk, Bocce, Huttese, Basic (cannot speak), Droidspeak (partial)
Religion Jawa Industrial Magi
Quote "I didn't need em then, I won't need em now"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 3'5" or a wee bit below 1 R2 droid
Weight Impressive
Hair Color Ginger/Red
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Jawa Offworld Enterprises/Jawa Enforcement & Forensics Force
Title Honest
Rank Detective
Prior Affiliation Eidola Pirates, Cybot Galactica, The Exchange, Kingdom of Elysia/Kerdos Company, Drath`re`skal's Harem
"I have this weird feeling... Jic is going to make a lot."
— Mishka Sorokin, moments before Jic sold a freighter for 5% of market value as a part of a failed auction scheme.
"Must be related to Jic with driving like that!"
— Zeltron Carnie, unaware that he was speaking to Jic Uiji

Jic Uiji is a Jawa typically known for his frequent involvement in varying schemes for profit and advancement of his own political interests. Highlights of this Jawa's life in chronological order include: the founding of the "Ships for Jawas" initiative, being the first non-Tynnan on the planet Tynna in this era, becoming the governor of the planet Lirra, being a founding member of Jawa Offworld Enterprises, leading the strike force which successfully captured the primary target at the Battle of Nimban, overseeing a significant portion of Jawa and non-Jawa activities during the Corellian Conflict which resulted in the Jawa occupation of Sasan, and being one of the many Jawas who were at Tatooine after the fall of the republic to restore Jawa operations. As a part of advancing the jawa agenda he has been accused of many crimes, and is wanted for questioning or arrest in an estimated 76 sectors.

Jawa Offworld Enterprises

Jic is mostly known for his role in the foundation of as well as in the current operations of Jawa Offworld Enterprises. Due to cited difficulties in the galaxy for Jawas to find success on their own, Jic along with fellow Jawas and business partners Ini Kedi and Kolomon Seph decided that for Jawas to truly find success it was important for them to band together. In the years since formation Jic has been involved in numerous activities under the Jawa Offworld Enterprises banner. The specific positions held by Jic, along with most of the other founding Jawas, has shifted wildly in the years since formation.


Jic is a known connoisseur of food. Rumored to have spent a large part of his childhood learning to be a cook, the Jawa has taken an interest in many foreign foods and methods of food preparation. However, he still has a soft spot for the Tatooine classics.


Jic has been known to frequently indulge in the Jawa delicacy of eggs, typically referred to as the sweet "sooga". While on Tatooine it was highly rare to get to enjoy this delicacy there was also next to no variety, with it almost always being from a Bantha. Since leaving Tatooine Jic has experimented with different creature eggs in an attempt to find the perfect egg for Jawa consumption. However, this is one of the more expensive pursuits in the galaxy with many eggs being exceedingly rare and difficult to purchase.

Hubba Gourds

A classic of the Tatooine diet the Hubba Gourd is a vegetable that forms the base of many Jawa dishes. Naturally, Jic, as almost any Jawa would have, has acquired a taste for it and has historically traveled with a large reserve of hubba gourds, preferring to eat them over many human ration packs. However, Jic has been seen experimenting with different methods of cooking the hubbas, including deep frying.

Mynock Legs

One of the more foreign foods Jic is reportedly a fan of, the humble mynock leg was introduced to Jic at one of the first swap meets he visited. This greasy street food quickly became one of the favorite foods of Jic and is responsible for at least 20% of the Jawa's unusually succesful body mass. Since his discovery of it, Jic has invested heavily in the supplies to cook his own fried mynock legs and briefly owned a corporation that produced and sold them. Those visiting Jic Uiji at any swap meet will likely notice the remnants of this.

Sweet Pineapple

Jic is known to posses at least one of this rare fruit. It is unknown if he eats it or enjoys eating it, and is rumored to have acquired through an elaborate case of Jawa identity theft.



Jic is known for his strong pro-Jawa views. These include the controversial belief that Jawas were the first race in the galaxy as well as the idea that Jawas have superior natural abilities in many areas such as : seemingly natural proficiency in maintaining electronic systems, heightened senses of smell, the ability to communicate in a mostly nonverbal fashion where required, better than standard vision in dark settings, an immune system capable of resisting many pathogens, and the ability to survive in hot and dry conditions. However, most of Jic's pro-Jawa views are rather simply explained, he wants a better place in the galaxy for his people.


