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System Abbaji
Sector Zuma
Galactic Coordinates (-177, -255)
System Coordinates (12, 16)
Astrographic Entry Kalee
Type Temperate / Breathable
Primary Terrain: Grassland / Ocean / Forest / Glacier
Rotational Period 23 standard hours
Orbital Period 378 local days
Population 49,236,355
Controlled By Kolkpravis
Governor Trade Federation
Magistrate Khagan Rael sul C`an
Sentient Races Kaleesh Homeworld

The homeworld of the Kaleesh is a world of predominantly rolling grasslands, with a large ocean. Its calm and stable climate is extremely suitable for most species in the universe. Kalee does not tilt many degrees, which leaves its temperature relatively unchanged from season to season. The planet is mainly covered with vast plains of grass, encircling a central forest with a very dense jungle as its heart. The biggest variation in the height of the terrain comes from two mountains up north, on the edge of the polar cap.

For most of its modern history, Kalee was governed by the Avance Coalition. In Year 16 Kalee came under control of the Trade Federation when they merged with Avance. The Kaleesh homeworld was always difficult to govern, however. The warlike people often were stirred for independence, but were usually dissuaded. When uncertainty gripped the Coalition in its last months many influential Kaleesh nationalists began smuggling propaganda and arms. Much of the native population became agitated, and when Trade Federation representatives arrived in the system a civil war broke out. A small but powerful number of the tribes and militias wanted to remain loyal to the Avance Coalition, refusing to believe the merge was reliable information. The majority of those on Kalee followed several warlords who were temporarily united to secure independence for their homeworld. The urban centers were all claimed, shields raised, and the military bases and outposts all captured. After negotiations stalled the Trade Federation under Minister of Defense Carmen Sundane was forced to blockade the planet and attack.

The Siege of Kalee[1] lasted only a few months. What cities were secured came along with massive amounts of civilian casualties and damage to the infrastructure. When the Trade Federation decided that securing the planet would mean its destruction, they sought another means. A Kaleesh warrior, Rael sul C`an, approached Viceroy Jacob Jansen and offered to move his company Akheton Corporation to Kalee from Naboo. Seeing as only the leadership of a fellow Kaleesh would cause the militias to put down their arms the Viceroy agreed, effectively trading control on Kalee for control of Naboo. Soon afterwards sul C'an arrived planetside with his own mercenaries, Kolkpravis and began the work of restoring order.

Today Kalee has been rebuilt, free from any hint of outside influence. The population is only a small fraction of what it once was, as most residents accepted an offer by Kolkpravis to relocate to other systems where they believed their safety was more assured.