Jury Selected

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Posted by Lucus Antaria

From the Palace House Antaria Palace in city Ranger Industrial 3 on planet Lorell.

A bright sunny day as you enter the Courthouse. A man sitting at a desk, known as Lucus Antaria greets you. He sits upright, with a clipboard under his hands. He then is centered in the screen.

Today, the Jury for the Plojo Rosom case has been officially announced. With negoatiations between the The Antarian Rangers and Hal Breden, the defendant for the Prince, a final jury for the case has been decided. Both parties agreed on the jury and were more than happy to accept these twelve people into the Jury.

The screen now fades and is filled with the names of the twelve jurors. The screen reads:

Crib Ulton

Tork Bendor

Lindgart Adjer


Syn Becket-Fe`ll


Revrac Edalb

Rion Scytheblade

Ranofer Zedlav

Phryss Zarlock

Thraken Solo

Richard Hopkins

The screen is then focuses on Lucus Antaria once again.

The Antarian Rangers and the Black Sun have also mutually agreed on a Judge for the case. The Falleen Orion has been selected. Both parties were more than happy to give Orion the role for this case. We hope that within the next couple of days the trial can commence. Until then, it's goodbye from the courthouse.

Then screen then begins to backout of the courthouse and is then filled with the logo of the GNS, the Galactic News System.