Jonas Lander

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Jonas Lander
Jonas Lander Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Duros
Homeworld Duro
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Coloring Blue skin
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Tapani Starship Cooperative
Positions Director (retired)
Prior Affiliation D`Este Realty
Commerce Guild
JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
Aurodium Legion

Jonas Lander is a Duros male and a former leader of Tapani Starship Cooperative.


Jonas Lander grew up on the planet Duro, the heavily polluted and depopulated homeworld of the Duros species. Located on the Corellian Trade Spine, the planet itself was mostly abandoned, housing primarily food processing plants. Most inhabitants lived in one of the twenty orbiting cities. Duro was also home to a large number of orbital shipyards.

While he was young, Jonas worked for his uncle with his delivery company, Lander Enterprises. His uncle was not the most honest man, and dealt with a lot of shady characters from the Corellian Sector. After a bad deal, his uncle was no more, and Jonas was left with his ship, "Southern Cross," which he uses to this day.

After getting his uncle's ship, Jonas decided to try his luck out in the wilds of space. He did many things during his travels, from delivering items to different races in need to building cities. He toiled in many factions while he trying to find his place in the galaxy. He tried to remain neutral in the ongoing war, although that is hard to do with factions often aligning against others.

Being blessed with superior computer operating skills, Jonas decided to give prospecting a try. He found it quite rewarding to play in the dirt. Nothing excited him more than the chance to find materials that could be used to make his future ship or to build one of his future cities. So these days, you can find him prospecting on worlds around the galaxy as an employee for D`Este Realty or Tapani Starship Cooperative.

Though small in build, Jonas is tough-looking. He is used to trouble, but does not always go looking for it. He is very loyal to his friends and trusting until crossed. He is also ambitious and puts in a hundred percent effort into whatever he does.

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