Kara DuMonte

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Kara DuMonte
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Lianna DuMonte
Father Cmdr. Wilhelm DuMonte (ret.)
Partner None
Siblings Sarena DuMonte (sister)
Samuel DuMonte (brother)
Children Mira Webb (daughter)
Born Year -13 Day 138
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.60m 5' 3"
Hair Color Long Red Hair
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Blue Star Dominion
Stryker Military Services
Veilhal Nomads
Chief of State, New Republic
Jedi Councilor, Jedi Order
Lieutenant Colonel, Galactic Empire
Awards Galactic Empire
Geawards-unitdistinguishedservice-01.png Unit Distinguished Service
Geawards-goodconductaward-01.png Good Conduct Award
Geawards-imperialofthemonth-01.png Imperial of the Month
Geawards-letterofcommendation-01.png Letter of Commendation x2
Geawards-imperialactivitymedal-01.png Imperial Activity Medal
Geawards-imperialservicemedal-01.png Imperial Service Medal - 1 year
Geawards-imperialacademybasicgraduate-01.png Imperial Academy Basic Graduate with Honours
Geawards-mentionedindispatches-01.png Mentioned in Dispatches x2
New Republic
Nrawards-groupcommanderscitation-01.png Group Commander's Citation
Nrawards-meritoriousunitmedal-01.png Meritorious Unit Medal
Nrawards-goodconductaward-01.png Good Conduct Award
Nrawards-republicreadinessaward-01.png Republic Readiness Award
Nrawards-republicservicemedal-01.png Republic Service Medal
Nrawards-operationpeacekeeper-01.png Operation Peacekeeper
Nrawards-armyexerciseaward-01.png Army Exercise Award
Nrawards-combatactionribbon-01.png Combat Action Ribbon
Nrawards-jointoperationribbon-01.png Joint Operation Ribbon
Nrawards-operationalserviceribbon-01.png Operational Service Ribbon
Nrawards-expertmarksman-01.png Expert Marksman
Nrawards-expertsurvivalist-01.png Expert Survivalist
Signature Kara-dumonte-holocron-sig-01.png

Kara DuMonte (pronounced /kɑr'ʌ du mɒnt/ or [kahr-uh doo-mon-t]; born Year -13 Day 138) has held many different positions in the past in many different factions such as being a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Galactic Empire's Imperial Army, and a former Chief of State of the New Republic. She became leader of New Republic on Year 15 Day 4 after winning the regular yearly election against Edmond Zaccone and Orion Chran. The previous Chief of State, Lukastar Narvaka, had previously announced publicly to the citizenry just weeks before the campaigning for the office began that he would not run again for the position at the end of his term.

Prior to becoming leader of the New Republic, Kara was the Director of New Republic Intelligence. She had her start in the New Republic Army, and made it to the rank of Brigadier General prior to becoming Chief of State. She was also a Jedi Councilor in the Jedi Order. Becoming disillusioned with the New Republic, she renounced the Galactic Alliance and joined the Galactic Empire's Army in Year 18, where she remained for roughly a year of service before wanderlust once against struck and took hold of her destiny, guiding her towards the compact Veilhal Nomads.

While her time with the Veilhal Nomads had been a cherished memory for the most part, the group had inevitably fallen apart due to betrayal from within and tainted the sense of family and common cause that had held her to the group. It prompted her to leave in year 20 and return to a path she had tread before, albeit with less focus on rules and regulations this time.

It would not be until year 22 until she officially returned to the life of a rebel amongst the ranks of the pro-rebellion Blue Star Dominion


Early Life

Born in Tyrena, on Corellia, Kara was the middle child of three siblings raised by Wilhelm and Lianna DuMonte. Although not politically powerful, or especially wealthy, Kara enjoyed a comfortable and happy childhood spent yearning for adventure and staring off into the beautiful golden beaches that separated Coronet City and Tyrena, one of the many sights that marked Corellia as a stunningly beautiful Core World. With her father away on Imperial duties and her siblings leaving to her to her own devices, she often spend a great deal of her childhood with her grandfather along the coast of Tyrena, listening to stories of old battles, adventures and her grandfather's time in the Old Republic's army.