Jic has repeatedly stated that humans are intentionally eradicating and enslaving alien, aka non-human, populations. This has made it historically incredibly wary of any government or even any group led by a human. Additionally, Jic has repeatedly extended these beliefs from traditionally anti-alien governments such as the Galactic Empire to more "innocent" governments, some of which even describe themselves as multi-racial utopias. These governments are viewed as simply taking more insidious long term measures to eradicate alien populations, such as through covert mass sterilization under the guise of force testing. However, Jic has also stated that he believes many if not most humans are innocent in these nefarious anti-alien plots, with it being near impossible to prevent the general alien public from being aware of the plot if every human was aware of it.

Jic has notably been definitively linked to several anti-human groups. Additionally, Jic has previously played major roles in a variety of guerilla operations attempting to weaken the stranglehold of these nefarious governments in the galaxy, often supporting the expansion of more untraditional "Governments" such as the Eidola Pirates who while flawed in many ways at at least "not overtly genocidal to alien populations".


Numerous individuals have tried to capture and kill Jic. The following is not a complete list and only includes individuals who went to extensive personal efforts and got reasonably close to succeeding.

Freelance Yam`rii Kray Voh

Bounty Hunters Guild (during the Tresario Star Kingdom alliance) Member KuKhal Bass

The Lawless Member Fang D`wurm

Galactic Empire Officer Cornelius Tuspin

Galactic Empire Officer Olifa Omicron

Galactic Empire Sith Vladamiur Veselov

Galactic Empire Sith Emillio Peares

Galactic Empire Sith Navarro De Molay

Galactic Empire Sith and Imperial Intelligence leader Jett Blackheart

Galactic Empire Imperial Intelligence member and acting CorSec leader Kathleen Tate

Galactic Empire Sith Sigmund von Ismay

Galactic Empire Officer Xyena Carmesi


Taxation is largely viewed as one of the vehicles with which governments can enforce control of the general, alien, populace. Through taxation on specific activities planetary and sector governments take an unreasonable role in the regulation of personal activities and are given increased ability to watch populations through it. However, it is often clear that Jic is anti-taxation mostly because he does not enjoy paying taxes. Jic has been repeatedly accused of tax avoidance and has notably faked his death to escape the statute of limitations for taxation in at least one system.

Anti-Jawa Design

The practices of many governments with regards to ensuring Jawa accessibility to government programs, employment, and more has often been cited by Jic as measures designed to restrict the movement of the Jawa populace. These include height limits for certain occupations, taxation, and droid rights laws.

Alien Puppet Governments

Jic has accused many non-human led governmental entities of being puppets placed in mock leadership positions by their human masters. The exact process by which Jic determines which governments are puppet governments is typically almost entirely based on how pro-human the government is as well as the rates of human population growth in their territory.

Force Testing Alien Infertility

Jic has repeatedly come out against the practice of mass force testing of sentients, especially by governments that are dominated by human leadership. While this is often done for the claimed purpose of ensuring that if someone has the potential to benefit the galaxy with their midi-chlorians they can. Jic views it as being done for the almost sole purpose of suppressing alien populations as well as rooting out skilled alien individuals for humanocentric brainwashing. Precise sources are not available, but the Jawa has repeatedly claimed that the processes for force testing were largely designed for safe testing on humans and human adjacent species. Additionally, he has claimed the process of force testing causes infertility in a large number of aliens.

Politicization of Justice System Against Jawas

Jic has often cited the criminal justice system as being a key tool used by the humans in keeping the Jawa populace suppressed. This belief is mostly fuelled by a number of high profile cases, such as the imprisonment of Het Patchateeka, murder of Garik Loren, and the death of Uli-ah Gafsa. This is one of the many reasons Jic has supported Jawa sovereignty and has attempted to bring it to a larger scale through places like Lirra, Sasan, and finally Tatoo.


Jic is a follower of the Jawa Industrial Magi religion, with specific beliefs that are hardline Jawacentric with strong polytheistic and mystic elements. Some of the more radical of these include the idea that evil deities such as the God of Rust and the God of Unrealized Losses actively interfere with the workings of the galaxy through what is effectively the direct control of often force attuned humans. He is also a firm believer in the prophecies of old, especially those which are known by the Kiizcinloo sect. Jic has even reportedly tried to bring about prophecies early, going out of his way to attempt to fulfill the circumstances that would come before a number of prophesied events.


