Kali Cly

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Kali Cly
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Siblings Cavrth Cly (Brother)
Born Year -12 Day 117
Died Year 10 Day 202 (22 yrs old)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.7 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Eye Color Brown eyes
Political Information
Affiliation Hutt Cartel


Kali Cly was born in Year -12 to Joana and Celus Cly. Even though living on Corellia the family was poor. The Cly's could barely provide for themselves with their farming business let alone three year old son Cavrth Cly and baby daughter Kali.

At age five Kash Morlev gave the family enough money for Cavrth to go to school and for Kali to start attending also. Quickly the family fell into massive debt that they didn't have enough credits to payoff as their farm business was not producing enough income.


In the year 0 Celus had Cavrth run out for some parts into the city. Within an hour of Cavrth leaving Morlev's ship landed near their home. Joana told Kali to go hide in a trap door placed under the floor boards almost like a smugglers whole. Celus quickly ran back to house to make sure Kali and Joana were okay and to see why Morlev had come to their farm.

Morlev answered with wanting his money for its been 7 years since he loaned them the money and none of it has been repaid. Morlev demanded that he get his money but Celus and Joana didn't have any of it and they told them about how the farm was failing. Morlev acted as if he was sincere and he replied you have a little more time until you need to start paying me. Then Morlev left the house, but as he left a large Cathar alien came into the room holding a gun and pointed it at Celus, Celus stuttered "But Morlev said he would give us more time" as the Cathar pulled the trigger blasting Celus. Kali watched from the smugglers whole in agony as her father was just slaughtered. Joana turned to her husband to help him but the Cathar turned and shot her also. Morlev walked back into the house noticing the pair of dead bodies, then turned to the Cathar ordering "Torch the home, if the children are in here they wont be for long".

Morlev and the Cathar set ablaze to the home watching it burn to the ground. Kali got out of the whole and ran out the back door to get out of the burning building but Morlev was standing right there as she got out. "You must be the youngling," Morlev asked. "You killed my parents" kali replied! "It was only business" Morlev replied. "Place the girl on my ship in the barracks. I will deal with her later, as for the other one make sure he is dead as well."

Kali remained on Morlev's ship thinking that Cavrth and her parents were dead as Morlev entered. "I will give you a choice, you may either die like your family did without dignity or you can learn and work for me to payoff you debt" Morlev proposed. Kali thought for a second "I will work, so that one day i know i will be able to get away from you and make sure you pay for my families lives," Kali replied. Morlev laughed and replied, "We shall see young one".

A Lost Friend

Morlev ordered Kali to a deal on Nar Shaddaa with a smuggler. The smuggler was on Nar Shaddaa looking to buy a ship and ran across Kali (neither recognizing who the other was). Kali said she had one in stock and he offered her the money and she took it. Kali was about to steal the money when the smuggler grabbed her arm thinking she was running but he looked at her wrist and noticed a bracelet on her hand, one that he gave to his sister at a young age. "Kali?" he said in confusion! She turned and smacked him to the ground then withdrew her blaster ready to kill him, "Who are you and how do you know my name" she demanded? "Kali Cly?" he said again! "How do you know my name, tell me or I'll blow your head off" she cried. "Kali, its me Cavrth", he said as he rolled up his sleeve showing his bracelet that they exchanged as children. Kali and Cavrth looked at each other in disbelief after not having seen each other/ each thinking the other was dead for nearly four years.

Finding Love

After meeting with her brother she left on a mission to kill Kash Morlev with Cavrth. The two met a human male on Tatooine who was for hire and Cavrth decided to hire him onto the crew of his ship Lady Luck. Valen Zoller stated he would help the two as he was once a slave and hated the trading that Morlev and the Cartel was involved with. Over the months of planning their infiltration, Zoller and Cly began a romance and officially decided to wed.


After months of marriage, Valen and Kali continued to track and plan against Morlev learning of a smuggling ring he had begun on Tatooine. Zoller and Cly made their way to Tatooine and infiltrate the Hutt Cartell base. To their surprise Morlev sent his master assassin Kara Hess and her apprentice Kalin Vos to take care of the situation. Zoller and Cly were able to destroy the base and free most of the slaves but during their escape Vos captured Cly.

While in holding Cly and Vos began to bond and Cly began to develop feelings for her capture. Hess at the time was given orders by Morlev to have Kali killed but due to their bond he broke his vows to Hess and decided to free Kali. Vos and Cly fled to Yavin where they met with Zoller, Cavrth Cly and Xzar Versia. Zoller was so happy to find his bride but deeply distrusted Vos, the distrust grew as he witnessed Kali's feelings for Vos continue to develop and increase.

Death and Funeral

Morlev continued his smuggling operations and developed a big backing Mos Eisley. Zoller started looking into the operation and uncovered a major plot and team up between the Hutt Cartel and the Galactic Empire. Zoller decided to travel back to Tatooine without his friends but soon found himself captured by Morlev. Morlev sent word accross the galaxy of his captive and got the attention of Kali and Vos.

Kali and Vos traveled to Tatooine, even though they knew it was a trap, Kali felt obligated to help her once beloved. They soon found Zoller tied up and tortured in the center of town, Kali watched in horror as Morlev and Hess in an attempt to lure Kali out, Hess used her lightsaber to behead ZOller publicly. Kali screamed out in anguish revealing her position as Morlev's men moved in on her. Vos and Kali defended themselves and managed to take down many of the guards before Kali finally came face to face with Morlev, the two exchanged blaster fire but Kali fatally shot him however Kali became mortally wounded in the exchange. Vos and Hess faced each other in their lightsaber exchange before Hess fled, Kalin ran to Kali's side and held her as she died in his arms.

Cavrth had Kali's remains as well as Zoller's buried on Tatooine. Many attended the funeral including Jorus Aklios, Cavrth Cly, Kalin Vos, Xzar Versia and many former acquaintances.

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