Kalin Vos

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Kalin Vos
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Born Year -20 Day 78
Died Year 13 Day 234
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Hutt Cartel


Little is known about Kalin Vos's early life although he has revealed some information. Kalin was orphaned as a young boy on the planet Kiffar, by age 10 he was living on the streets learning to fend for himself. He holds his past to him and keeps it a secret from even his closest friends.

Foundling and Hutt Cartel Influence

While working as a pick pocket Kalin accidentally tried to pick the wrong mark when he came across Kara Hess. Hess a sorceress trained in the usage of dark force skills, caught Kalin and planned to kill him for his misdeed but noticed his unique skill set and force sensitivity. Hess instead claimed him for her own and decided to train him as her apprentice.

During this time Kash Morlev allowed Hess to bring the young Kalin into the Hutt Cartel and begin working as a thief and apprentice.

While training in hand to hand combat, Hess was very unusual in her methods trying to make Vos as tough as can be she never held back even scaring his face permanently with her lightsaber during a duel.

After years of training completed, Vos was upgraded to the rank of an assassin within the cartel and began carrying out bounty hunting work as well as catch and kill work for Hess.

Meeting Kali Cly

While working for the Cartel, Vos was given a job to hunt down and kill Kali Cly and Valen Zoller. While searching with Hess, the two were tracked down to Tatooine trying to take down one of Morlev's smuggling rings and slave trades. Vos managed to capture Cly at this time and was ordered to take her off planet for ransom. While holding her captive, Vos began developing a bond and kinship with Kali recognizing and growing fond of her resilience. The two ended up sharing a kiss during her 6 month captivity.

Morlev after not receiving his ransom and having troubles with Cly's brother Cavrth Cly along with Zoller attempting to draw him out, eventually ordered Hess and Vos to kill Cly and return her head as a trophy to Cavrth and Zoller. Kalin having grown fond of the woman could not carry out the order, Hess growing impatient with her apprentice chose to do it herself and as she tried to lower her blade to behead Kali, Vos stepped in and deflected the blade with his own.

Vos dueled with his former master allowing Cly to flee, Kali instead returned and saved Vos allowing them both a chance to escape. Vos and Cly fled to Yavin where they met with Zoller, Cavrth Cly and Xzar Versia. Zoller was so happy to find his bride but deeply distrusted Vos, the distrust grew as he witnessed Kali's feelings for Vos continue to develop and increase.

Freenlance and Return to Kali

Vos in order to keep his feelings in check decided he needed to leave her presence and find work elsewhere. Cavrth Cly managed to bring Vos to his own boss Jorus Aklios and set the former bounty hunter and assassin up with a retrieval and bounty job for Aklios Enterprises.

Vos worked privately for the next several years under Aklios' orders until he one day received a distress call from Kali asking for help that Zoller had been taken captive.

Kali and Vos traveled to Tatooine, even though they knew it was a trap, Kali felt obligated to help her once beloved. They soon found Zoller tied up and tortured in the center of town, Kali and Vos watched in horror as Morlev and Hess in an attempt to lure Kali out, Hess used her lightsaber to behead Zoller publicly. Kali screamed out in anguish revealing her position as Morlev's men moved in on her. Vos and Kali defended themselves and managed to take down many of the guards before Kali finally came face to face with Morlev, the two exchanged blaster fire but Kali fatally shot him however Kali became mortally wounded in the exchange. Vos and Hess faced each other in their lightsaber exchange before Hess fled, Kalin ran to Kali's side and held her as she died in his arms as he admitted his love for her.

Vos managed to escape with Kali's body and return it to her brother. Vos stuck around for the funeral before informing Cavrth and Aklios that he wanted revenge.


Cavrth was distrusting of Vos at first blaming him for his sister's death but ultimately chose to help Vos enact his revenge. The two swore to bring Hess down and plotted against her.

They trapped her upon Vos's ship Vos's Pride and the two numerously stabbed Kara to her death. Vos wanting to remember this moment took a souvenir from her body to hold her accountable and to remind her of the great loss he suffered because of her.

Amnethyst Line and Disappearance

In year 12 Cavrth helped form Amnethyst Line with Kalin Vos, Xzar Versia, and Kaja Teno. Vos helped run the logistics and trade routes while still maintaining his bounty contracts and freelance work.

On one such run Cavrth, Versia and Vos were making multiple trips helping move ships for a client. Cly and Vos boarded the frigate in order to access the squadrons needing to be moved only to be ambushed. Cly managed to warn Xzar of the ambush, as his friend fled for safety, Cly was killed immediately while Vos was taken into custody.

Vos had been taken and tortured on an unknown vessel, it is unknown what has happened to Vos but no one has heard from him since year 13 at the time of his imprisonment.

Famous Ships