Jic views himself as having been directly involved in a number of prophesied events. This include the capture of Sasan, the "They shall take the heat of the heart of the big" being interpreted as referencing this lava planet towards the core of the galaxy. Additionally, there were numerous prophecies surrounding the idea of Jawas one day returning to a high status on Tatooine. Despite his interest in these prophecies, Jic is not a prophet or shaman of the Magi faith or held any substantive role in that capacity.

Evil Beings

One of the more unconventional beliefs Jic has is related to a number of ancient Magi texts that reference beings who are sent or possessed by evil deities. This is often cited by Jic as being the ultimate reason for evil in the galaxy and that battles against these evil beings is akin to a proxy battle between the Tinkerer and the God of Unrealized Losses or otherwise. In many cultures these evil beings would be considered as demons or simply as sith.


Little has been found detailing Jic's life on Tatooine before leaving for the stars; however, the passenger log of a shuttle places Jic as having first left the planet on the very last day of Y17.

Swap Meet Trader

Jic's start in the galaxy came from one very specific event, the 3rd Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet hosted on Kiffex. Exact details regarding what occurred there are scarce, but it appears that a series of events unfolded that saw Jic coming in with next to nothing and eventually flying away with a freighter owned entirely in his name. However, what is clear is that whatever went down was highly turbulent. Reportedly the Jawa was both robbed by and almost killed by Kray Voh "The face eater" and Jic was also seen being unceremoniously thrown out of the Krieg's Run Racing due to supposed race interference. Since then he has been seen at every galactic swap meet since.

Pirate Accountant

With some ill gotten gains in his pocket and some new enemies, Jic was quickly propelled into piracy. Working with the Eidola Pirates, Jic used his business savvy to assist in better monetizing a number of the "assets" that the pirate government had acquired. Frequenting the Y`toub system for several months Jic essentially worked as a contractor for the group, working his way up in their trust of his abilities. At his peak, Jic was responsible for a crew of some 100 builders, all alien, and ensuring their cohesion in a number of dangerous building projects on the gas giant Kiskua. This segment of his life eventually ended after an incident in the jungles of Nal Hutta where Jic was kidnapped by slavers, who appear to have turned on Jic after some scheme of the Jawa went awry. However, the underworld connections Jic made in this period would often be used by him when attempting to source special goods.

Legitimate Businessman

Piracy was too high stress, a few weeks after finally getting free Jic cut business ties with the pirates. Heading off again to the stars from Nal Hutta Jic first sought work with Kerdos Company under Dhar`ghul Khrog. However, this quickly fell apart due to differences over salvaging practices. Picking up odd jobs along the way, Jic eventually found himself working with The Exchange almost entirely. Working in exploration and salvage during the Tynna incident Jic located the mysterious hidden planet of Tynanni as well as assisting in repelling pirate attackers from the meridian TDF Delta while rescue efforts led by Impa Xio could assist in field repairs on the ship. Quickly working his way up the ranks, Jic quickly took entire control of The Exchange, even though rumors persisted that Impa Xio continued to run it from the shadows. After several months of aggressive expansion into exploration and salvage, the more criminally minded in the organization pressured Jic into early retirement after only a few months. Once again starting over, Jic decided that after how much time he spent repairing droids he would likely have some skill repairing them. Almost longing for that kind of simple work where he didn't have to constantly scheme, Jic went to work for Cybot Galactica. However, after only a few weeks of work in the factory worlds of Asher, Jic grew tired of the slow path to riches. After that, Jic came up with increasingly strange excuses for not being able to work and focused full time on capturing droids on nearby worlds for resale. Using his position in Cybot as a cover, Jic sold approximately 100 stolen droids under the guise of "Specialty crafted cybot droids".

Gentlejawa Pirate

"Listen, it is neither piracy nor unethical to take something roughly equal in value including interest to what was took from you. This is the concept of debt repossession and is a basic trading concept you humans seem to miss."
— Jic Uiji justifying his sins.

Eventually this stolen droid business would see Jic's morals increasingly loosen again. From stealing a droid to stealing a ship, from stealing a ship to stealing the members of the crew. Cutting ties with Cybot Jic decided to go with what seemed to be a much more profitable allegiance in the Eidola Pirates after being approached by Argon Nightwish. After receiving an authorization to clean out the previous administration of Lirra from the queen of Eidola, Syn. The Jawa's first order of piratical business was to assume the position of governor over the planet. Working with a small crew he had met during his previous time in Nal Hutta the Jawa moved quickly through each opposing leader on the planet before establishing a new government in place. Trying to create a multicultural haven for Jawas, Jic established a loosely democratic anarcho-capitalistic haven funded almost entirely by minor taxes on the spoils gathered by pirate crews. A strange form of pirate democracy, captains of crews based on the planet would be given input into the laws and operations of the planet based on the size of their crew. However, this was more of a stop gap for total anarchy. While not the most combat minded himself, Jic was still often seen on the forefront of pirate activities due to his skills in managing diverse alien crews which often made up pirate outfits as well as a profit driven approach to battle and casualties.