When she was old enough to lift the old service rifle he had retired with, a customized Nightstinger long rifle nicknamed 'the Banshee's wail', she learned to use the rifle under the kindly old sniper's gaze. Even at a young age, she demonstrated a talent for marksmanship and grace that surpassed many trained professionals with years of experience. At the age of sixteen, she enrolled in the CorSec Academy with the encouragement of her grandfather and eventually graduated as a scout in CorSec's enforcement division. To this day, she continues to carry the old rifle that her grandfather left to her, in honour of the past.


Caught firmly in the grip of wanderlust and bearing sympathies for less fortunate species in the galaxy, an impressionable Kara was recruited into the Republic military by the recruits often found moving through Tyrena city on Corellia. Although she did not tell them why, she bid farewell to her family and left Corellia on a journey that would take her away from the golden beaches of Corellia for nigh on a decade.

On arriving at the Republic capital, Adabatar, she wasted no time in seeking out the Academy and immediately enrolled, opting to enlist in Starfighter Command, in order to try her hand at becoming an officer and, a quiet hope, a star fighter ace like the pilots of old. Owed to the Corellian affinity for ships and space, this seemed like a natural fit at first, with piloting and her reflexes being up to the task. This particular dream was not to be however, as she proved to be a rather average pilot, lacking the flair and aplomb of the true legendary pilots. Regardless, she demonstrated capable leadership, organizational skills and a knack for finding trouble that saw her advance up the ranks to Flight Lieutenant before her future changed forever.

The Force Awakened

After being originally discovered to be Force sensitive after a routine test by Master Owyn Darklighter, Kara formally resigned her commission from Starfighter Command and sought out traditional Jedi teachings from the Jedi Order at the dawn of Year 10. Her training began in earnest and she learned with exceptional ease and speed, proving to be incredibly gifted in the ways of the Force.

Owed to her remarkable connection with the Force, it only took a couple of months for Kara to rise to the capabilities of a full Jedi Knight and construct her first lightsaber, the attuned crystal gathered from the Dagobah wilds adopting a brilliant violet hue, as a pastel representation of her spirit and internal strength. Constructed mainly from spare parts and a few salvaged, imbued components from an RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor, her first lightsaber was both simple and functional without any flaws. Rather than having succeeded and passed the trial, it showed Kara through her own actions that she was ready to hold the mantle of Jedi Knight.

A Council of Egos

Kara's first real taste of leadership was handed to her when the Jedi Order opted to elect a new Council to lead them forward after a series of demoralizing events had left the Jedi Council under-strength. During this, an election was held and Kara was invited to join the Council by popular decision by the group, although she was not granted the title of Jedi Master.

The Reign of the new Council was, for the most part, a peaceful one. The New Councillors all had the opportunity to grow into their new positions and learn to work together with frank honesty and a common goal, or at least, that was the ideal that would gradually start to unravel once egos and tensions started to flair. Owed to the alliance with the The eXiles, the Jedi Order got involved in a dispute between The eXiles and the Aurodium Legion under Dorn Zeke over their invasion of an eXiles planet, since lost to the records of time. Both Kara and Ghon Webb would get involved, often verbally sparring with Dorn over the particulars of their involvement and actively helping to stem the tide of the invasion by preparing the locals to resist an occupation. The Planet was eventually lost to superior numbers of the Aurodim Legion and the conflict was declared a loss.

Worse still, the Council began to fracture and divide itself when differences of opinion and direction began to show in closed Council meetings, often leading to arguments and hastily spoken words. This came to a head when Council members began to resign either due to a cited lack of unity, or differences of opinion with other council members to the point where interactions were toxic. The Council was soon reduced to just Master Thragg Craghorn, Jedi Knight Ghon Webb and Jedi Knight Kara DuMonte.

