Kaos Reclamation Services

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Kaos Reclamation Services
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Sybok Taldin
2IC Hanzo Kurosawa
Owner Lucious Maximous
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 131
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Recycling company

Kaos Reclamation Services (KRS) was a recycling company and a nationalized subsidiary of the Kaos Star Federation. Founded on the remains of the organization known as Kaos Galactica Federation, Kaos Reclamation Services strived to be one of the best recycling companies in the galaxy. Unfortunately, while business was good enough, Kaos management felt that the efforts could be put to better use elsewhere and the company was merged into Haven Recycling Corporation mid Year 12.


The Beginning

The Kaos Legacy started in the small organization known as Kaos Galactica Inc. under the leadership of Drake Wolfe. KGI, a small transport company, was rather successful but saw the market for their business extremely limited. After negotiations with Karl Korne, the owner of the recycling firm known as Blackscale Salvage, Drake Wolfe purchased the company. All of KGI holdings were moved to Blackscale and it was renamed Koas Galactica Federation on Year 11 Day 240. The KGI company was sold to Helena Gladio, who made promises to rename the company so Kaos team could retain its name its name for their new recycling company. After a strong dispute, the Helena decided to keep the name Kaos Galactica Inc. for the transport company.

While a recycling company, Koas Galactica Federation still made most of its past, focusing on transport and construction. After a few months of operations, the Kaos family grew to contain many other nationalized subsidiaries including medical, mining and ship-manufacturing companies. On Year 11 Day 265, the High Council of the Federation all voted on an Imperial Federation based government and appointed Lucious Maximous their Sovereign Emperor.

In order to retain more stock in their recycling operations, the Koas Galactica Federation shell was sold off to Anakin Darrow, who renamed it Galactic Recycling Management on Year 12 Day 131. The KGF Company itself reopened its doors the same day as Kaos Reclamiation Services under the leadership of Sybok Taldin. KRS maintained all of the old KGF operations and contracts.


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On Year 12 Day 198, Siejo Kutol, leader of the Haven Recycling Corporation, was approached by Sybok Taldin, now Viceroy in the Kaos Star Federation, about a possible merger between the groups. Kaos was looking to leave the recycling world and knew of Havens reputation. After some quick negotiations, a truce was struck and the organizations merged, with Haven promising to maintain all of the old KGF contracts and obligations.


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