Joi Belos

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Joi Belos
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Nila Belos - unknown
Father Bebo Belos - deceased/captured
Siblings Denyssa Belos
Born Year -8 Day 120 (age 24)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.53 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation The Exchange

Joi Belos Born on the planet of Corellia, her father served as an Imperial Officer while she was growing up. Her mother was a jewelry clerk.



Joi had a rough life growing up. Her mother's transport shuttle was shot down by Corellian terrorists during a time of unrest, while her father was far away on duty. Joi grew up alone, but she was never truly by herself. She had the streets of Corellia which taught he to be crafty to make ends meet.

When she turned 22 she joined CorSec, where she worked in security on the planet of Corellia and made her father proud. This came to an end when CorSec asked too much of her. She went rogue and CorSec found a way to retaliate. They had GE kill her father, her last remaining family member.

Early Life

Joi Belos began a new life aboard the Man Shall Cry, a Corona-class frigate that she used as a flagship while exploring the south. She joined Dynali Industrial Enterprises and was going to be given the role of diplomat. She was growing in wealth quickly, gaining millions of credits in a matter of days. This success was halted when GE assassins attempted to capture her, and she went into hiding leaving Dynali behind.

Pirate Days

She met a friend of hers from the Corellian Society, Jax Starblade (also her brother in law) who offered her work with the Eidola Pirates. Since no work was coming her way, she accepted, dangerously living the life of a pirate. Jax and Joi would work closely for years to come.


           SMUGGLER ONE and the new life

After a bunch of run ins with the law, Joi Belos was officially blacklisted by many major governments. She was banished from Krath space, hunted by Galactic Empire officials, and watched in the eyes of the Hutt and the New Republic. In these times, she embraced the calling of being an outlaw. SMUGGLER ONE became her new home. The Arquitens-Class Frigate had enough fire power to scare away a patrol ship while being fast enough to escape the occasional fleet.

This caught the eye of the House of Tharandon who came to offer Joi Belos a position as a privateer. She still was able to be an outlaw, flying the house colors while she explored the galaxy, the opportunity to stumble upon something big ever present. She has worked on a few missions for the House thus far, securing trade lanes and ensuring peace in the regions around the Lord's space.

She was still an adventurer and explorer.

Politics and Blood

Independent Warlord The Exchange

Year 18 day 105 Stole 100 mil from Benedict Tharandon

Year 18 day 363 Stole 400 mil worth of goods and weapons, also ransomed back multiple BFF-1s from Preraditi Industries, ransomed back each BFF-1 for 15 mil each. Created Inventory with Crane Baxa, sold inventory to TXC.

Year 19 day 8 stole asteroid Horuz Object VIII from Dan Hakim

Year 19 day 17 stole 60 mil from Anakin Aikinar from selling asteroid

Year 19 day 19 sold asteroid to Aikinar stole another 50 mil after selling power generator as well

Year 19 day 89 stole 610 mil in goods from Vlad Petrakis and his brother Alexander, with the help of her smuggler code name 9 lives. During the Heist Joi Belos was paid by Alexander's employers to investigate Alexander and her own smuggler 9 lives... after being paid by Uther leader of the duchy of Tolonda, Joi Belos made an agreement to capture her own smuggler and sell it to Alexander after a two part payment. After obtaining another 20 mil from Alexander, Joi Belos sent him and ironic themed escape pod name "Don't Make Deals with Pirates". Joi Belos then gave Narmo 15 mil of that money for tickets for a raffle for a C-3 passenger liner and won the ship. (was a good day)

Year 19 day 208 Stole 140 mil worth of credits and items from Narmo Colmven, after a smuggling run went south then turned to profit.

Year 19 day 205 Disrupted Dukha Industrial intelligence and cause chaos within

Year 20 day 78 Stole 80 mil from Sapphera

Year 20 day 148 Stole 35 mil from Jaereed Welk C-3 scam... sent E-pod instead

Year 20 day 162 Stole 110 mil from Belloq Tull

Year 20 day 163 Stole 25 mil from Kahlan Starbreeze

Smuggler One Missions