The Council finally cracked in two when the suggestion to return a singular point of power, the Grand Master position, the arbiter and sole power within the Jedi Order, back to being an active power. Disagreeing strongly to the point of action, Kara and Ghon both attempted to remove Thragg from his spot as Jedi Master in order to steer the Jedi back on course. The plan failed spectacularly, and soon saw both Kara and Ghon step down from the Council and the Order, seemingly forever.

Return to the Republic

Having parted ways with the Jedi Order, and arguably, the Jedi way, Kara returned to the Republic and enlisted afresh in the Army, where her talents and aptitude for warfare were recognized by Republic Command. As a result of both a shortage in personnel and skill, Kara advanced quickly in rank and it was not long before she had advanced to holding a command position in Centurion as Division Executive Officer.

Kara on Derra IV

Though her leadership remained for much of the next year, she effectively withdrew from front-line activities in favour of lightening administrative duties in order to give birth to her daughter, Mira Louise Webb. With the birth of her daughter, her priorities also began to shift greatly for those she served with, putting more emphasis on protecting those under her command. To this day, she has been likened to an angry sand panther protecting her cubs.

Following her return to active duty, the Great Animosity Plague broke out across the surface of Derra IV, a planet that rapidly become a hostile battleground, with tensions reaching an unbearable level on the surface for the inhabitants, an event that sent shock waves through Republic Command; a response would be needed to help calm the planet and help safeguard the occupants during the harsh time in history. Matters worsened when the Metamorphosis Plague re-emerged after nearly a decade, wreaking untold havoc on the inhabitants of the planet, and those arriving to take advantage of the chaos.

Detailed as part of the force sent in to secure Derra's main residential sector from the rioting and chaos that had overrun the city, Kara arrived to find a planet that was literally tearing itself apart with unbridled rage and senseless violence, for it's own sake. At many times during the conflict, Kara refused to use her heightened senses for fear of being swept up in a tide of unending blood. Tensions escalated into a full blown conflict with the arrival of the Empire, on their own peacekeeping mission to restore peace to the broken world. Conflict was inevitable between the two giants now present at Derra, with room for only one victor. With no change in her orders, Kara did what she had been ordered to: hold the residential zone at all costs and give no ground.

Lasting for weeks, the conflict had no clear victor with the combined task group made of up Galactic Alliance combatants and the forces of the Empire dealing harrowing blows to one another, resulting in a high casualty rate on both sides. The situation would remain the same until elements of the Galactic Alliance decided to pull out, leaving the Republic and a few scattered allies to hold ground against the might of Third Legion. With the arrival of fresh reinforcements from the Empire, and the situation rapidly going down hill, Kara took charge of the remaining Republic forces and ordered an orderly retreat from the city. Regardless of whether the planet had been held, their force had held long enough to bring about an antidote to the aggression plague.

On the retreat, Kara would encounter Nathaniel Durane and the force he was commanding for one last battle, almost purely fought by Republic forces against the assembled strength of the Third Legion. Arguably one of the bloodier battles of Derra IV, both officers exchanged heavy wounds and at the end, respect. Although no clear victor ever came about, Kara could at least take solace in the fact she had held her ground and done her duty. Following that last battle, the Republic and her allies officially withdrew from Derra.

A New Way

Struggling with a lack of direction in the New Republic and heeding the call of the Force, Kara disappeared from known space half way through Year 15 to undergo a pilgrimage to planets touched by both extremes of the Force, in order to try and understand the will and direction the force often exerted on individuals subtly, seeking knowledge of both the light and dark side of the Force in order to understand the whole. Kara spent much of the year in meditation, moving from planet to planet in order to witness the ebb and flow of the Force in action.

While lost in quiet contemplation, she received multiple visions of a time before the schism that shook the Force, resulting in the Jedi Order and the Sith way. Based around the concept that the Force exists in a careful balance of both the light and dark side of the Force, each requiring the other in the grand scheme. Through the Force, she was able to understand an old code, fallen into obscurity through the ravages of time, and the actions of a schism that would eventually prove to crack the Galaxy in half with an eternal struggle.

The Je'daii Code

There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no fear; there is power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness
In balance with chaos and harmony,
Immortal in the Force.

