Jorus Serto

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Jorus Serto
Serto 2.jpg

Jorus Serto at the 1st Annual Veritas Awards, Year 15
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Ami Serto
Father Owen Serto
Spouse None
Siblings Cicero Serto
Children None
Born Year -14 Day 101
Died Year 16 (presumed)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.81 meters
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Veritas Press
The Galactic Stock Exchange
Ardenian Drive Yards
New Republic
Incom Corporation
Rank Editor-In-Chief, Project Manager, Adviser, Pilot
Positions (formerly) Editor-In-Chief, Director (GSE, ADY), Maven (The Octogon League), 2IC (The Octagon League, GSE, ADY, Veritas Press), Vice President (Veritas), Admiral (Anzatan Commonwealth), Agent (New Republic Intelligence)
Prior Affiliation Mindabaal League, The Octagon League (Year 13), Anzatan Commonwealth

Jorus Serto was a Naboo, noted for his work with Veritas Press, the New Republic (via Incom Corporation) and the Anzatan Commonwealth. A well-respected former writer on the Galactic News Service, Serto was Vice President of Veritas, an Admiral of the Anzatan Navy and was also known for his charity work at The Octagon League (Year 13), where he served as the League's special advisor.


Early Life

Jorus Serto was born in Year -7 on Naboo, a couple of years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. His parents, Owen and Ami Serto, were both regionally successful bankers. Serto therefore spent much of his childhood in relatively luxurious environments, his home being a spacious villa located several kilometers away from Naboo's capital, Theed. His education was expensive and he enjoyed moderate success in academic endeavors, especially literature - a promising career lay ahead of him, therefore, when he finished school early in Year 13.

Jorus' appearance when he started university, before his journey began.

He'd been offered a place in Theed's university, an institution known mainly for producing successful politicians. Serto only had a few close friends, and most of these had traveled to universities offworld or had enlisted to serve in various military forces. He was interested in writing, and had already through the holonet discussed producing materials for Dagon Kaine, who wanted to start a company. Though Serto soldiered on and was soon months into his course, something he saw one morning led him to go down a different path - one that took him away from Naboo.

Meeting The Zabrak

To get to the university, Serto took a speeder into Theed, parked it at the spaceport and walked the rest of the way. Usually he left the spaceport without incident, but this day was different. He noticed a large freighter parked in the bay next to him; a bay that was usually empty. It belonged to the Zabrak philanthropist and businessman, Gamba Jaboli.

After meeting with Gamba on several occasions, Serto determined that Jaboli intended to start a company, The Octagon League, and wanted Jorus' help in doing this. Eager to support Gamba and to escape the confines of his youth, Jorus eventually agreed to travel offworld with Gamba. After saying his goodbyes to a pair of slightly irritated parents (Serto had to quit his university course, but is still in contact with his mother and father), he left the system with Gamba, producing several materials for The Octagon League and advising the older Zabrak on maters pertaining to his League.

Hauling And Veritas

Eventually Jorus departed Gamba's ship, having been provided with one by Dagon Kaine, but remained in touch with Jaboli as the League took shape. In need now of credits, Serto made himself a pilot available for hire, and was soon contracted by Athrun Zala to haul some of his ships into a convenient central location - a job he performed for several months.

As his first paychecks started coming in, Serto was soon a trader on the Centrepoint Market, buying and selling various entities and building up millions in capital. As his ventures into writing continued to progress, he was also soon contacted by Kiie Cristal of Veritas Press, who offered him a position as second-in-command of Veritas News Inc., then under the leadership of Jack Kalsi. Delighted his efforts had not gone unnoticed, Serto accepted the position and soon ended his hauling days. He traveled to the Lorell system in the Hapes Cluster, where the news corporation maintained an outpost.

Galactic News Service

For the next several months Serto focused on writing and The Octagon League. He produced post after post on the GNS, working with other writers, covering topics like Derra IV, the Metamorphosis Plague, the exploits of pirates and more. It was during this time that Serto met many of his friends, including Kiie Cristal, Lord Mustafa, Khorde Devarian, Wolfgang von Schlavendorf and a myriad of other Veritas employees. Serto was also fortunate enough to meet countless sentients of fame in his role as Editor-In-Chief, which became his after Jack Kalsi's departure. Though the work of Veritas was sometimes controversial, it was usually well-received during his reign in the first half of Year 14. Around this time Serto became involved in several personal projects, some dangerous and perhaps ill-advised, but the exact nature of these is unknown.

The Force

Sometime in Year 14, Serto was tested for affinity to the Force and was found to be Force-sensitive. He has spent much of his time training under several Masters since then, as well as on his own, and is believed to be relatively powerful - perhaps on par with a Jedi Knight, but he has certainly not yet achieved Force mastery. He has been known to use the Force often, and has offered to Force-test members of any group he's affiliated with, free of charge. His alignment is neutral, but as he explores the philosophy of the Force further this is most definitely open to change, with his ambition leading him towards the dark side and his sense of principle leading him towards the light.

