Kairi Deveraux

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Kairi Merlyn (née Deveraux)
Biographical Information
Race Corellian/Kiffar
Homeworld Corellia
House House Merlyn
Mother Bailley Zion
Father Unknown
Spouse Jasper Merlyn
Children Callum Merlyn
Caroline Merlyn
Rahni Merlyn
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.63m 5'4"
Weight 50kg 110lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition



Kairi was born on the Planet of Corellia in Imperial Controlled Territory. Her mother was Bailley Zion, a Lieutenant Colonel in His Majesty’s Imperial Army. Kairi does not know who her father is, all she knows is that he came from Kiffex and is of the Kiffar race.

Kairi went to the same school as her mother did all those years ago, the All Imperial Corellian School. She had met with some friends and went off to cause some chaos in Coronet city. Eventually the young teenagers were arrested, and then sent home to their parents.

Her mother Bailley wasn’t very happy, and Kairi was grounded on numerous occasions for the infractions and breaking Imperial law with her friends. She wasn’t allowed to see them anymore. About 4 years later when Kairi was 18, her mother passed away at the age of 45.

Kairi had scoured the galaxy looking for a new home, she couldn’t afford her mother’s home on Corellia in the middle of the City. She was given her ship, and flew around. She joined the Triumvirate Coalition who headquartered in the Teraab Sector, and joined the Marines under the command of Jukier Chrangold and Oscar Matong.


Deveraux in uniform

Soon thereafter she met Jasper Merlyn, who one year later became her Husband. A Master of the Jedi mandated the Wedding, Onasha Katr, who was master of the ceremony for the duration of it. It was private and a little rushed. It was still one of the best moments of Kairi’s life. She knew that any children born of the marriage, would be well looked after by both a mother and a father. Which was a life she wished for herself but never happened as her father abandoned her mother before she was even born. Their first child was Callum Merlyn and followed by his twin sister Caroline Merlyn when Kairi was 20.

Her husband had other tasks at hand, as he was not a part of the Triumvirate and was involved with an allied overarching group of the Galactic Alliance. So they got to spend little time together while the children grew up after the first year. The twins were sent to Naboo to be looked after by a family friend as Kairi had to return to work, and so did Jasper as he went on some business ventures.

Kairi was made the Executive officer of the Marines and she was placed in the 2nd Platoon, of Bravo Company, of the 1st Battalion to which she named the Crimson Devils. She had successfully set up bases, training cities and planted in succession planning for the future of the marines. It was in this time after her first two children were born that she was made head of intelligence and promoted to Director of Intelligence and granted a seat at the chambers council.

Rahni Merlyn was born two years later than Callum and Caroline, and she too was sent away to be taken care of while Kairi was flying around the galaxy for her work. She had set up the intelligence network over the next 10 years, working for the coalition in gaining information and intelligence against known fugitives of the Galactic Alliance.

Caroline had grown up over the next 14 years and returned to Kairi and Jasper at the age of 20, to where she had told them that she wanted to join the Empire. Kairi’s enemies. She had no control over the decision and let it happen. They met up a few times in secret to reconnect but that was about it. Caroline died as a 1st Lieutenant and Kairi couldn’t be there, to attend a funeral or even to retrieve her body or ashes.

Her other daughter, Rahni had joined a group of people on her own and was working without knowledge of who her mother was. Kairi had reached out and made contact through her intelligence network and the two met up and see each other often.

Her only son, Callum returned at the age of 21, and made contact through Jasper. Kairi was told he got a position in the Naboo Security Forces and he went on to learn some valuable skills in leading the forces as well as strategics and planning. She had already lost one child at this stage, and was determined to not lose another.

Her husband was put on trial in this time and was found guilty of Espionage, and Obstruction of Justice. Believing him to be innocent of all charges, she was determined to unmask those who framed him. To the New Republic, he was a fugitive on the run.