Republica Bound

Early Year 16, Kara broke with her departure from the galaxy and returned to the Republic, now armed with a new direction and certainty in the Force. Although welcomed back, she quickly began to learn that the Republic she had returned to and the one she had left were not the same government, with petty infighting and arguments raging out of control, with little or no guidance from self professed leaders. She witnessed a group that would gradually start hunting down and accusing it's own members out of paranoia and fear of those with a desire to change, those who possessed ambition.

All the while, the Galactic Alliance looked on dismissively, content to grow stagnant on top of it's bounty of technology. Tensions between the allies reached an all-time high when talk of a reform began designed to place the current leaders at the top of an all powerful entity that would envelop the traditionally independent Republic and it's supporters and consolidate newly formed might into the hands of a few. Although the proposal was defeated with the retirement of it's primary adherent, the tensions from the attempt remained, leaving relations strained.

An Imperial Rebirth

Worn down after almost a decade of dealing with imbeciles and growing ever more infuriated with the chaotic nature of the Galactic Alliance, Kara finally snapped at the treatment her friend, Jasper Merlyn, had received at the hands of the Republic and opted to leave both the Republic and the Galactic Alliance behind, both saddened and angry at institutions that she had spend years attempting to build up had fallen so low. In search of a new home, she found that the Galactic Empire offered the ideals, organization, and respite for which she hungered. In Year 18 she officially enrolled in the Imperial Academy, in what would be a highly public repudiation of the Republic.

Returning to the skills she had learned both as a child and through her experiences in the Republic Army, Kara was able to advance through the Imperial Academy at a respectable pace, sifting through Academy lessons and information on protocol, expectations, and requirements. Through her efforts and academic focus, she secured graduation with honours from the Academy and entered into service with the Imperial Army. With her graduation now behind her and honours awarded for excellence, Kara secured a commission for the rank of Captain, owed to her extensive experience in the field of war and her skill on the battlefield. With her path now set, she stood ready to leave her mark on the galaxy once more.

Following months of faithful service as a line trooper and adaptation to the new sense of discipline and order in her life, Kara rose through the ranks in the Empire to Lieutenant Colonel, following on from an extended offer of executive officer for the Third Legion's Third Brigade, the Shadowguards. Having accepted, she now proudly bears the moniker of Guardswoman, an honourific usually reserved for the Emperor's personal guard.


It did not take long before the regimented nature of the Empire began to wear upon her, and leave the impression of being an inflexible war machine capable of little-to-no compromise where it's members were concerned. Although her brief career within the Empire was served with distinction, service lacked the fulfilment that it had in the past and it eventually drew her away - eventually, she would resign her commission in early year 18 and set off into the Galaxy in search of a purpose that she felt she could belong to without feeling like that group was simply using her talents for their own ends, as both the Republic and Empire had done in turn.

Her travels eventually led her to the neutral aligned, nomadic fleet of Veilhal berthed in orbit of the the tectonically active world of Sembla ahead of their preparations to attend the Swap Meet. Kara met many personalities within the berthed fleet and eventually decided to remain within the growing fleet on meeting Ylvia Skelgard, the styled Queen of the Nomads.

Kara's decision to stay was finally decided by the creation of a new Force Order dedicated to the preservation of knowledge within the Force from both clashing aspects of the Force. Along with Darin Byrch, she agreed to help create the fledgling order to ensure that the mistakes of the past from the purge could never again be allowed to happen, and prevent another fall of the Jedi. This group would later come to be known as The Valkyrur, acting as both guardians of the Nomad Fleet and the Force itself.

War for the Hosnian System

In the middle of year 18, when the War for the Hosnian System broke out between the Galactic powers, the Nomads at the time had viewed the newly discovered and unclaimed system as an opportunity to either claim one of the worlds for themselves and settle down, or use the slabs they could claim to potentially trade for another world they could base themselves out of. On the unanimous decision to gather resources and people for the task, the Nomads set out to claim a potential home.