Vice Presidency

As Kiie Cristal retired and Val Ambrose left the Veritas conglomerate, it was left to Mustafa, Serto and Orion Jenru to lead the corporation. Serto quickly left Veritas News Inc. in the capable hands of Khorde, and became leader of Veritas Engineering Corps, which soon merged with Ardenian Drive Yards to add a new company to the Veritas family. Serto became proficient not just in news but in logistics as a result, and was happy to expand his skills even further. Under his leadership, ADY completed several construction projects and consolidated its place as a new member of the conglomerate, though work was at times tedious.

When Orion Jenru took an extended leave of absence, Serto was offered the position of Vice President of Veritas. He took this opportunity, and spent the latter half of Year 14 overseeing all of Veritas, stepping in as leader of The Galactic Stock Exchange and Ardenian Drive Yards when needed, conducting diplomacy and performing administrative tasks. When Kiie Cristal returned to retake the position of Veritas CEO, things only became more prosperous.

Octagon Intrigue

During all of this, The Octagon League was thriving and had recently become an official, registered company. Gamba and Jorus had taken the chance to become a Mindabaal League member company.

Things soon turned sour, however, as the ML's conflict with the New Republic resulted in a conflict of interests between Gamba's group and the rest of the Mindabaal League. As accusations of espionage on all sides only complicated matters, Gamba took the difficult decision to leave the ML, and Jorus' role in The Octagon League became more passive, though until its dissolution he maintained fairly friendly and close relations with the group. Eventually, TOL joined the New Republic as a private sector affiliate (PSA), where it found a permanent home.


Serto, wearied after a year of hard work in Veritas, had found a new challenge leading a major military force.

A few months after this incident, Serto began to experience wanderlust and slowly came to the realization that he was ready to move onto the next stage of his career. Promising to stay in contact with Veritas, Serto left the corporation to be replaced by the returning Orion Jenru, and advertised his availability via the holonet. Though he received many offers from a diverse range of groups, he eventually settled on joining the Anzatan Commonwealth, where he took charge of the Commonwealth Navy as an Admiral.

Transforming the branch into capable and productive force, Serto managed to expand his skills at Anzat and made some new friends, including Anzat Admiral Arashi Starhunter. He also returned to his position of Editor-In-Chief at Veritas News Inc., keeping his promise of continued activity within Veritas even while working diligently for Anzat. At this time, Serto hosted the 1st Annual Veritas Awards (pictured above) on Lorell, a new venture into news which was designed to grow in quality year upon year.

New Republic

Sometime during Year 15, Serto left the Commonwealth to join the New Republic. Anzat would become defunct soon after, merging with the Tresario Star Kingdom. His move to the Galactic Alliance was fraught with intrigue and upheaval, as around this time his friend Gamba Jaboli was captured by the Zann Consortium and an attempt was made on his own life by Consortium agents. Serto managed to escape unharmed and spent the next several months coordinating logistics at Incom Corporation. He also continued to host high profile media events, most notably moderating the New Republic's Year 15 Chief of State election debates; though accusations of bias were levelled against him after a pro-Tengri Lethas article was published by Veritas Press. Serto's conflicts of interests grew as he worked behind the scenes to counter Zann Consortium operations with New Republic Intelligence, eventually outing Senator Edmond Zaccone as an enemy agent. Records of Jorus Serto's activities after these events cannot be found, and many now believe him to be dead.



Jorus was a fun-loving individual. He enjoyed writing for a time, though he was eager to pursue other ventures and develop new skills. Those who knew him generally considered Jorus to be a warm, humorous man, though sometimes prone to needless rambling. He was also known for his fascination with the raw material, Varium.

Serto wasn't very cold or calculating, setting him apart from many people of responsibility. He preferred informality when dealing with those under his command, though Jorus understood the need for authority. He had many friends and several enemies and was known to be fairly calm under pressure. Though some incidents have implied a darker side to Jorus lay underneath his bubbly surface, no proof of this has ever surfaced.


Thanks to the influence of his parents, Jorus was an enthusiastic and capable trader during his youth. As he matured into early adulthood however, he began to place less emphasis on monetary reward himself. Though Serto had a trade record of several hundred million credits, he gave much of this away to various people in need and often refused payment for his services. This is because Serto valued productivity and dedication to projects and groups over wealth or remuneration.


Serto was strong in the Force, with powers akin to the average Jedi or Sith (though it's hard to compare different Force alignments). Skill with a blaster wasn't his strong suit, but he could still shoot adequately well, his quick thinking sometimes making up for any lack of blaster accuracy. Serto usually had several weapons close by, and while he wore suits for public events he wore ceremonial robes in private, which often helped to aid his focus when training in the Force or just generally brooding.

Serto was known to be fairly academic, and was a member of Rennek Cor's Scholars Guild.


Jorus was a man of average height, vivid blue eyes and young, yet deepening features. Stress aged him, though this slowed as he discovered the benefits of Force meditation. He sported heavy stubble but never let this grow into a full beard. Serto had a distinct accent and a relatively slim build. His teeth were white and straight and he had little muscle. His hair was kept at medium length, and he usually had a smile on his face.