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LanguageKaminoan language [1]
Average Height2.2 meters [1]
Skin colorpale
Hair colormales: blue, females: no hair
DistinctionsVery tall, long limbs, long necks [1]
Average lifespanUp to 80 standard years old [1]
Known MembersList of known Kaminoans

Biology and appearance

The Kaminoans are a race native to the planet Kamino. The average member of this race is a tall, thin being with pale skin and a small, knob-like skull. The male of the species has a thin ridge encircling their heads, which the females do not display. Their almond-shaped eyes can see in a variety of spectra beyond that of visible light. The species is an evolution from aquatic creatures in the vast oceans of Kamino which is reflected in their tall shape, glassy coated eyes, near luminescent skin and thin long necks. There are many peculiarities about the particulars of Kaminoan physiology: rear-articulated legs, once adapted for firm seabeds, eventually only saw use in the hallways of their science facilities. Only male Kaminoans exhibit fin ridges along the rear of their small, bulbous skulls. The almond-shaped eyes of Kaminoans perceive a wide spectrum of light, from murky conditions to the ultraviolet range. This ability results in decor that, while austere to Human eyes, is more elaborate than it seemed.[2]

Kaminoans mature quickly, reaching full adulthood at 11 years and remaining at their adult physical prime until roughly the age of 40. They become old and infirm at approximately age 80. Female Kaminoans are bald.[1]

Culture and society

The Kaminoans are aloof in nature, preferring to remain isolated and keeping to themselves. The Kaminoans are considered to be one of the most adept species in the creation of clones, although very few beings in the galaxy at large even know of the existence of the Kaminoans. The Kaminoans have been developing and perfecting cloning technology for many centuries. It is widely believed that their aloof nature is due, in part, to the genetic manipulation of the Kaminoan gene pool, which has kept the race vital without sacrificing individuality. Many beings speculate that the Kaminoans are cloned, rather than created by natural reproduction and the fact that their native planet has no landmasses is further evidence to force these beliefs.[2]

After the disastrous end of an ice age on Kamino known as the Great Flood, Kaminoan society was pushed to the brink of extinction. Only through the development of a mastery over selective breeding, genetics and cloning were the Kaminoans able to survive. The calculating instincts of survival required of the Kaminoans produced heavy marks upon their late form culture. Kaminoans are minimalist in their designs and lifestyle, and are fierce perfectionists to the point of intolerance. The impact of the harsh adaptations the Kaminoans were subjected to is also viewable in their inward focus and isolationism. Kaminoans focus on little else than their cloning and interact with offworlders as little as possible.[1]

It was with great trepidation, therefore, that the Kaminoans began to offer their cloning services and genetic proficiency in exchange for essential imports. The select few clients that received the work of Kaminoan geneticists received perfect clones to suit their needs. The Kaminoans take great pride in their scientific breakthroughs, but give little thought to the ethics of their work or the consequences of their deployment. While Kamino-made clones slave away in the mining colonies of Subterrel or the private armies of intergalactic mercenaries, the Kaminoans think nothing of it, continuing to toil at gaining more scientific honor. The earmark of a high-ranking officer on Kamino is thick, black cuffs on the sleeves of their tight white uniforms; the wider the cuff, the higher the rank.

The Kaminoans see themselves as a superior form of life, but nevertheless remain polite to the outsiders. To them any species seeking self-improvement is worthy of respect, but those who do not are obviously inferior.[1]

There is a dance known as Nahra, with which Kaminoans display their emotions — it is a rare sight for outsiders.[1]

There also appears to be a caste distinction between certain Kaminoans, which can be determined by the color of the Kaminoan's eyes. The highest-level caste members in Kaminoan society have gray eyes, the middle classes have yellow eyes, and the lower classes have blue colored eyes. Eye color is directly related to the type of work a Kaminoan is used for. Gray eyed individuals handle administration, yellow eyes handle the skilled work and blue eyes perform manual labor and other menial tasks.[1]

Although it is extremely rare, Kaminoans are sometimes born with green eyes. They are viewed as genetically inferior and a threat to the Kaminoans' well ordered society and as such are exterminated shortly after birth.[1]

It is also known that Kaminoans can, contrary to popular opinion, be Force-sensitive. Though it is widely believed, due to Ko Sai's demand for Jedi blood, that a Kaminoan has never been Force sensitive, it was later believed that it was Kaminoan arrogance that stopped them from experimenting on their own kind.[1]