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Sir John Green B.F.
John Green.png
Biographical Information
Race Kaleesh
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Cecelia Martin (deceased)
Father Michael Green (deceased)
Spouse Stacy Green (deceased)
Siblings Jared Waymen - Cousin (deceased)
Children None
Born Year -12 Day 162
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Coloring Red
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom Genetech Corporation
Rank Minister of State
Positions N/A
Prior Affiliation Frost Shipyards


Waymen Family Crest.

Family History

The Waymens first came to Alderaan with the original colonists that settled on the planet. They became nobility among the new colony, being one of the first 3 Houses established on the planet. The founder of the House of Waymen was Ranou Waymen. Unlike many Houses of Nobility, the Waymen's preferred simple living. Choosing to live with the rest of the population was their way of keeping in touch with the needs and desires of the people they led. Over time, the family branches started splitting further apart and moving across the planet and going into different fields.

Early life

John was born in a Big Metropolis, called Terrarium City, on Year -12 Day 162, John has no brothers or sisters and was born to Michael and Cecelia Green. His father Michael had worked for a Secret Branch of the Military which no one still knows not of today. His mother Cecelia, was just a hard working housewife that loved watching her only son grow. When John was 16 he had began working at his uncle's repair shop Waymen Repairs with his cousin Jared Waymen. John paid really close attention to repairing ships or speeders because he knew that one day he would want to build ships somewhere in the galaxy. At the age of 18 he had joined the University of Alderaan with his cousin Jared... John lasted only 2 months at the University majoring in Research and Development of Ships and Stations, due to a job offer he had got from a far distant neutral organization called Frost Shipyards.


John had joined Frost Shipyards, to leave the planet Alderaan so that he could follow his passion for ships, John started as a under paid Helper doing nothing but what his bosses wanted him to do, but this didn't last long as one day his Mentor, Shane Darman, had left cause he was sick one day, John was asked to replace a Hyper-drive core, he had finished the job with speed and excellence. He quickly moved up the ranks from receiving orders to finally giving them, after a few months he had became the Director of Production for Frost Shipyards, he had impressed the owner, Gadon Trammer, so well that their production capacity had expanded triple fold. Frost Shipyards had been making credits by being neutral, and they decided that they wanted to make more credits and had joined Tion Hegemony. John had went on to become Director of Operations at Tion Mil/Sci Industries, which finally came to a halt when John had been contacted by his friend Venge O`Day and Venge told John that Jude Vatz and Tresario Star Kingdom where going to make a medical company, Tresario Medical. John had always had wanted to own his own medical company and he had thought it was a great idea to help setup TMC and learn how to run an organization.

While that only lasted a few months as the current leader at the time, Drake Wolfe, had seemed he was never going to leave TMC, so John had left TMC and the Kingdom to go and start him own medical company. This also never lasted long as only a few more months later, Jude had contacted him again, saying that TMC was in need of a leader. John ran and managed TMC with great pride. Soon John had joined the University to help train new Cadets, into full functioning Tresarians Citizens. All of John's hard work had paid off as he was promoted to Deputy Minister of State and Dean of the University of Tresario. Soon with Tresario Star Kingdom withdrawing from the Falleen Federation to become its own independent government, TMC would soon be dissolved so that TSK could start its own ship manufacturer, Cygnus Spaceworks.

John steps down as Minister of State for Tresario Star Kingdom to start up his own medical company, Genetech Corporation

Metamorphosis Plague

Metamorphosis Plague struck John Green on Year 14 Day 25 transforming his Alderaanian DNA into Kaleesh DNA.


Green's Pride - This is a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter it was the first ship John had got onto when he first joined the Kingdom...This is a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter he had received from Tresario Star Kingdom on Christmas Day in Year 11...

Recovery - This is a BFF-1 Bulk Freighter he bought from Dame Ruru Emily

Shockball career

Season 1

Didnt play season one due to training issues...

Season 2

Lanthrym Nomads, Started off his Shockball Career

Season 3

Lanthrym Nomads, John was the team Captain in the first part of the season...

Season 4

Asran Avengers, John is the Owner/Manager/Captain of the Avengers the CSL hasnt started season 4 yet, who knows what can happen...