Kalen von Lorell

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Kalen von Lorell
Biographical Information
Race Whiphid formerly Hapan
Homeworld Lorell
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse None
Partner None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Unknown (late 20s)
Quote "Its not torture, if I like it"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Dread
Title Dread Pirate
Rank Proven
Positions n/a
Prior Affiliation The Mandroxan Cartel
New Republic
Trade Federation
Black Mask Pirates
Byblos Drive Yards
Awards None

The Dawn of the Black Mask

Having already established a reputation for being careless, unpredictable and violent Kalen Von Lorell was taken in as a protege to crime lord of Zann Consortium, Ximaro Jix . From Ximaro Kalen would leave his low level mentality behind and go on to become a successful pirate. Kalen was sent to join the Black Mask Pirates a small band of miscreants that would kidnap, murder and steal seemingly at random around the galaxy, however in secret for Ximaro . During the course of his time Kalen earned his own Black Mask proving himself a full member, but tragedy would eventually befall upon the cutthroat crew however. Assassins and bounty hunters caught up the small crew decimating them leaving Kalen not only homeless but the last remaining pirate. Kalen having shown his loyalty attacking various organizations was then recommend to join Dread. Ximaro spoke to leader of Dread Shane Tayjer and asked Kalen be given a chance to prove his worth among the Dread Pirates. Upon joining the pirate outfit Kalen decided he would forever dawn the symbol of his roots and would continue to wear the black mask identifying himself as the last surviving member of the gang.

Shutting down Austin Tech

In day 208, Year 15 Austin Tech shipyards leader Jonas Austin announced to the galaxy that he had been robbed by Kalen Von Lorell whom he appointed as second of his ship building group unaware he was a pirate . Austin went on to state that Kalen was given access to trade openly on the market for Austin Tech and that Kalen scammed many individuals into buying ships that were not for sale. During a publicly aired disagreement Kalen would reveal he was following orders by Austin Tech to commit such acts and that Austin himself was robbed by Dread before he could reap the rewards of the crime. Kalen along with Dread Leader Shane Tayjer acknowledged further looting Austin Tech shipyards however refused to acknowledge committing the crimes on the market was anything other than the leader of the ship builders own plan to gain income by any means necessary. In a statement issued to the public Jonas Austin announced several bounties placed on the heads of Kalen Von Lorell , Shane Tayjer, all Dread and Zann Consortium members.

The sentient's of the galaxy however responded to the allegations with mixed opinions as many individuals observed that Jonas had appeared to have been running an investment scam prior to the robbery .Various individuals went on to explain that it was strange an individual would post such high bounties yet would refuse to pay back the victims of the robbery which he claimed was not his doing . What would follow would be a series of public attacks against Jonas that would mark the end of Austin Tech business in the galaxy as his organization would eventually be put out of business due to bankruptcy. All bounties previously posted on the pirates of Dread and Zann Consortium were mysteriously removed by Jonas Austin.


In early Year 16 after an illustrious time in Dread , Lorell vanished from the galaxy, whereabouts unknown. While presumed dead by many , Ximaro Jix created the specialty in Dread Black Hood in honor of Kalen's achievements among the pirate gang as a skilled murderer.