Finding initial success on the world of Courtsilius, and moving to focus all their resources on claiming critical positions on the planet's infrastructure grid, the Nomads had laid the first steps to placing themselves at the center of any negotiation for the world. Potential talks had opened up with the Empire to discuss a deal for the slabs that Nomads had owned on the planets, and all the assets they had set about constructing, and seemed to be progressing well until Ontares Phirr managed to get captured by The Flower Company.

The price of his freedom had been the sabotaging of the deal with the Empire and all assets sold to the Republic to bolster their attempts to sieze the system. After Konginde Ylvia Skelgard made the difficult decision to prioritise the safety of her member over a deal to potentially uplift the faction, all of the assets were delivered to the New Republic for a decent price and the Nomads soon withdrew from the conflict altogether.

Betrayal from within

Disheartened from their lack of a solid victory from the Hosnian conflict, the Nomads fell into a period of fairly quiet contemplation as their leader, Ylvia Skelgard learned from the hard lessons taught within the Hosnian conflict. It had been during this quiet period that a new leader had emerged from within ; Darin Byrch had looked at the quiet and morose atmosphere and set about trying to revitalize the spirit they had went into the Hosnian conflict with and to eventually bring the group to a system they could call their own.

Bold, and charismatic, the chagrian force user had managed to muster quite a number of followers to join the small group of wanderers and had already set plans in motion to provide for them all, when division and disagreements slowly began to creep in between the two leaders. As time went on, the divisions grew and the group grew ever more restless at the seeming lack of action, culminating in Byrch demanding control of the group pass to him in order to forge a new future under his vision.

When the demand failed, Darin mustered the group he had assembled and broke away from the Nomads to establish his own cult of personality that would later reveal themselves to the Galaxy as the One Sith.

Kara was left utterly shattered in the wake of this betrayal as the nascent force group they had been developing was torn apart in the process, culminating in both former friends turning on one another and forcing a confrontation. It had been at that moment, that Kara had almost given in to the pain and anger she felt and tried to kill the friend that had so thoroughly betrayed the trust she had offered.

Although Darin would escape from the station they fought on, their friendship was fully severed in the wake of his growing ambition.

Kara would leave the Veilhal Nomads a few months after the debacle caused in the wake of Bando Gora's formation at the tail end of Year 20, unable to move past the painful memories she had collected in the last few months.

Homeward Bound

Lost and trying to find her way back to some kind of equilibrium, Kara stepped away from the galaxy at large and returned home to Stryker Military Services, a group she had come to regard as a second, adoptive family of a sorts. It was with the Strykers that she finally found some modicrum of peace again and turned herself to more productive uses of her time than drowning herself in self pity. While a talent for motivating work crews and utterly destroying construction deadlines emerged, she took great solace in the focus that helping to improve her home provided.

The time away from the constant backstabbing and drama of the Galactic Conflict had done wonders for helping to re-balance her mood and start the gradual return to the roots that she had come to miss so dearly. With her new role and routine, the governorship of Roost had also been granted to her for steadily developing the infrastructure of the planet, intending to propel the groups to new heights with a dramatic increase in available funding.

Kara settled into her new role comfortably until The War for the Republic reignited between the Empire and the Republic early in year 21 when a sense of restlessness started to creep into her every day routine as memories she had once held dear were methodically ripped apart by the Imperial strike team that caused so much damage.

Towards the Azure Sun

The decision to finally join the Blue Star Dominion had ultimately been based a friendship forged with Taranjeek O`Cuinn and led her to forge lasting bonds with the other family members and the faction itself, finding the sense of purpose and the tight-knit community that she had always craved for as far back as the memories she held of the now-fallen Republic. It would not be a stretch to suggest that she is finally happy with the choices that have led her to the Azure Star.

Now serving as one of the Officer core for the Dominion and one of the Ghosts, a loose organisation within the Dominion to further the study of the Force, and the expansion of it's knowledge, she has firmly reinforced her intention to oppose the Empire and fight to restore the Republic to what it once was.