During this time Jic gained a reputation as a gentlejawa pirate, where others would quickly resort to torture or murder Jic was much more profit minded. There was always a deal to be struck, some alternate which avoided asset depreciation. Prisoners were treated well as punishment was expensive, there simply needed to be just enough pressure for Jic to get what he wanted. This saw Jic leading a number of somewhat prominent strike forces, first on Hosnian where he succeeded in the capture and ransom of Vladimiur Veselov and later locally in the Lirra system where Jic brought justice to Sab Graf, a criminal who had gone outside the pirate systems and laws in place. However, all of this swiftly came to an end after a botched boarding operation on a Lancer south of the core, where Jic was crippled by what is rumored to be a Sith Lord. Being a cripple in charge of a government mostly held in place by might, Jic found an early retirement by dropping off his crew for R&R and then fleeing from Lirra with everything he could carry in his ship. Around this time it is rumored that the Jawa was having a change of heart regarding piracy as a whole, with several reporting a drunken Jic lamenting "All those dang kids left behind"; however, this may simply be a convenient attempt to cover up cowardly fleeing the pirate life as being something more honorable.

The Jawa Agenda

"We're always going to be overlooked in a crowd of humans, but they won't be able to ignore us when they're in a crowd of Jawas."
— Jic Uiji explaining the high level plan of Jawa advancement.

From roughly this point onwards Jic was almost always publicly seen in relation to what is sometimes referred to as "Jic's Jawa Agenda". With the Jawa clans on Lirra fleeing shortly after Jic's departure the Jawa was most entirely focused on using his skills to move Jawas in the galaxy forward. Exact reasons cited vary, from more Jawas being good for Jic's own side businesses to a dream of Jawas covering the galaxy or even ramblings about how the Gods themselves told him to take the galaxy in the name of the Jawa people. Whatever it was, Jic was no longer a sentient interested as much in alien rights as he was Jawa rights, even when those rights were at the expense of others.

Eventually this would see Jic meeting with Kolomon Seph and Ini Kedi following the murder of their previous employer. In the following hours a plan was hatched for a business. Not just a business that was pro-Jawa or merely ran by Jawas. Rather, a business entirely built by Jawas and for Jawas to ensure profitably for the Jawa people off of Tatooine. This plan would grow and be altered over the years that followed but it started simply as a salvaging corporation known as Jawa Offworld Enterprises and ran by Ini Kedi. Starting off in small scale ship salvage the business would rapidly grow to cover planet wide deconstruction. Following the Battle of Nimban the group became far more focused on "Active Salvaging" in Jawa terms, which roughly means salvaging something while someone else is trying to kill you. During this time Jic would be seen going from project to project, before eventually settling into the role of overseeing unusual and risky acquisitions, with the background as a pirate and mercenary as well as contacts gathered during those times helping him to source whatever specialty was needed by JOE or by their clients.


After the Jawa victory on Tatooine, Jic was reportedly quite happy.

The Trash Heap

On Y██ D███ an incident occurred at the trash heap involving ████████ ████. Nobody is clear on the details, but it is believed that following the ████████ incident there was a breakdown in relations that resulted in the ███████ █████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ████. It is believed that following the intervention of ███ ██████ the issue was resolved.

Battlegroup Operation Naval Exercise Disaster

An incident occurred when Jic Uiji ████████ ████ ██ Redjon Mirrabel ███ ███ ████████ █ ███████ █████ █████. ███████ ██ ████ ████ ██ ██ █ █████ █████. Those who mentioned this incident have recanted their claims, stating officially that "Jic operated with precision and accuracy, and definitely did not engage in any behavior that resulted in the destruction of friendly ships".

Romantic Life

  • Unnamed female Jawa (Y18)
  • Another unnamed female Jawa (Y19)
  • A different female Jawa (Y19)
  • Drath`re`skal - Fathered Jocelyn Rashes (Y19)
  • █████████ (Y19)
  • Another unnamed female Jawa (Y20)