Joruba Trading Corporation

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Joruba Trading Corporation
General Information
Leader Silus Nidor
2IC Aellyn Avarice
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 220
Political Information
Industry Service, Trading
Holosite Joruba Trading Corporation


The Joruba Trading Corporation was originally formed by three brothers under the name of Joruba Consortium. The Consortium enjoyed a successful wholesale distribution business buying up cheap stock in backwater planets shipping it to more desirable locations and then selling it for profit. It kept itself relatively quiet in the public domain due to this just being a front for there various illegal activities.

Fortunately the Sector Rangers picked up on these activities and arranged a sting operation. They sent in Two Agents who infiltrated the Consortium, Capturing the Three Brothers and seizing all their assets.

Then with the changes in the rules of Galactic Trading the Sector Rangers were approached about the possibility of reforming Joruba to the once great organization it was.

With this headquarters were formed on Sabrash II in the same city as where the brothers were captured in Kastolar and the organization was officially opened for business to public on Year 13 Day220 and will be managed by Brand Malden

We maintain a completely neutral stance in Galactic Politics and will happily trade with any individual or organization.

We will specialise in Market Access Management with the hope of creating a Trade Network spanning the whole Galaxy that will be available to all. Supply and Demand Buying and Selling as well as running there owned manufacturing Complexes.

We aim to be the best and most reasonable corporation out there that not only people want to deal with time and time again but also reward our customers by giving something back at the same time.

Market Access Management

One of the key areas we specialise in is Market access management. With the recent new passing in changes to the rules and laws governing trading, all trading locations need to be owned by a trading company, these locations can be either Commerce Centre or Trade Stations (1 or 2). Once we own these facilities you can then use them to securely access the market and buy and sell goods as you require.

We aim to be the number one provider of Market Access Management in the galaxy. We will do this by creating a trade network of access points throughout the galaxy.

How does JTC get stations and commerce centers? There are several ways, the first is we will be building stations in key locations around the galaxy, some for the public, some by sales order.

The second method is transferring ownership of a station or commerce center to JTC and letting us know what kind of access you want it to have. If you wish it to be used by the public, then JTC will need to have manager rights as well to prevent misuse.

You say you're all ready to build your own station but you aren't in a trading company? No problem. You can join JTC temporarily and build it for JTC for only the RM cost. We will grant free DC and pay the production fees. In exchange, you agree to leave it entrusted to JTC and have access set to open for 6 months. After that it's yours to do what you want with.

If you have any questions on how the Market works or wanting your own Trade Stations please speak to Brand Malden who will only be to happy to help you and assist you with anything you need.

If for some unforeseeable reason the organization is in danger of dissolution or a buyer comes in with a stupid offer that all Commerce Centres and Trade Stations will be returned to their rightful owners before anything happens.

Current Known Markets

Eol Sha system in the Corva Sector


All employees of Joruba are classed as partners and as such hold sub hares in the company, your allocation of shares dictates how much you can potentially earn. All new personnel are given half a share when they join upon completing training this is upgraded to a full share. The harder you work and the more sales you make the more shares you earn, the more shares you have the greater amount of money you earn at end of month when the profit is split between all members. The only cap to the amount you can earn is how hard you work and the amount of sales you make. If for some reason it is a quiet month JTC will guarantee at least earnings of 250,000 per month once you have graduated

We are always looking for top quality sales people with a driven attitude to sell and make lots of money please contact our local recruitment officer who will be only too happy to supply you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

Services Offered

RM Hauling

Whether its a bulk load or a full tabder full our fleet of heavy haulers is standing by ready to move your rms. we have actions, bulks, mtcs and tabders complete with pilot available to hire. please contact your local sales person for a free no obligation quote


We run a full production system producing many ships and items for sale these are always sold fresh of the production ready to go no waiting around for production to tick down buy it today fly it away today. if there is that certain something you need producing especially for you please contact your local sales person for a free no obligation quote

Ship Hire

If you cant afford to buy that ship you really want, cant wait to fly it or just need something bigger to lug your grand piano around to your next gig here's your answer we have a small fleet o selected ships available for you to hire and fly away today only need it 1 day no problem need it 3 months no problems all hire fees are quoted especially to suit your job requirements a deposit maybe required to help guard against sun damage of our property


We here at Joruba we are always striving to find the best quality goods at the right price for you we go the extra mile so you don't have to at the moment all selling will be conducted via our outlet on CPM we are willing to accept part exchanges and credits please note all part exchanges will be viewed on a sale by sale basis and valued accordingly

Source Selling and Buying

Is there that one ship or pod racer that you need for your collection then let us know what it is and your budget and we will use our vast network of suppliers to try and locate it for you we will charge you a finders fee which will vary on the nature of the item and how easy it is to acquire

Middling Service

We offer a free middling service and all our partners are insured up to 250m in the event of something going wrong if you wish to use a third party middle when dealing with us you are free to but we will only deal with anyone on Togan Jano's list.

Please Note: anything brought from Joruba will need to be paid for in full first before anything is released anything we buy from you needs to be inspected first and in our possession before we will pay out.



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  • Year 13 Day 220: The Joruba Trading Corporation is founded.