Personal Information


Standing at roughly 1.60 meters, with long blonde hair and a lithe, well toned body, Kara has an almost supernatural grace and reflexes, seemingly able to move faster than the human eye can often track at times or able to predict where something will land before the event. When not in uniform, she can often be found dressed in a simple mute grey tunic and a pair of black breeches that are otherwise unremarkable, except for the yellow stripes carefully sewn into the fabric (the distinguishing mark of first class blood stripes). Perhaps most noticeably, she nearly seems to be bathed in a gentle glow from immersion in the Force, lending her features an almost luminescent beauty.

Personal Life

At her core, Kara is a woman that cares deeply. For years she stood against the Empire to try and forge a new sense of democracy and freedom within the galaxy from within the Republic. She had truly believed this to be the right path, until the rot set in and the flaws in the system started to become more apparent with fewer patches and fixes available. Disillusionment set in when free rights started to give way to the idea of cautiously revoking the right to be heard. This, in addition to daily life interacting with the New Republic Senate drove her to the idea that democracy was overrated and that it was one step above popular mob rule, demonstrated time and again with the failure of the Republic to avoid ending up a cesspit of corruption.

More than that, she wanted a future away from the strife and conflict of the Galactic Civil war for her daughter to grow up in and to be able to hand her the peace both she and the galaxy as a whole deserves. She opted to do this by siding with the New Order to bring an end to the failed experiment of the Republic and to ensure the galaxy can continue to grow without the threat of insurgency. This decision had a momentous and quite devastating effect on her family, effectively ending the marriage she had so lovingly worked to protect due to inconsolable differences. This has only strengthened her resolve to help bring peace to the galaxy so that her daughter can grow up in a society without the threat and danger of war.

Hapan Persuasion

With the smoldering ruins of her previous relationship now behind her just in time for the Tresario Memorial Banquet commemorating the fallen Tresarian King, Jude Vatz, Kara set aside the lingering emotions she still felt from the last mess and attended to offer her condolances and farewell to the old friend she had known in the past and make a start on rebuilding her depleted social circles - it was here she was reunited with Castiel and introduced to Zoya Alekea, a Hapan guardswoman serving within the Tionese Military.

Catching her attention enough to pique her interest, the two met after the Banquet and one thing led to another - a harmless, if steamy, encounter blossomed into real and unexpected feelings held for the Hapan that has developed into a stable and serious relationship shared between Zoya and Castiel Angelos. Embracing what she feels, she has started to look to the future once more with the hope of sharing everything to come with her partners.

Hope that was shattered firmly in year 19 when Zoya and her Lictor, Kara's Star was found adrift with no external signs of aggression on inspection. The Internal scene had been far different - blood and remains had been scattered all over the main decks despite the lack of a body, leaving investigators with a truly baffling grisly scene on their hands that few could explain. The rest of her relationship promptly fell apart with the death of Zoya Alekea.

It's Complicated

Though she had not been looking for a future relationship at the time, she has grown close to the Echani Half-breed, Dante Erinith. The duo have developed genuine affection and feeling for one another on the cusp of a deepening Force bond tying their minds together, created as a result of a fairly successful mission deep into the Aliit Gav territory to help one of their members back from the brink of madness and addiction. She views the bond they both share as a means to 'free herself' from the constant confines of the crude matter that limit communication to mere language. She takes great joy in being able to share such a close bond with another.

Well, it was complicated

Realising the warnings she had been given months before had been accurate, and Dante had been ever so gradually descending into an ever more fanatical take on the Force, and the light, Kara opted to sever the bond they had formed and started disentangling herself from that entire mess. If nothing else, the split had allowed her to put her full focus on what truly mattered ; Family, and the gradual return to the reignited galactic conflict between the Galactic Empire and the re-established Alliance to Restore the Republic.

The Bet

What had begun as a simple contest of skill with lightsabers in the middle of year 22 managed to snowball out into something that Kara had not expected. Initially agreeing to meet Lilith Delcroix in the residential district of Derra's remaining cities, both showed up and readied themselves for the showdown when Kara offered to up the stakes a little ; If Lilith were to win, they would have dinner afterwards, and if Kara were to win, Lilith offered some priceless artefacts for her growing collection.

While the fighting had been fierce and bloody, Lilith ultimately won their duel through the best of three rounds, though the last round had been so close of a match up they both knocked one another out with their last blows. The intervening days were spent healing and getting ready for the promised date that Lilith had so reafily walked away with.

In the weeks following the duel, rumours began to circulate that there may be more than simple friendship between the two, as they started being seen in public with one another more often, often seen either laughing or simply enjoying their time with one another despite the seeming insurmountable differences between the of them and their outlooks.

The relationship that some had suspected went public on day 242 of year 22.


Primarily an adherent of Ashla, Kara has an exceptional strength buried deep within the Force and a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips. She is particularly gifted with the living Force, being especially sensitive to the ebbs and flows of the Force and it's tidal waves of emotion. The strength of this bond to the living Force is by far her strongest attribute and has developed into a deeply sensitive sense of empathy that ranges beyond most Force users. While it has greatly aided her ability to sense and manipulate the emotions within others, it has also allowed her to develop the telepathic potential she possess into a force to be reckoned with. This sensitivity to the flow of emotion around her has also been known to affect her own mood from time to time, presenting a potential danger should she ever lose the control she has spent years developing.

This attunement to the living sense of the Force has given her a talent for binding wounds and soothing pain through the gifts she has been afforded by the Force and focusing her mind into effective illusions and tricks of the mind ranging from suggestion to the mental fortitude required to survive in a galaxy surrounded with both negative and positive emotions throughout.

Owed to the intense study and focus placed she fell under early in her training, she has come to embody the spirit of Soresu, the third form of lightsaber combat or the way of the Mynock. This style relies on the concept of patience, energy conservation in combat and whittling down her opponent to the point where one perfect strike is all that's required to draw combat to a screeching halt. In combat, every move she takes is measured and weighed in order to best apply to the situation in front of her.

This sensitivity comes at a price as she experiences the emotions around her more keenly; love, fear, anger, etc are all felt more keenly and have a potent effect on her psyche. She has spent the most of her time trying to block out the overwhelming emotions. While she has learned to control her gifts, the loss of that control could be catastrophic.

Her strength of will and character also houses a darker element to her abilities that she has kept quiet. Since the earliest days of her training, she has had the ability to amplify the volume and frequency of her voice to dangerously harmful pitches, able to both harm and demoralize. She has not sought training for this 'gift' owed both to past affiliations and the fact she has not had access to anyone with the knowledge to learn more.

Career History

Blue Star Dominion (Current)

  • Officer / Ghost

Stryker Military Services

  • Governor of Roost

Veilhal Nomads

  • Sjaa of the Valkyrur

Galactic Empire

  • Lieutenant Colonel, Imperial Army

New Republic

  • Chief of State
  • Director of NRI
  • General Army Command
  • Jedi Councilor
  • Knight of the Republic
  • Senator (22nd session)
  • Senator (16th session)
  • Senator (14th session)


Did You Know...

  • Kara loves the taste and aroma of a good cup of caf.
  • Even though she's just an enthusiastic novice, she enjoys archeology and uncovering ancient mysteries.
  • As an Empath, she feels emotions and feelings more acutely around her, as well as within. Although she's spent years learning to protect herself, strong emotion can still affect her and her mood.
  • Kara dislikes spiders. Alot.
  • She is predominantly left handed.
  • On the rare occasions she does drink, she tends to prefer older vintage Whyrrens reserve.
  • She dislikes being used and manipulated.
  • She had earned the right to bear the yellow piping of the Corellian Bloodstripes, both for her time served in the Corellian armed forces and during her time spent on the front lines of the Civil War.
  • During her decade long exile on the outer-rim, what she missed most of all was her home and family.
  • Despite leaving her previous life behind, she still has the uniform and medals the Republic issued her with as a keepsake and a reminder of the past.
  • Her favourite dish is a medium rare bantha steak.
  • Kara has been known to enjoy trashy holonovels in her spare time as a guilty pleasure.

Chief of State
Preceded By:
Lukastar Narvaka
Kara DuMonte
Year 15 Day 6 - Year 15 Day 230
Succeeded By:
Ro Ru Wok